Conservative Pundits I Met

I thought I could share who I have met in the political/conservative world, and what my thoughts are on them.
  • Charlie Kirk: I have mixed feelings on Charlie. Mainly that he is involved in politics for popularity alone. He gave me the vibe of "stuck-up." My sister and I got our picture taken with him at YWLS, then the girls behind us were so excited, they couldn't decide who should go. Next thing I know, I hear Charlie yelling "Come on guys. I don't have all day. Let's do this already." I thought that was very rude because these people are supporting you, and that's how you'll treat them? I heard something similar about people meeting Candace Owens. I think Charlie says some good stuff when it comes to politics, but I'm not the biggest fan of his.
  • Dan Crenshaw: Not a fan of Dan after his take on red flag laws. I didn't really get to speak with him when we met because it was a quick photo op, then we had to keep moving. But let's just say the charm has worn off. To me, Dan is a bit more Establishment.
  • Rob Smith: Rob is 50/50 for me. I question how he became conservative, because there's too many holes in the story. Part of me feels like Rob does this for popularity, but nonetheless, when I spoke with him, it was pleasant. He encouraged me to pursue my blog, and how to "keep going when it's tough." So I did appreciate him speaking with me like that.
  • DC Draino: Definitely one of my favorites, as I've been following him for a while now. I love his memes, and we bonded over living in Florida!
  • Mikaela Bearpaw: Mikaela was super friendly. I had lost respect for her over her comments regarding Israel, but aside from that, I think she's very passionate about what she fights for. She was willing to talk and get to know me.
  • Will Witt: If any of you have kept up with my blog, you know it was because of Will Witt that I got involved in politics. He made me realize what's at stake, and we can either stand back and allow it to happen, or start making a change. That's why I started this blog! My mom and sister made fun of me for how much I fangirled over him with telling him which videos were my favorite.
  • Anna Paulina: Anna is super cool. I have been a fan of hers for a while now, so getting to meet and speak with her was awesome. I was so excited, I almost tackled her into a hug. I stopped myself so I didn't look like an idiot, but she was like "Come and give me a hug. You're fine!" So that was pretty cool.
  • Brandon Tatum: Brandon seemed like a nice guy. I saw him walking around at YWLS, so asked him for a picture, which he was okay with. I lost some respect for him after his brutal comments on George Floyd. Nobody said he was a saint, yet Brandon was acting like a jerk to anyone who "defended" Floyd. 
  • Graham Allen: Talk about someone I admire! I've been following Graham for over a year now, and he is definitely one of my biggest inspirations. I remember at YWLS, I saw him go to the bathroom, and I'm freaking out to my sister "Oh my gosh, Graham just went to the bathroom. I want to get a pic with him, but I don't want to seem like a stalker." Then he walks out, then I just yell "Graham!" And he came over saying hi, and when I asked him for a picture, he was more than happy to do so. I then went on to say how much I loved his content and thanked him for his service. I really like him because he actually cares about his fans. I ran into him again when he was looking for Rob Smith, I directed him on where to go. When I wanted a pic with Graham and Rob, Graham was like "Hey Hannah!" The last time I saw Graham was when he came to UF with Charlie Kirk for Culture War. I was ecstatic. When I got to speak with him, I was like "I'm not sure if you remember me, but we met at YWLS." And he did! He's like, "Oh yeah I remember you. Great to see you again!" I was so shocked, I questioned him. Graham is definitely one of the more genuine conservatives I have met.
  • Jaco Booyens: If you've never heard Jaco Booyens speak, I encourage you do. His speeches are usually one in the same, but he always tells it in a different way. It's extremely personal. I've met him twice. When I first met him, he called me "Hannah with the pretty eyes." Then went on to say that "I'm worth it." I don't usually get speechless, but that's what happened. I also saw him again at SAS, and he surprisingly remembered me! 
  • Allie Stuckey: She is so sweet. I think her prolife views are amazing, so getting to meet her was a pleasure. She was really talkative! Which I am too, so that works for me!
  • Dave Rubin: I didn't speak long with him. It was more to get a picture with him. But he was still nice about it.
  • Terrence Williams: I love Terrence. His Instagram makes me laugh so hard. He was in a rush to get someplace else, but when I asked for a picture, he was more than willing. 
  • Kent Guinn: Kent is the mayor of Ocala, where I grew up. I honestly never knew he was our mayor until I saw Don Jr. at UF, but he was really friendly. He said he loves seeing young conservatives fighting for our country. 
  • Dennis Baxley: Dennis is a senator for Florida, and he was very talkative. He was telling me how we need more conservatives involved in politics, and how proud he was to see me at political events.
  • Mike Hill: Mike was with Dennis, and was pretty quiet. He kinda just nodded along and agreed with Dennis on young people being involved in politics.
  • Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle: Don Jr. is my favorite for political figures I have met. Forget he's the President's oldest son, but he is a great voice in the conservative movement. Obviously, I heard his speech at UF (barely because of the protesters), but a friend told me he was doing a book signing for Triggered, so I got to meet him. Him and Kimberly were super cool to speak with. When I mentioned his speech at UF, he asked me if I was able to hear him with the protesters, which I said barely. He asked me whose I thought was better, him or Kimberly, but I said both were amazing. He said "spoken like a true politician," which was an honor for me.
That's mainly it. I didn't include these 3, but I've also had the chance to meet some local politicians, like Joe Harding, Jimmy Cowan, and Gavin Rollins. The only thing missing from this list of who I want to meet is, of course, Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos. If I could meet either of these people, my life would be complete! Let me know what you thought of this! Comment down!!

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