Celebrating My 100th Blog Post

Well, we made it! This is my 100th blog post! I can't believe I've hit the big 1-0-0 on my blog. Big things are happening this year, despite the craziness we experienced as a country. Maybe we should go on a trip down memory lane, and remember how/why I started this blog. 

It feels like yesterday when I started this blog. After I heard Will Witt speak at the University of Florida, I became inspired to get involved in politics. Like my bio says, our country will be lost unless conservatives speak out and stand up. I remember telling my mom out of the blue that I'm starting a political blog. She and my dad were very happy to see me take such an interest in politics. My introduction post was well received. 

Popularity on this blog didn't grow right away. Just like my Twitter. I used to get around 30-40 views on my blog, and I only had around 100-200 followers on Twitter. Soon enough, my following grew. I started connecting with like-minded patriots, and found my writing style for blogging. Sure enough, I found other topics to get your attention, which many people shared and read. I'm at almost 1800 followers on Twitter, and I get hundreds of views. 

Let me tell you, I really love what I do. I feel like many of the mainstream conservatives are only in this for popularity and money. Not so much changing minds or giving unique perspectives. That's what I aim for. I write about things that we shouldn't talk about, or issues that don't get enough attention. I like to think I might have changed a few minds on the issues I write about. I definitely had to learn as a writer. I remember how wordy I was. Oh boy! Definitely had to shorten my articles to make it easier for people to read. Nobody likes repetitive or wordy articles! Another thing I learned was linking the articles I used in researching my topics into the article. Before I thought, it's probably easier for people to look at the articles/videos at the end. I finally realized it's much easier to have it in the actual post I was writing. You live and you learn is my take.

If you're wondering what's next, truthfully, I'm not entirely sure yet. I know I said I would branch out and start either a podcast or YouTube channel, but that is a lot of work. I'm graduating soon with my Bachelor's in Business Administration, then I'm going full on into work. I'm not sure I'll be able to balance everything else in my life and also a channel. For right now, I'm going to stick with this blog, and making sure I keep it looking professional but interesting. I also think I will get my own domain, so instead of being associated with Blogger, I'll have my own website. I have also considered making merch, so I will let you guys know what I do with that! I will continue to work with other conservative bloggers, and keep trying to grow my following! 

Saving the best for last, I thought I could share my most popular posts.

  1. Pedophilia in Hollywood
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  3. My Experience Attending a Planned Parenthood Meeting
  4. DeSantis Prevailed and Cuomo Crumbled
  5. Why Socialism Is Popular Among Young Americans
  6. An Interview With Gavin Rollins
  7. Cuties: This Is Just The Beginning
  8. Cancelling Cancel Culture
  9. The Trial of Roger Stone Book Review
  10. Impeachment Hoax
Here are my top 10 favorite posts.
  1. Everyone Should Be Talking About Human Trafficking
  2. DeSantis Prevailed and Cuomo Crumbled
  3. Having a Brother on the Spectrum
  4. Appreciating Our Veterans
  5. Cancelling Cancel Culture
  6. Saying Goodbye Is The Hardest Thing to Do
  7. Who Is The Party of Minorities?
  8. It's My Birthday!
  9. Conservative Pundits I've Met
  10. Sylvester Stallone's Take On Success
Growing so much in my blog's journey, as well as my Twitter journey, I have some big-name people following me. I just have to brag because these were pretty awesome! These are the people who follow me: Scott Morefield, Imam of Peace, Buzz Paterson, Anthony Sabatini, Gavin Rollins, Joe Harding, Mahgdalen Rose, Olivia Rondeau, Josh Scheinblum, Daily Caller, Shaun Attwood, Tank Schottle, Georgia Log Cabin, James McCoy Taylor, Joe Gruters, TPUSA, YALiberty, Denise McAllister, Act for America, Gwyneth Montenegro, Jay Ruderman, Kyle Hooten, Anthony Leonardi, Scott Isbell, John Cena. I couldn't believe THE John Cena followed me. My most recent popular conservatives to follow me was Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Scott Presler. Both were a big honor!

Here are some random facts about me. 
  1. I graduate from the University of Florida this semester!
  2. I'm a Starbucks girl. Best drink is the iced caramel macchiato. I'm going to write a post about my favorite drinks soon! Proudest accomplishment this year was turning my whole family to Starbucks.
  3. I can speak Hindi, but only what I know from my favorite Bollywood movies🤣🤣
  4. I have 2 tattoos, and I want to get more!
  5. I recently took the Myers-Briggs Personality test, and got ENFJ (or Protagonist). I'm someone with Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging personality traits. Definitely describes me to a tee!
I don't have much more to say. I just want to thank everyone who has supported me in my journey. Even if you just started following, I still appreciate the support. It's because of you I'm so excited to write a new post. I cannot express my full gratitude to you guys. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Here's to another 100 posts!

Are there any topics/issues you think I should discuss in the future? Comment down!

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