Human Trafficking at the Mexico–US Border

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King Jr.

During the second presidential debate, Donald Trump mentioned the term "coyotes." Democrats, in their stupidity and ignorance, literally assumed Trump meant the animal. They also called him a "racist and xenophobe" for referring to Mexicans as "animals." It's terrifying that Democrats want to run our country and immigration policy, but have no clue about the truth as the Mexico-US border. I intend on writing about this, and hopefully will educate you on the truth of this topic. 

Firstly, and I can't believe I have to say this, but Donald Trump didn't mean Mexicans are coyotes. "Coyotes" is a term to describe people who illegally smuggle (or in some cases, trafficked) individuals across the border. And before anyone says it, Trump has used this term before. The crisis at the border is incredibly terrifying. Many receive backlash for calling it out. Sylvester Stallone's Rambo Last Blood received major backlash for having a "Trump-esque" view of Mexico. He even stated the obvious: the human trafficking crisis is a major issue in the States, and must be treated as such. Everyone likes to say that Trump built the cages, locked up kids, and separated them from their parents. Actually, it was the Obama administration that built these cages. 

Many of these cases of "children being separated from their family/parents" are actually stolen from their parents. In 2019's fiscal year, Border Patrol found more than 6,200 cases where children were brought to the border with people who weren't their parents. In certain instances, families who were still coming to the border lost their children to traffickers, or even sold them. The path to get to the border is incredibly dangerousThe human trafficking situation at the border is terrible. 70% of people coming to the border are victims of violent crimes. A third of women are raped during the journey, as well as many children. Why are so many Democrats against tighter bordersDemocrats say everyone should be able to live the American dream, so it somehow allows illegal immigration. If families really wanted to provide a safer and better life for their families, why take such a dangerous route? Many of the children who reach the border are suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration. With families, compared to single adults, they receive a less waiting/holding period. That is why so many traffickers or smugglers lie about their "child." Knowing the women and children could be attacked, beaten, raped, or abused, why won't mainstream media won't report on this?

That's why so many Republicans (myself included) are against abolishing ICE. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement gets children out of these dangerous situations, but Democrats hate Donald Trump so much, they're against people who save children from human traffickers. They're not perfect, but considering what they have to do, I think they deserve much respect. I have my suspicions why Democrats and the media won't discuss human trafficking. And FYI, to anyone who thinks Republicans are supposedly "accepting" of separating families, we don't like it either. However, looking at the facts (which Democrats don't do), there is good reason to have so many precautions in place. If you didn't know "coyote" means human trafficker/smuggler, please don't talk about immigration policy or the border. Look at the statistics. Shouldn't we have stronger borders and excellent security to help children or women who are in clear danger? We want these children to be cared for, and reunited with their family. Most of the "parents" these children are with, abandon them. Why? Because that's not their child. Again, do a little research. (My mom made the image on the right!)

My dad came here illegally at 18, and even he said he was very lucky that he wasn't sold into any form of human trafficking while making the journey. We shouldn't be encouraging families to put themselves in danger with illegal immigration. Of course we want people to live the American dream. But we have a duty to protect ourselves. We need to discourage illegal immigration, and protect our borders. Not for ourselves, but for those on the other end of the border. We should ensure families can get here with no harm. Human trafficking at the U.S. - Mexico border is real, and extremely dangerous. President Trump has done a lot to fight human trafficking, which I've discussed before. Never stop discussing this issue, because no one in the media is willing to.

Have you seen the movie Priceless? It is a Christian-based movie that talks about human trafficking at the border, featuring Joel Smallbone of For King and Country. Great movie that discusses what I shared in this article!

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