Pedophilia, The True Pandemic

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The release of Ghislaine Maxwell's documents reveals what many of us knew: pedophilia from the Left is the true pandemic. People don't realize is how dark this whole story is. Even though there's incriminating evidence against Leftists, the FBI still tried to commit Trump and Epstein with ZERO proof. If nothing else, the election of Donald Trump showed us the hidden sex abuse on the Left that's been happening for decades. I will mention this is strictly opinion. This information is available on Google or social media. You're free to choose what you want to believe. The real pandemic isn't Covid; that's just a distraction from the media and politicians. The true pandemic is pedophilia.

With all that's coming out, more people are led to believe QAnon theorists. Why else is Twitter and Facebook removing content with Pizzagate or QAnon, but not actual pedophilia content from celebrities and insane Leftists? Big tech is also involved with this pedophilia. Don't believe me? Go on Google images, and type in the search bar "TV, Television and Film." You'll be shocked and even horrified. Facebook is now censoring #SaveTheChildren, because it "goes against their community." You cannot make this up! Hollywood knows their time is running out. Ellen's show is being investigated, Oprah's magazine is being investigated, Chrissy Teigen demands Twitter removes QAnon content who called out her blatant pedophilia, and Tom Hanks moves to Greece (ironically where sex trafficking runs rampant). Oprah is starting a show to "expose white privilege." Why did this issue never come up with her white rapist friends (Weinstein, Epstein, Clintons)? Look at the tweet from DC Draino below: see the pattern yet?

The Left keeps hiding the truth from us, thinking we will act like mindless sheep and ignore it. That's why they react angrily to Trump banning Tik Tok, compared to the child sex trafficking from Epstein's island. Even the locals knew about it! Most Americans are waking up. That's why so many are becoming red-pilled. It's truly horrifying once you learn the truth of what this situation entails. For decades, these elitists got away with their crimes with no accountability. Epstein and Maxwell are the tip of the iceberg. With all that's been revealed from Epstein’s island, no wonder Epstein DIDN'T commit suicide. MSM is covering Tik Tok's ban like that's the worst thing, yet barely anyone seems to care about what's coming out about Epstein and Bill Clinton. It is now proven he is a pedophile. MSM covered for Bill in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and guess what? They're covering for him now. Nothing changed. Trivial things are distracting us, so we don't focus on what's important: the pedophilia pandemic. Even Hasbro seems to push pedophilia with their toys.

The FBI had evidence to incriminate Epstein crimes; photographic evidence of one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts, with Prince Andrew. They had this for years, and she begged the FBI for that picture to get justice. Look how corrupt the FBI really was, and for how long. I am convinced that if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016, we still wouldn't know the extent of these crimes. The election of Donald Trump brought out these evil crimes to light. The question is 1) will the other documents be released to the public, 2) will Maxwell live to testify, and 3) will the people on Epstein’s flight log get the long arm of the law? 

MSM and the Left will claim Donald Trump and Epstein were good friends, yet Clinton and Epstein’s friendship. Epstein cofounded the Clinton Foundation, and donated a ton of money!! The worst part? MSM won't cover these facts. Again, read the document. Ghislaine even said Trump and Epstein didn’t have that sort of friendship. President Trump has done more to stop sex trafficking, compared to Leftists. Americans will go to jail for taking their kids to the park or opening their gym, but these elites can escape justice, despite their sickening and illegal acts.

Here's the hypocrisy of it all. The #MeToo movement had no problem slandering Republicans like Donald Trump or Brett Kavanaugh, so why haven't they said anything about Bill Clinton and the two minors he's accused of raping? Where's Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd, Taylor Swift in any of this, or any Hollywood elitist? Because most of them went to Epstein's island. It's not surprising as it's all politically motivated. What ticks me off even more than this is that most people are not focusing on this? And how MSM hasn’t even discussed Bill Clinton's involvement with Epstein’s island is deafening. Besides Planned Parenthood, Hollywood needs to be cancelled next. They're telling us how wrong we are, yet are guilty of the same thing they're lecturing us about!

These Democrats tried to throw these allegations to Trump, but it came right back at them. The boomerang effect. The people who claim Donald Trump is a rapist are guilty of that crime themselves! Virginia Roberts said Trump didn’t do anything, compared to most people on Epstein’s flight log. With the approval of Ghislaine Maxwell's appeal to not release the documents, it lends credibility to what I say. I will reiterate that this is strictly opinion.  If nothing else happened, the election of Donald Trump revealed the evil from the Democrats. Barely anyone in Hollywood, MSM, or in politics posted about World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. Donald Trump, however, signed a bill to help human trafficking victims, and fights to end sex trafficking. Democrats don't do this. When the evidence comes out, a lot of people's favorite celebrities will be ruined. I will be celebrating when that story breaks. 

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