It's My Birthday!!

Today I turn 21 years old! I'm now a REAL adult! I was struggling what to write about, but one of my followers gave me an idea that I think we can all relate to. How to enjoy your birthday during the pandemic. It's been so depressing these last few months, so I thought I could share what celebrating my birthday during Covid-19 has been like. It seems like we have to be constantly afraid of Covid-19 to the point we cannot enjoy our life. I'm all for being careful and taking necessary precautions to prevent sickness. What I'm not for is ruining our lives by keeping everything shut down. This is what my birthday celebration has been like!

So far, it's been a lot of fun! For a weekend getaway, my sister, mom, and friends took me to Amelia Island. Getting to see my friends and relax at the beach was honestly perfect. Going to the beach was very well needed because I was so stressed being home almost all day. The beach really took away my stress. I got to catch up with my friends (one I hadn't seen since my last birthday). We also talked a lot of politics, which was fine since they're all Republicans! The first day we got there, we immediately went to the beach. After that, we all cleaned up. Around midnight, however, my friends and I decided to go on a walk around the beach. We saw so many crabs crawling around! They looked like spiders at first, so it would always freak me and my sister out! The next day, we went to Boneyard Beach, which was gorgeous. We went back to the beach at our condo. That night, my mom made reservations at Bob's Steak & Chophouse. The food was amazing. Most of us got the surf and turf, but it was delicious. The waiter was super friendly, and asked me what dessert I wanted for my birthday. I originally said cheesecake, but they didn't have any, so the waiter brought me Crème brûlée (which was so heavenly). We got some cute pictures, then left. Went to the beach to swim again, and took a long stroll. We chilled in the beach house for a couple of hours, then decided to go walk on the beach around 1 in the morning.

The final day, we went to Fernandina Beach Historic District, which had some cute shops. After that, we just chilled in our room until the next day, when we had to leave. Today, my parents are cooking me halibut and shrimp with veggies, and of course, getting some alcohol to celebrate! My grandparents will come to the house on Saturday to celebrate with me as well. So all in all, this has definitely been one of my most memorable birthdays! And I'd like to thank my parents and sister for planning this out.

Despite all the stress with Covid, I have at least been able to celebrate my birthday with the people who matter the most to me. The only downside was that Gavin Rollins, the candidate I was working with, unfortunately lost his election. He came in 3rd in a 10-way race. Not to mention his campaign didn’t have the millions of dollars backing him, like the main contenders. I’m still proud to have worked on his campaign. I'm also glad classes finished before my birthday, and don't start back until the 31st! Thanks to everyone who has wished me a Happy Birthday! And now, here are some pictures from my birthday! I will share more on my Twitter!

What was your 21st birthday like? I’d love to hear it! Comment down!

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