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This past Thursday was an interesting experience. Why do you ask? Here's why. For those who didn't hear about it on the news or via my Twitter feed, Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle spoke at the University of Florida. Charlie Kirk also attended. ACCENT, a student run organization at UF known for bringing controversial speakers, invited them out. This way we could have freedom of speech, you know, considering conservative/Republican speech is not often heard on Leftist campuses. As most of you can assume, this made liberal snowflakes lose their (fill in the blank). Day 1 when the event was announced, these people planned a protest. Now, as I've mentioned before, I am getting heavily involved in politics. I volunteered to help the Republican groups on campus who worked the event. The protesters were there around 4:30 or 4:45. Everyone you could imagine was there. Black Lives Matter, March for our Lives, Planned Parenthood, and every other snowflake was at the protest. The event as a whole, probably had about 800-900 people. The rest were protesters. Some say up to 300, but I take it to possibly be 1,000. The protesters were outside and inside the event. It was insane! I mean, my goodness! People were saying that UF hasn't been in such an uproar since Richard Spencer was invited. Let me see if I got this straight. Richard Spencer is a clear white supremacist. The eldest son of the President is somehow equal to that? If you think so, you might as well clear out because you're not going to like what I'll say. So let's jump into what this experience was like.

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My sister and I
with the Mayor
of Ocala
I, for one, was so excited to hear Don Jr. speak. He is the son of the President. Who wouldn't be excited to hear him speak? Honestly, I was nervous to help volunteer with TPUSA and UFCRs, because I've never dealt with protesters. I didn't know if anyone was going to become violent, like you see on TV. Thankfully, it didn't reach that point. I got there, and met up with the team. We worked for a good while before getting in line for the event. I got there about 4:45, and as I said earlier, the protesters had literally been camping out. I see news channels and reporters speaking with students and attendees. About 5:30ish, the protesters start walking around chanting things like, "Hey, hey ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!" or "F*** Trump!" Some were calling the President of UF, Kent Fuchs, a white supremacist. You get the picture. March for our Lives stood outside the venue holding up pictures from the victims of Parkland. Andrew Pollack tweeted that he was disgusted how these people would use his daughter's picture to push their hateful agenda. After the event, the pair did a quick Q&A session, then it was over. A woman, who I think was with Planned Parenthood or just clearly suffers TDS, had a puppet OF A UTERUS. It's only the Left you see this craziness!! After walking around the campus, they came back and stood a good distance away screaming at the attendees. Mind you, when I was in line, I saw people from Black Lives Matter in line, so I already knew this was going to be interesting. During the event, you could barely hear what Kimberly or Donald was saying because so many protesters were yelling. Some would yell "racist," many others would just yell "Bullsh*t." During those times, all the supporters would chant "USA," and we were louder than those whiny crybabies.

The speeches were amazing. Kimberly gave a touching story about her life, and how she got to where she is, and how grateful she is for this country and the President. She didn't put up with the babies that needed coddling because someone with differing opinions came to speak. Anytime Donald Trump was mentioned, the snowflakes started melting. Donald Trump Jr.'s speech was equally good. He spoke about his life, how he learned about socialism, and what his father is doing is helping America. Of course the protesters were still outside, staring down and cursing everyone in the event.
This is the tolerant Left. They claim to spread tolerance and acceptance, but if you're a Republican or conservative, forget about it! What I found so ironic is that you NEVER hear conservatives protesting Democrats. Anybody can name a time where a Trump supporter ripped off someone's Bernie hat, hit that person, spit on them, or chased them down? You haven't! This happened on the 10th at the Minnesota Trump rally. People saw a man wearing a Trump hat, chased him down, hit him, grabbed his hat, and burned it. THESE are the people claiming they're tolerant, yet you see things like this! If Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton came to speak at UF, do you really think conservatives would be lined up protesting? Of course not! Most Republicans have jobs and bills to pay, and don't expect the government to take care of everything. I mean, professors were cancelling classes for the protest! Seriously?! These people claim to be "open for debate," but at the event, they were anything but doing that. At one point, Donald Trump Jr. told a story how he went to socialist Czechoslovakia as a child. These people cheered for socialism, yet when Don Jr. said what he saw and experienced with socialism, they screamed "BULLSH*T!!!!" 

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Chomp, Chomp!
What I found so interesting about the Leftist students is when Donald or Kim would mention how low unemployment is for African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, etc., they couldn't even applaud that. I guess Black Lives only matter when they can be a victim for these people. They couldn't even acknowledge the fact of Americans being in danger from illegal immigration, or children being kidnapped by sex traffickers and taken past the border. Free speech is not equal for the Left. Also, I was very disappointed with security and police. So many protesters should have been kicked out. UF claimed that "anyone who caused a disturbance would be escorted out." There were only like two people who were kicked out! The rest remained, while the police ultimately did nothing. This one guy wouldn't shut up, and he told a worker he wasn't leaving, so 5 cops came. Guess what? None of them did anything. They just left the guy. UF wants to be "fair," but how fair is it if we can't hear the event?! So many students, who support Donald Trump and his family, wanted to attend the event, but these selfish protesters got the tickets. This is the hypocrisy of the Left. If you believe what they believe, you are fine. If you think even slightly conservatively, you don't deserve your basic 1st Amendment rights. UF sent out some crappy statement saying they would take measures to avoid any protesters. What a joke! I have incredible support for the police, but ultimately, they and the University of Florida implied, "Well, you've got your speakers here. You're on your own from there."

To conclude, other than the clear liberal bias on campus, the event was awesome! I mean, I know that this is the President's son and senior adviser, but there were so many news networks out there! Many members of UFCRs and TPUSA, as well as attendees, were on local news channels and national channels, like NBC or even Breitbart. I just found out that there was some famous journalist literally taking pictures of us, and reporting what we said. The one I have here on the left is from her Twitter. How sad must your life be that you consistently record college students with every little thing they do/say? Kimberly was on fire, and didn't bow down to these Leftist students who wanted to shut her down. Same for Don Jr. They spoke for those of us who can't say their political beliefs because of the Left. For the record, Don Jr. did speak of all the great accomplishments of his father these last few years, and exposed the Left's blatant lies. "If Donald Trump Jr. went and worked with Ukraine and brought back a certain amount of money, the media would be all over it!" How true is this?! Something funny in the Q&A portion was asking Don Jr. the best advice his dad gave him. He said he will listen to anything his dad advises him in: business, politics, family, etc. He said the only advice he never listens to his dad on is when his father says, “Don, you’re being too mean on the Internet.” Donald Trump is the last person who should be talking about that. I can’t wait for the other conservative speakers who are coming to speak at UF!

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  • This link is of the Leftist students "trying" to show up Charlie Kirk (Warning: foul language ahead): FYI, I don't care if you love or hate Charlie. I am deeply disappointed and ashamed my fellow peers, people who got into one of the top universitiies in the country, behaved like this. That's an embarrassment to the University of Florida, but then again, Leftist universities encouraged this "entitled" behavior, so I guess it's time to look in the mirror.
Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and screenNEWSFLASH: So I have some big news! First off, super busy week. Donald Trump Jr., and of course the meeting with the Young Republicans in my county. But I have some official news. I am going to be the Communications Director for the YRs in my county! As well as this, I have been trained to be part of the Trump campaign. Let's Keep America Great!cc As well as this, I'm involved with TPUSA, UFCRs, AND I'm the Treasurer of Christian Business Leaders at UF. I have just become a correspondent with Campus Reform (check out my first article above), AND I write consistently in this blog. Last, but not least, I'm in my 4th year of my Business degree. To say I'm not busy is an understatement, but I'm grateful for what I'm going to accomplish. Thank you God for this wonderful opportunity, and I look forward to what will happen in the future! Follow me on Twitter @hannahrose2046!

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