Big Tech Censorship

In recent news, you've been seeing an uprise in censorship from big tech. Twitter is banning QAnon content at the demand of Chrissy Teigen, Facebook flagging content that is conservative-based, and let's not forget the video of the rogue doctors supporting Hydroxychloroquine was taken down, along with any accounts who dared to share it (Donald Trump Jr., Kaya Jones, and PragerU being some). This has been an issue plaguing us for years, and no one in Congress has decided to do anything about it.

This censorship began in 2016, when the election was coming. Anything that made the Democrats' candidate look bad was immediately removed. I wrote about when multiple right-wingers were banned from Facebook and Instagram. What's ironic about that is they will remove these people because of their harmful content, yet allow pornographic material to stay on. Children and teenagers are able to find porn at the click of a button, yet conservative content is what's the problem. How can you conflate the two? Also, many times a conservative is censored, it is due to their "hate speech." Hate speech is only used as a weapon against anyone who isn't a sheep to the Left. Why else do they love cancelling people who don't align with their values? 

These companies aren't held accountable. Amazon, Google, Facebook ,and Twitter don't get criticized and can control us with their Leftist propaganda. Why else does the Washington Post always lie about Trump yet never criticize Bezos for taking advantage and making $13 billion dollars during the pandemic? Because WaPo is owned by Jeff Bezos. Why else does Google have the ability to limit conservative content that shows up on their feed, or show images of Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein but not Epstein and Bill Clinton? Why else will Facebook or YouTube show ads lying about Donald Trump but suspend accounts that question their narrative? They're all Leftist run. It's not hard to figure out. 

These people own the company, and play by their rules. They don't care for fairness. It's all about politics. Again, why else would they not want Hydroxychloroquine to receive attention? It questions the Left's narrative of getting a vaccine. Even though multiple studies/individuals attest to this drug working, the Left want to run Americans broke with a vaccine that costs thousands of dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if Big pharma is a major donor to Leftists, so they have to push for vaccines. Hydroxychloroquine, however, is relatively cheap.

Republicans have been questioning these unfair principles from these companies. But their only solution to this is "If you don't like it, go create your own company! Leave Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and Twitter." These companies listed in the previous sentence didn't create their company overnight. Not to mention they're privately owned, so they will do as they feel, although some are bending the law to their will. None of us currently have billions of dollars to create a company like Facebook, Amazon, or Twitter. Moreover, what many on the Right don't understand is how long it will take before these new companies (if created) take off. Apple didn't become a success until two decades later; Microsoft took 6 years; Facebook took 5 years before succeeding. These things don't happen overnight; it takes time. Republicans in Congress think that people can do this in a day, and we could all live happily ever after. NO! This wouldn't happen so quickly, and because we have become dependent on the current media platforms, it probably wouldn't succeed.

What can be done? Obviously, we need people in Congress who will fight back. These Republicans are spineless, and actually many had their campaign funded by big tech, like Jim Jordan and Jim Sensenbrenner. When Republicans brought in these CEOs for questioning, first of all, it took them hours before actually asking Bezos a question. When Jim Sensenbrenner did question Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, he didn't ask the tough questions. Jim Jordan did, so I will give him credit. 

Republicans need to do something now, because if they keep hopscotching around this issue, I guarantee the President will be banned off Facebook and Twitter before the election. That's what we are fighting. Republicans have to take a stand, and I truly hope it will be done soon. Big tech tried to trick the American people, but they failed. They will do it again, so we have to be ready. This censorship has gotten out of hand. These companies are crushing conservatives’ 1st Amendment right, which is against our Constitution. Big tech is trying to do what they did in 2016 with censorship/pushing their agenda. It didn’t work. Don’t let big tech intimidate you. They aren’t as powerful as they think they are.

What are your thoughts on big tech’s censorship? Comment down!!

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