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The police, like most who protect America, are hated so much. They are called vile names. Why? Because the Left has led Americans to perceive them this way. I know there are some situations that can lead to a misrepresentation of police officers. What happened with ex-police officer Amber Guyger was horrendous. But if the Botham Jean's brother could forgive his brother's murderer, doesn't that say something? If the judge and police officer could comfort Amber, doesn't that say something? For those who didn’t see, here it is: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, in her clueless arrogance, loves to bash the police and support the protesters. Armed guards and police officers protect AOC! The police, like the armed forces or ICE, do so much and receive so little in return. This week’s post will focus on giving respect to law enforcement.

Some reasons are pretty self-explanatory, but highly disregarded. 1) They show up for any situation. Whatever the issue is, cops are there. 2) They give up being with their families to be in this job. Being a cop is a time-consuming job, which can lead to marital problems, or even problems with your children. 3) They put their life on the line. Would you go save a random stranger? Give up your life, and leave your loved ones to suffer your absence? Cops (unless you're Sheriff Israel of Parkland) will give up their life for the safety of others. Out of the 102 deaths this year being cops, 37 died by gunfire. Harris Faulkner of Fox News had a Town Hall to discuss the issues plaguing police officers. Police officers don't get nearly as much credit as they deserve. 4) Police officers deserve our respect for a thankless job. For all they work they do, the pay they receive is low. Some states only pay their police officers a little over $30,000, so these officers HAVE to get a second job. It's awful.

 It's easy to assume all cops are bad, because the media portrays them this way. They make them seem like cops shoot and kill unarmed victims, particularly people of color. Even Amber Guygen: her mistake horrible, but look at the facts. She worked a 12+ hour shift, and is trained to kill anyone she perceives to be a threat. Her mistake was legitimate. Why do you think Botham Jean's brother could forgive and hug Amber, or even the judge and cop could treat her with compassion? They knew she didn't do this in hatred or racism. The media, however, wants to make the story fit their narrative, so they paint all cops as "evil, racist pigs." Even police brutality is rare; Joel Patrick perfectly explained to an Obama supporter the truth on police brutality. Watch 7:48-10:24:

Cops deal heavily with PTSD. None of us know what these people experience in these types of jobs, nor do we experience what cops experience in our day-to-day lives. Law enforcement deal with this issue constantly, which leads to PTSD. Harris Faulkner's Town Hall delved spoke about this. She brought on Ryan O’Connor; a cop who had been shot in the head while on duty. He barely survived, and struggles with PTSD, as seen in his interview. Here is the part of the Town Hall, including O'Connor's interview: Not only is PTSD high in cops, but so is suicide. A study done shows police officers are more likely to die by suicide than being on call. The trauma police officers face leads to PTSD, as well as being afraid to discuss their issues, they choose to commit suicide. If you’re reading this and you or someone you know is suffering with PTSD and/or contemplating suicide, please check out these resources: It's okay not to be okay. Too many of our officers lose their life in the call of duty. Suicide shouldn’t be a reason.

I hope this post woke you up to what is happening. The mainstream media and Leftists attack our police officers, because they are lying, horrible people. If you hate the police so much, then don't go calling them when something bad happens. Let's see how much you'll bad-talk the police then! What's ironic is that Leftists can talk bad about police officers, yet these officers will still give up their life for the safety of that Leftist. Why? Because they are selfless and caring to those in society. A main reason Trump has my support is he respects those in blue, unlike the previous administration. Police officers struggle with PTSD higher than most average Americans, and take their own life in that struggle. To treat cops like their life is so much less than yours is despicable. I've given plenty of reasons why the police deserve our respect. I hope this resonates with everyone, because just like our armed forces, the police do a thankless and tireless job. To any police officer reading this, both past and present, thank you for your service.💙💙💙

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This week was Culture War at UF; I attended. Some of you have different views of Charlie Kirk. That's fine. I'm not a huge fan either. I was excited for Graham Allen. Groypers were there, and I’ll say this now: the alt-right movement and Nick Fuentes, has ZERO support from me. Seeing Graham Allen again was awesome!! I went to talk to him, and said, "Great meeting you at YWLS. I'm so glad you came to UF." He said, "I remember you!" I was shocked. I looked at him and said, "Really?" And he said, "Yeah!" We talked for a while. Before I left, he signed my Trump hat, and I said, “I’m sorry, I'm a fan and I'm happy to be talking to you.” He said, "Bless your heart, you're so sweet!" I don't fangirl like this. The last time I did fangirl was when I met Tobymac, or when I saw Blake Shelton’s concert. I freaked out when I met Don Jr. at his book signing in Florida. You get used to this side of me!😆😆

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  1. The Amber Guygen case disturbs me, not because people are mad at her, but because you had an innocent man sitting in his home who got shot. That bothers me very much. That said, Obama never respected police officers, but Trump does. Now you never hear from people like Black Lives Matter who hate white people and who hate the police. Trump doesn't put up with that crap.


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