Cancelling Cancel Culture

Cancel culture has hit toxicity. It’s no longer free speech allowed. It spares every snowflake's feelings. After what happened to Ricky Gervais and now Vince Vaughn, even now with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, I thought I would do a post about this crap. "Cancel culture" is calling out behaviors that are seen as inappropriate or unacceptable. It sounds good, but is it? Cancel culture is a dangerous idea, where someone can't even make a simple joke or mistake without hearing it from woke Leftists. Cancellation ruins lives. Cancel culture is a mob mentality.

Cancel culture criticizes every aspect of your life. You cannot make your own choices without being told off. Even with mistakes, you cannot be allowed simple errors, like making a "racist" joke. Roseanne Barr, Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, Vince Vaughn; these are all people who have either been cancelled or been told to be cancelled. Leftists lost their crap over Chappelle’s jokes about Juicy Smooyay, or Ricky Gervais criticizing the elites from Hollywood. Kevin Hart being fired from the Oscars over homophobic tweets from a decade ago. We can’t even speak to people, as we saw with Vince Vaughn or Ellen DeGeneres! Why is everyone surprised by Vaughn? Doesn’t anyone remember him on the Golden Globes? Cancel culture has led to policing humor. Comedians can’t step foot on campus without the PC crowd cancelling them. Jokes are no longer okay, unless it’s Amy Schumer “joking” about her vagina. Even Barack Obama, the "revered" President, spoke against cancel culture and its toxicity. If that doesn’t tell you cancel culture is wrong, I don’t know what will.

Here's the twist: 70% of Americans don't participate in cancel culture, yet it can destroy anyone's life. Cancel culture isn’t only entertainment-related, it’s our personal lives. There’s a story of a mother who let her son wait in the car while she ran into the store, which ended with her being arrested. Actor Robert Davi said that many “behind-the-camera” workers are almost all conservative, but are afraid to speak their political views for fear of being fired/cancelled. Some said to them, “Say what you want!” These people have families they need to think of, so they have to suppress their conservative views. People walk on eggshells being afraid of what the PC crowd could do to them. We lose our 1st Amendment rights. Obviously, a joke about killing someone is AGAINST the 1st Amendment, but making a joke about someone isn’t. Cancel culture is another Leftist tactic to control people. If you control how people behave, you can control anything.

Cancel culture doesn’t give the full side to a story. Without evidence, people see one thing on social media, and assume it’s the truth. What does that sound like? Brett Kavanaugh. Every feminist assumed Kavanaugh was guilty because of what was shared on social media. It’s always 3 sides to every story. Not only do celebrities have to walk on eggshells, but normal Americans also do. The Left has used cancel culture to ruin people’s lives. Conservatives are specially targeted for cancellation. There was the story of a Texas college who wouldn’t allow a TPUSA chapter on campus. Kid Rock being cancelled for calling Joy Behar a “b**ch.” Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, James Wood: these are among the multiple examples of how toxic cancel culture is. Coming out as a Christian is "dangerous!" Despite your political views, conservative or liberal, targeting someone over what’s past is pointless.

What’s hypocritical is how these elites from Hollywood will say they’re woke and call out “horrible things,” yet perfectly ignore their industry’s own sins. Someone on Twitter pointed this out. Can you name a time when sexual abuse or pedophilia was called out in cancel culture? 
You can’t! Forget every Hollywood elite who "protested" Weinstein, yet knew it was happening from being friends with him, just like Epstein. Gervais’ jokes about pedophilia were groaned in the audience. He criticized Hollywood for being “woke,” yet working for companies that aren't woke. Mel Gibson is relentlessly condemned for his alcoholism, yet Kevin Spacey is still revered. Barbara Walters reprimanded Corey Feldman when he criticized the pedophilia in Hollywood. “You’re damaging an entire industry.” Whoopi Goldberg called Roman Polanski’s rape allegations, “Not real rape.” Hollywood will lecture us on what we should do, yet cover up their own hypocrisy. Macaulay Culkin and Elijah Woods have said there is evil abuse happening in Hollywood. WHERE’S HOLLYWOOD ON CHILD ABUSE? SEX TRAFFICKING? PEDOPHILIA AND RAPE? They don’t care. They ignore genuine issues to protect their own.

Cancel culture should be cancelled. I have given plenty of reasons why. Even with cancel culture, it almost always backfires. Dave Chappelle’s special was one of the most viewed specials. Ricky Gervais earned a bigger following. When Jackie Evancho performed the national anthem at inauguration in 2016, Leftists wanted her (a 17-year-old girl) cancelled. Same with Joy Villa. Both their sales skyrocketed. Nonetheless, cancel culture is toxic. We should not engage in it, and we need to stand by those affected. Despite our political views, nobody deserves to have their life destroyed over a dumb tweet. God forgave us, so why can’t we do the same? We should be able to believe that someone is not defined by a past mistake, if it’s a mistake at all. NO MORE CANCEL CULTURE!!

Despite political views, how can we fight cancel culture? Comment down!!


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