Political Positions of Young Patriot Rising

I came across this post on Gen Z Conservative's blog, and I liked it a lot! I thought I would share my position on certain political issues. These issues matter most to me. The issues I list are the ones I look for in a candidate. If they show they'll fight for what I believe in, they've got my support. In no particular order, here are the top 7 issues that matter the most to me.

1.     Religious freedom. This is the most important issue for me because without God, we don't have the Constitution, our other freedoms, or this country's success. The reason America is great was because the founders knew that following God empowers us. I believe we have a right to practice our religion without fear. The Left, however, wants to push God away. When Obama was President, this country went to hell. When Trump became President, he put God first, which has led to America's current prosperity (not counting the effects of Covid-19). I believe putting God first is fundamental in this country, and what makes America such a powerhouse.

2.     Abortion. This is a close second to the first point. I believe abortion is against what God has for us. We all have a purpose. Forget religion even. Abortion is a cruel, inhumane way to end a life. I'm prolife, you probably know that. And abortion has so much more dark truths to it, like how it was a form of population control for African Americans and the disabled. or how Planned Parenthood doesn't report rape cases. I'm prolife simply because people believe that if you're disabled, homeless, or have a crappy life, you shouldn't be alive. My brother is autistic. Seeing how the disabled are treated sickens me, which adds onto me being prolife. If a candidate is strongly prolife, and will fight for these values, they've got my support immediately.

3.     Socialism. My parents both lived through socialism in Guyana. I couldn't imagine bringing it here, yet many young Americans support socialism. They don't know the history or the dangers of bringing these ideas here, because people like Bernie Sanders or AOC promote the enticing side of socialism. "Higher minimum wage! Free healthcare! Free college!" You get the picture. The man/woman who will take a stand against these dangerous ideologies will gain my support.

4.     Free speech/gun rights. Both of these go hand in hand. "You can't have the first without the second." I believe we should be allowed to say whatever we want to say, or support who we want to support, without the "cancel culture mob" coming for us. Me being a Republican and Trump supporter shouldn't equate me to racist, thereby allowing my speech to be limited. Unless that speech is hateful and violent, then that should be treated differently. With the 2nd Amendment, we have the right to bear arms. Why is it at 18, we can vote for the future of this country,or sign up to die for this country, yet not be allowed to purchase a firearm until 21 (at least in Florida)? I'm against the current red flag laws. Like I said, both these Amendments are important.

5.     Veterans. I don't know why this issue is so important to me, but veterans have a special place in my heart. I can't express my thanks for them enough. After I saw First Blood, veterans became a prominent issue for me! Veterans, unfortunately, get the low end of the Democrats' list of importance. Illegal aliens get preference over the men and women who fought for this country. That's why I support President Trump. He, like other candidates I support, understand the importance of our vets.

6.     School choice/education. I believe school choice is important. Getting your education is important. I believe parents should be able to send their child to any school of their choice. Public school shouldn't be the only viable option. And honestly, the way these universities teach future educators, I believe parents should have school choice. I remember speaking with one of my professors about this, but I told him I will be homeschooling my kids because I don't want them to become indoctrinated by these mainly Leftist teachers. Even with higher education, that needs serious reforming. They’re Leftist indoctrination camps. I’ve spoken with different students who said they grew up conservative, but turned liberal in college because of what was taught, but eventually came back to conservatism. I’ve also spoken to parents who said their child became Leftist while attending a major university. This has to stop.

7.     Putting Americans first. Just like our veterans, working class Americans are not focused on by the Left. They place illegals on a pedestal, while allowing Americans to suffer. Look at cities/states run by Democrats, then look at cities/states run by Republicans. Democrats ruin everything they touch. Why else put illegals over Americans? Why else do they want no borders? So they can have control over what happens. They believe in big government and high taxes, which clearly doesn’t work. Republicans (although many imperfect) do their job. My mayor and governor are both Republicans, and both are doing a fantastic job. I will vote for the candidate who doesn't take a knee to the politically correct, mainly Leftist mob.

These are the most critical issues to me. I didnt include them, but they're also important, the economy and immigration. If I had to choose the top 3 issues that I focus on the most, it would be abortion, socialism, and veterans. I hope you enjoyed this post!

What issues matter to you when voting for a candidate? Comment down!

Two things: 1) Happy birthday to the best singer out there, the best coach on the Voice, Blake Shelton! 2) Scott Presler followed me on Twitter last night!!!

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