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“For this, it couldn’t be more obvious, is why Eastwood made the film in the first place: to demonize the same forces Donald Trump is now in the business of demonizing." -Variety Magazine (written by someone suffering TDS)

There were negative reviews for Clint Eastwood's latest movie, Richard Jewell. Conservatives said we should ignore the reviews. “Watch the movie because it rocked.” That’s why I saw it. Richard Jewell is the story of a man who saved hundreds of people from a bomb, and as quickly as he was hailed a hero, he was believed to be the culprit. The media and FBI ruined this man's life, so he fought back to prove he was innocent, and in the end, won. Aside from how Kathy Scruggs was portrayed, that's the only real issue I see with the movie. Critics say Eastwood makes the media is the enemy (similar to Trump’s rhetoric). Read the comments on Google or Variety, because most people loved the movie. I'll give my own review. There’ll be spoilers, so if you want to see this movie, don't read the rest of this yet.

The movie describes the life of Richard Jewell, up until he became a security guard for the 1996 Olympics. On July 27th, 1996, a bomb is placed at Centennial Park. Jewell finds the bomb and alerts authorities. Through his discovery, he managed to saved hundreds of people, making him a hero. The FBI looks at Jewell, and accuse him of being the perpetrator of the bombing. The media discover this fact, and publish this information, thus making Richard Jewell a nationwide story. The media and FBI both worked to destroy this man’s life. Through different tactics, the FBI tried to incriminate Jewell. Jewell and his attorney Watson Bryant fought back. Bryant has Jewell take a polygraph test, which he passes. Bryant holds a press conference, where Jewell's mother cries and begs the media to leave her son alone, so they can move on with their lives. Later, Bryant and Jewell sit down with the FBI for questioning. After Jewell sees through the pointless questions, he turns around and asks authorities if they have evidence to commit him. When given silence, Jewell and Bryant walk out. 88 days after Jewell was the FBI's person of interest, they issue him a letter saying he's no longer being investigated. Jewell thanks his attorney, and breaks down crying. Bryant hugs Jewell. 2 years later, Bryant visits Jewell, who is now an officer. Bryant tells Jewell that authorities caught the bomber, so Jewell is truly free. The movie ends telling Richard Jewell died of heart failure.

Tell me, how familiar does this sound? The FBI and the media portray a man to be guilty without ANY solid evidence. That’s what happened to Trump. All the liberals loved Trump until he ran as a Republican. The FBI and media, without evidence, decided he was guilty, just like Richard Jewell. It also happened to the Covington teenagers. Fox News was the one to expose the FBI and mainstream media for lying about Jewell. Everyone who remember this story said that’s when they stopped trusting mainstream media.

Now, the media and FBI said Jewell fit the profile of the bomber because Jewell was fat, lived with his mom, and made mistakes. Anyone who is fat or lives with their parents are assumed to be “terrorist-like?” Really??? Also, everyone makes stupid mistakes. To assume someone is the culprit for this is really wrong. The main takeaways from the movie are 1) NEVER judge a book by its cover, and 2) NEVER trust the FBI or the media. “Innocent until proven guilty,” turned into “Guilty until proven more guilty.” What’s happening to Donald Trump happened before with Richard Jewell.

To see how Jewell and everyone around him suffered, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The scenes that made me emotional was in the press conference with Jewell’s mother, and when Jewell cried after he was no longer being investigated. I held back tears. Imagine if that was you. Imagine your family suffering that. Could you place yourself in Richard’s shoes? What does this teach us, from the media or FBI’s point of view? Saving countless lives isn’t worth being put through what Richard Jewell went through, so don’t save anyone. The time and money wasted on Jewell could have been used to find the true culprit. Again, what does that sound like today? I loved how strong Watson Bryant was. Bryant fought like hell to prove Jewell was innocent. 

For the movie, I say it was a success. Clint Eastwood did an excellent job exposing the media and FBI, as well as tell the story of a hero. It’s sad Jewell never got to see the movie of his life made. I was surprised to see Olivia Wilde in this movie. Then I remembered money is more important than sticking to your beliefs in Hollywood. Who saw Ricky Gervais roast Hollywood? Everyone looked SO uncomfortable. HILARIOUS!! The main thing I want you to remember is NEVER judge a book by its cover, and NEVER trust the FBI or the media. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars!!⭐⭐⭐⭐ Last Blood was my favorite, so that's why it's 4/5 on this movie.

What’s your favorite movie based on true events/people? Comment down!!


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