Five Reasons You Should Vote For Gavin Rollins

"A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. He does not set out to be a leader, but becomes one by the equality of his actions and the integrity of his intent." -Douglas MacArthur

On August 18th, it is the primary election in Florida. I wanted to write one that's really important to those who can vote in this particular election: Ted Yoho's seat. As many of you know, I work on Gavin Rollins' campaign as the Communications Assistant. I might be biased in saying this, but I genuinely believe he is the candidate who should go to Congress. Here are five reasons why I believe you should vote for Gavin Rollins:
  1. His record of accomplishment: Gavin has served our country in multiple ways. Rollins served as a veteran under President Trump to protect our country. As a US History teacher, he taught American history the way it was meant to be taught: without politics. His students understand what make this country unique, and Gavin has helped mold our next generation through his methods of teaching. As Clay County Commissioner, he literally fought for Republican values. He knows what it means to be a servant leader, and his unique experience truly makes him stand out against the competition. Gavin has a heart to serve his community, and I believe these unique skills will give him an advantage when leading in Congress. This is why I see him as the best choice. 
  2. His genuineness: Genuine leaders are missing in Congress. Most politicians become out of touch with their constituents, and only pander to them when an election comes. From the times I've worked with Gavin, I can tell he is a very humble and genuine leader. He likes to converse with everybody, and really listens to what people have to say. Like I said in my interview with him, Gavin was the one to introduce the idea of an interview. He insisted on speaking over the phone about it, and was willing to work with me and my schedule to ensure we did the interview. I would say his genuineness is one thing I admire about him, and I think we need more leaders like him serving the American people. Authenticity is a great quality in leaders.
  3. Gavin isn't a career politician: Gavin firmly believes people shouldn't get involved in politics just because you want to earn a paycheck. The swamp has too many career politicians from both sides. Gavin wants to go to Congress to help America thrive, and he firmly believes in term limits. He was the first candidate to sign the pledge to get a term limits amendment passed. Gavin believes going to Congress means being deployed to fight for our values, which leads me to my next point. Gavin hasn't lied or bashed others to get a leg up. Gavin isn't a fraud like most other politicians. He's the real thing.
  4. He's a fighter: Gavin knows what it means to be a fighter. Not just sharing an angry tweet, but actually working to fight the radical Left. In his own county, Gavin fought for prolife legislation, the 2nd Amendment, education, and lower taxes. He stood alone in many of these instances, and was scoffed at by his Republican peers. Because he knows how to fight, I believe he will stand alongside President Trump to protect Americans from the Left's agenda to radicalize the United States. With how prolife he is, that's a major factor into who I will vote for.
  5. His patriotism: Forget the fact Gavin Rollins served under President Trump in the Global War on Terrorism. He openly states his love for this country and traditional American values. In one tweet, which he received major backlash for, Gavin said "If you don’t believe that standing for the National Anthem is the RIGHT thing to do, then I will personally buy you a ONE WAY ticket out of this country!" I wholeheartedly agree. Because many Republicans haven't been as outspoken in their patriotism, that's partially why the Left has been able to push their radical agenda. We need leaders who will stand for America, the Constitution and her values.
If you're able to vote for Gavin, I highly encourage you do. He is the man who will fight for the American people. Even if you can't vote for him, please donate to his campaign and share his content. You can follow his page on Facebook or follow him on Twitter. Here's his website:, and check out his campaign ad! Besides the prolife image I shared, this is definitely the next favorite ad I've seen for Gavin. I also hope we win, as that would be a great early birthday present, which is two days after the election!

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