BELIEVE ALL WOMEN (Unless it's Joe Biden)

After the complete disaster interview on MSNBC, I figured I should write about the issue with Tara Reade. For anyone unaware of what is happening, Tara Reade was one of 8 women who came out against Biden for inappropriate touching. But in March of 2020, Tara Reade said that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her. Now, I wouldn't be focusing on this, but who remembers back in 2018 with Brett Kavanaugh and the "I believe her" followers? There is an incredible double standard with the Left. The Me Too movement was supposed to be based on believing women who come out with sexual assault cases. Democrats have made it politically motivated. If you came out against a Republican, then go for it! If you go against a Democrat, don't say anything because no one will believe you.

Let's go through the timeline of what happened with Tara Reade, which MSM and Democrats say Republicans are using to "weaponize" against Biden's campaign. These concerns didn't appear when it was Trump or Kavanaugh! In 1993, Tara Reade was sexually assaulted while working for Joe Biden. She said he kissed her neck and penetrated her with his fingers by forcing her legs open. There was a call to Larry King in 1993 about a sexual assault case from Joe Biden. The caller? Tara Reade's mother. Tara said it was hard to hear that video (as her mother has died), but glad as this adds to her credibility. Next, ex-neighbor of Reade's, Lynda LaCasse, came out and said that Tara confided in her the assault, then more family/friends came out and shared the similar information. After weeks of these allegations being circulated, Joe Biden finally decided to speak about the issue. He appeared on MSNBC on May 1st. Let's just say it was a disaster. He kept denying the incident, he still refuses to release the documents from the University of Delaware, and tried to pull away from the issue by mentioning unrelated people. That's all for what has happened thus far. This is extremely upsetting, but you want to know what’s equally upsetting? The people standing by Biden, despite the allegations. I’ve seen tweets where people said they don’t care if Biden raped 100 people or their child, as long as Trump loses. If that doesn’t sum up the Left and TDS for you, I don’t know what will!

Alyssa Milano, Kristen Gillibrand, Stacey Abrams, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Amy Klobachar, Elizabeth Warren, and Gretchen Whitmer. What do these people have in common? They all defended Christine Ford, were on the Me Too movement train, but changed their “tune” to defend Biden. It went from “Believe all women” to “Believe women who make Republicans look bad; ignore the ones against Democrats.” Alyssa Milano was one of the headstrong supports of Dr. Ford and the Me Too movement, yet she still backs Joe Biden. Milano’s costar, Rose McGowan, a lifelong Democrat, is now calling out her party for their hypocrisy with Biden and Reade. She said about Alyssa Milano, “You are a fraud. This is about holding the media accountable. You go after Trump & Kavanaugh saying Believe Victims, you are a lie. You have always been a lie. The corrupt DNC is in on the smear job of Tara Reade, so are you. SHAME.” McGowan is no Republican/Trump-supporter, BUT she (along with many others) sees the hypocrisy from Democrats. I agree with Reade's statement regarding not turning this into a political weapon. I do agree with that, but I do want to point out the hypocrisy from the Left in these allegations from eight women.

People are saying Tara Reade is a Trump/Putin loving person and had “political motivation” to come out against Biden. Let’s look at who was politically motivated and who wasn’t. Christine Ford, a lifelong Democrat, admitted at a feminist conference she was motivated to stop Kavanaugh from winning the nomination, so he wouldn’t be able to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to her lawyer. Ford was inspired by abortion. She had zero witnesses, no evidence, just her “memory.” Democrats jumped at the chance to ruin a Republican’s life, so they believed her. Tara Reade, another lifelong Democrat, voted for Clinton in 2016 and has zero allegiance to Trump. Reade actually has witnesses and evidence against Biden. Lynda LaCasse is also a lifelong Democrat who actually supported Biden in his campaign, but came out with her testimony because she said, “it was the right thing to do.” MSM and Democrats are saying “We should be fair, and make sure it's true." I’m all for that, but why don’t Republicans get that “fair trial?” Tara, like Rose McGowan and other skeptical liberals, are feeling betrayed by her own party. To anyone who says that Reade is politically motivated, look at the history of both Reade and Ford. Also, people are saying “You can't compare the two! Reade hasn't taken/passed a lie detector test. Ford did!” Gary Ridgeway passed a lie detector test. Does that mean he’s innocent? Lie detector tests don't automatically mean innocence.

I hope the University of Delaware does the right thing and release these documents. Nobody should get a pass just because of their political affiliation. Sexual assault is sexual assault. That person should be prosecuted, and should be given a trial. I believe in "Innocent until proven guilty." The same goes for Biden, but Democrats think they’re privileged and deserve a free pass. With the betrayal to Tara Reade, what does this tell you, especially women? I really hope Trump brings out the women who have accused Biden to the debates, like in 2016 with Clinton. Hopefully, this opened your eyes to the Left's double standard of believing all women. For me, I believe Tara Reade.

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