Who Is The Party of Minorities?

One of the main myths from the Left is that they are the party of minorities, while Republicans are racists who hate minorities. Is that true? Do Republicans hate minorities? Of course not! Democrats always use this claim that Republicans/conservatives/any right-wingers are racist. "Republican is the party of straight white men." I hate hearing these statements, because they're 100% false. If anything, Republicans are the party of minorities, and Democrats aren't. After participating in an article for Future Female Leaders, I thought I could discuss my thoughts on who is really the party of minorities.

Let's first take a look at history of how Republicans have championed for minorities, compared to Democrats. Who opposed freeing the slaves? Democrats. Which party freed the slaves? Republicans. Which party created the KKK? Democrats. Who fought the KKK? Republicans. Who created Jim Crow law? Democrats. Who opposed these laws? Republicans. Ironically, guess who called themselves the "white man's party?" I'll give you a hint: it isn't Republicans. The Democratic party, since its founding, has hated minorities. Now, they claim they're the only champions for minorities. Has things changed since the original Democratic party? Well...

Look at the policies Democrats fight for. Does any of them help minorities? Look at what Black Lives Matter has done to minority communities. Has any Democrat helped these minorities who lost their homes or business? No. If anything, it was conservatives who created GoFundMe for these people. Democrats support both BLM and defunding the police. Defunding the police is not a solution to helping minorities affected by violence. We've seen how well it's working in Leftist-run cities. Democrats focus on policies that continually hurt minorities (i.e. affirmative action). If they really cared about minorities, then why not focus on issues like criminal reform, abortion rates, black-on-black violence, welfare rates? Instead, they promise African Americans empty lies. Anyone also notice how Democratic politicians are only trying to "help" African Americans? Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans are completely ignored. There's a reason there's been a surge in support for Donald Trump among Hispanic voters. How pathetic was it that Biden played Despacito at a Florida rally? Talk about pathetic pandering! 

You know who did help the minority community? Donald Trump. Who could forget we had a soaring economy, with the lowest unemployment rate among African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and women? The media won't focus on that. Covid-19 ruined that, but I believe we will come back stronger. Donald Trump and Republicans have done more for the minority community than Joe Biden has done in almost 50 years. The choice is clear. One side only gives empty promises and cares about us when it's an election year, and one wants to help everyone flourish.

Speaking personally, I have felt welcome by Republicans. Republicans believe what Martin Luther King Jr. believes: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Leftists only pay attention to the color of your skin. They judge you based off of that, not by your personality or skills. Look at who Joe Biden chose as his VP. Even before he chose Kamala Harris, he said he intended on choosing a woman of color. That's degrading. Democrats believe identity politics is the only way to get votes. They trust minorities will vote for them, because we are "mindless sheep." As an Indian American and the daughter of immigrants, I can tell you this is a lie. I think for myself. I will align myself with the party who puts our veterans first, endorses pro-life legislation, and fights human trafficking. That's mainly what Trump and Republicans stand for.

And for a side who claims to be "tolerant," they really aren't. People will call you the worst names in the book, just because you align with Republicans. The side that claims "Republicans are racist" are the true racists themselves. Look at how Vernon Jones was treated while leaving the RNC. Look at how anyone who is a minority, LGBT+, an immigrant, or disabled is treated by the Left if you don't follow them like mindless sheep. They truly hate free thinkers, because anyone I've noticed becomes redpilled is because they did research and questioned their original beliefs. Most were met with hate from their side. I'd rather be on the side that doesn't always lie about what they "care about." Again, if they cared about minorities, they wouldn't allow minority communities to be burned down and its people killed in cold blood!

Don't believe the lie that Republicans aren't the party of minorities, because I, like many others, know this is a lie. Democrats have exposed their true colors by allowing domestic terrorists to destroy communities. Democrats are extremely out of touch from normal Americans, and only support the mindless and violent sheep. Republicans have always been welcoming to me, and never treated me differently because of race. Don’t believe the media. Republicans aren’t racists.

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