50th Celebration

Well, to celebrate my 50th blog post, I've made a list of 50 random facts about me. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you like these facts!
  1. I'm originally from New York, but I've lived in Florida for most of my life.
  2. I'm currently getting my Bachelor's in Business Administration General Studies, with an Area of Specialization and Minor in Communication Studies.
  3. I'm the Treasurer of Christian Business Leaders. I'm also involved with TPUSA at UF, College Republicans, and Trump Victory Campaign.
  4. The songs I currently listen to repeatedly are Hell Right, God's Country, Lonely Tonight, Old Town Road, The Git Up, and One Man Band.
  5. Top 3 favorite actors are Sylvester Stallone, Hritik Roshan, and Chris Pratt.
  6. Top 3 favorite singers are Blake Shelton, Luke Combs, and Florida Georgia Line, but I do like my oldies (Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty).
  7. My favorite quote is from the scene in Rocky Balboa, where Rocky is talking to his son about life. "The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows" is the one I'm talking about!
  8. The genres of music I mainly listen to is country and Bollywood.
  9. When I was born, I had a full head of hair. My grandparents told me one story how they came to see me when I was born, and all the nurses said, "You have to see the baby with so much hair!" Another time, my mom was walking with me in my stroller, and this woman told her, "Why would you put a wig on your baby?"
  10. I have visited 5 countries: Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas, and Mexico. T&T was my favorite, as it was gorgeous. In Tobago, we visited the Nylon Pool, and a double rainbow was over us. It was paradise.
  11. Favorite restaurant would be Ole Red, Blake Shelton's restaurant. Amazing food, great music, and my sister and I fangirled in his store for an hour.
  12. I'm the oldest in my family.
  13. I have two tattoos. One on my left forearm of my brother's name, and one on my right thigh of a rose with a cross stamped out in one of the petals.
  14. I almost passed out getting the rose tattoo. I got woozy, nauseous, and my ears started ringing. It got worse, so I told my tattoo artist, and he wet some paper towels to put on my head (because he felt my skin go cold), then had me lie down. After a few minutes, I was fine.
  15. I'm addicted to watching Sylvester Stallone movies and true crime documentaries.
  16. I collect snowglobes.
  17. I can be pretty shy at first. But once I get to talking, there's no stopping me!
  18. I never broke a bone.
  19. People have told me I should've been a model.
  20. The main people I consider my role models are my parents, as they taught me the values I hold closely today. Also, Sylvester Stallone is a role model, because if you look at his story of having nothing to becoming an icon in Hollywood, it's inspirational. Jaco Booyens, Graham Allen and Milo Yiannopolous are also role models. 
  21. Favorite Bible verse is Joshua 1:9.
  22. My mom wanted to name me Rebecca, but my dad chose Hannah instead.
  23. I am a huge fan of the Rambo franchise. 
  24. I prefer dogs, but got nothing against cats. I have one myself!
  25. I'm allergic to dairy.
  26. I have to drink a cup of hot coffee every morning. Preferably Starbucks.
  27. My dream job would be becoming an actress/model. I always loved doing plays in high school.
  28. My proudest accomplishment would be finishing high school with over a year of college finished. I did dual enrollment from 11th - 12th, so I completed a year of college by the time I graduated.
  29. I have been ziplining and parasailing. 
  30. I didn't go on my first rollercoaster until 11th grade. 
  31. People think my sister and I are identical twins, even though I'm older and we look nothing alike. Everywhere we go, people ask, "Are you two twins?"
  32. I firmly believe what goes around, comes around. 
  33. My favorite cartoon will always be Spongebob Squarepants.
  34. Best Disney movie is the original Lion King.
  35. Favorite class: At my community college, it was Leadership. At UF, it was Entrepreneurship, but a lot of why I liked that class was because my professor and I got along well, and he's a Republican so I had someone to talk politics with.
  36. Marley and Me makes me tear up every time. I cried the first time I saw it, and even I teared up seeing the ending, as it affects me personally. My family and I had to put down our dog, Happy.
  37. I tip dye my hair. I prefer the tips because it doesn't damage your roots, and when you want a break, you can cut it off. When I do that, I let my natural hair grow a little, then redye.
  38. I like hugging other people, but I don't always like being hugged.
  39. I know a lot of facts about serial killers from all the documentaries I've seen. Ted Bundy is my favorite serial killer. I mean favorite as in most intriguing.
  40. I love spicy foods and trying new cuisines. My dad and I are on in the same. We can eat almost anything and not be disgusted by it.
  41. I drink lemon balm tea every night with honey, peppermint, ginger and lemon.
  42. I know how to write in cursive. 
  43. I've got a great sense of humor.
  44. Three words to describe myself: compassionate, easygoing, and genuine.
  45. I have considered moving to another platform besides blogging (i.e. podcasts/videos) but I want to wait until after I graduate so I can put time into it.
  46. I love using essential oils, and I believe they are extremely beneficial.
  47. My favorite color is pink.
  48. I'm a light sleeper. 
  49. I am a correspondent for Campus Reform. 
  50. I didn't think I could hit 50 random facts!
Thank you to everyone who has helped me reach this point. I didn't know how writing a blog would end up, but I thank God and you guys for where I have hit. You rock!! 

Without getting too personal, if there is any random facts you wanted to know about me, comment down what it is you want to know!

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