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Side note: I was reading Diabolical since winter break. Once classes started, however, I was too busy studying. It wasn't until this semester finished that I could finish the book! I’m also excited to finish The Trial of Roger Stone! Shout-out to GenZ Conservative and Conservative Book Reviews for their advice on writing this!

Diabolical: How Pope Francis Betrayed Clerical Abuse Victims Like Me, and Why He Has to Go 
by Milo Yiannopoulos

If you're used to seeing Milo's fun and mischievous spirit, this book will surely surprise you, as you see Milo's seriousness and intellect. Diabolical discusses how child abuse has been rising under Francis' reign as Pope, and many other sins entering the Catholic church. Much of what was discussed was new to me. It still does a fantastic job exposing the evils happening in the Church under Francis, and why he needs to go. This was a Project Veritas type of book. The only thing I disagreed with Milo on was his take of homosexuality. He states that you can be homosexual and still go to heaven. The Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin, and I follow what the Word says. Aside from this, the book was phenomenal. You can get it off E-bay or Amazon. 74 of the 79 reviews on Amazon praised Milo for this book.


Diabolical discusses the issues occurring in the Catholic church; specifically, the sexual abuse from priests and its' coverup. Pope Francis, in his quest to push politically correct agendas of socialism, gender equality, and sucking up to Islamic/Communist leaders, has covered up for the sins occurring under his leadership. Yiannpoulos shares the history of Catholicism, and where it all went wrong, and it's because of the lavender mafia. The "Lavender Mafia," comprised of left-wing gay bishops, does exist. Their power-trip has led to the decline of the Church, and the increase of child abuse. Milo was a victim of sexual abuse in the Church as a child, discussed in Chapter 2. If you're a sensitive soul, skipping this chapter is recommended. The main message of this book? Milo explains that Christians need to rise up and stop the madness coming from the Lavender Mafia and Pope Francis, because the Catholic church under Francis has become more about politics, and less about God. We need to bring back God to Western civilization before it becomes as godless as much of the world. The reason America is so great isn't because of democracy, but because of its Christian foundation. Milo further explains that's why Christians need to be involved in politics, because the Left will continue to fight to push God out of our country, which is the worst thing that could happen to the U.S.


If you've read Dangerous or watched his videos, you know Milo likes to mess with the Left. "Laughter and war" is his motto. This book goes beyond that. He uses evidence and personal experience to show you the truth of what's happening in the Church, and how evil it really is. Milo didn’t hold back the truth, even in his own experiences. I give him credit for being open with discussing what he went through as a teenager, and overcoming it. When he focused on the Communist ties to the Catholic church, I was shocked. He even referenced Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, where Alinsky discussed using the Church for money, and the Church allowed it, or how the Church is friendly with far-left groups. Even with China, Pope Francis signed a deal with China so they could have Communist interference with the selection of Chinese popes. How crazy is this?! "Francis won't jeopardize his progressive activism to protect children from being raped, but he will suspend those principles... to make deals with murderous, totalitarian communists." (p.53) The Left, like Francis, will cover their own sins to protect their own (i.e. Harvey Weinstein, Joe Biden). The usual Leftist hypocrisy. What actually surprised me in this book was reading Milo's take on abortion. "Abortion is the one subject on which even Milo Yiannopoulos is reflexively serious," he states. "If there's anything in the world I am offended by, it might be the Left rebranding the murder of the innocent unborn as a 'choice' a woman can make about her 'reproductive rights.'" (p.91) This was both a shock and a delight to read since I'm prolife. 

To conclude, there is a real war happening. A spiritual war. Under Francis, the Church is no longer about God, but about pushing radical Leftist ideologies. They want to push God out of the equation, so they are the ultimate masters. Why else defend abortion, China, Islamic countries, or socialism? God is the reason America is great. Not because of Trump or any other President, not because of capitalism, but because of God and godly values. If we want to Keep America Great, we must keep God first. Anytime God was kept first, the nation did well. When Obama was President, he relentlessly pushed God away, and the country suffered for it. Trump put God back into the country, and look how well we're doing (aside from the damage from Covid-19). This book will shock you with what's gone wrong in the Church, and what needs to be done to bring it back to greatness. Milo outdid himself! I give Diabolical four stars, only because I thought Dangerous was better!⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

Is Pope Francis guilty? Should he answer for these crimes? Comment down!

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