Is The Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Drama Important? Yes It Is.

In recent headlines, Tik Tok stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have found themselves in hot water. After a family video with guest star James Charles, the family became the latest subject of cancel culture. Fans were appalled by how the sisters treated their staff, specifically their chef. Look, I know most people don't probably keep up with Tik Tok drama. Personally, I could give less than a crap of what's happening on Tik Tok. I never got into the whole Tik Tok craze. One YouTuber I follow, Kavos, has been posting interesting videos regarding the topic (Watch his videos regarding Ellen Degeneres). I thought I could share my thoughts on the topic. Let's start with what this whole "controversy" was about. It's really not as bad as you think it is.

Basically, Charlie, Dixie, and their parents were hosting a "family dinner" when all of a sudden, James Charles walks into the house and joins the dinner. The Chef, who seems to be relatively well-known, decides to give the girls escargot. The girls reacted terribly to the meal, with Dixie gagging and rolling her eyes, then vomiting after trying it. Charli also asks for dino-shaped nuggets. Fans didn't like this, saying Charli and Dixie were spoiled brats who probably "offended the chef." Charli then goes on to say how she wants to reach 100 million followers on Tik Tok. James Charles jokes that "99.5 million followers isn't enough?" To which she basically responds "No." This put the icing on the "cancel culture" cake, because like Kavos said, fans now felt like Charli only saw them as a number. They decided to show her that they are in control of her fame, since they got her there. Since that video, Charli has lost 1 million fans. You may be wondering why I'm choosing to pay attention to this basically more extreme high school drama. Trust me, I have plenty reason to be focusing on this

Explain this to me. How does Charli and her sister acting "bratty" warrant cancel culture, but not pedophiles on Tik Tok? Peaches, Tony Lopez and Zoe LaVerne have all acted sexually inappropriate with underage fans. No one seems to care about that! They've still got a massive following. I've only seen a handful of people mention this. Why is it when Charli and Dixie act "grotesque" with the well-prepared food, that warrants cancel culture, but not the fact a 16 year old is dancing to extremely sexual songs for perverts to watch? Why do these things not warrant cancel culture? These perverts are still popular on social media, yet these platforms won't ban them nor will their fans unfollow. 

People are willing to tell a 16 year old to "hang herself" over her bratty comments, but will still follow these pedophiles. This is very telling on us, as a society, that we are more accepting of a 16 year old gyrating to songs about taking big d**k, but find bad manners unacceptable. And for the record, it was the fans who overreacted to how the D'Amelio sisters treatment of the food. The chef even said this was a joke to see how the girls would react, and he didn't take it personally. This "drama" was a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding brought on cancel culture, but not the pedophiles or perverts who are either famous on the Internet, or potentially watching young girls dance on Tik Tok. For some reason, however, Charli is "exempt" from criticisms like this, but not girls like Bella Poarch, who did the same thing as Charli, but was told she's too young to do this. For the record, I'm not okay with either girls doing these inappropriate dances.

I'm seriously disgusted and disappointed about what brings on cancel culture today. Apparently acting bratty, having the "wrong" political affiliation, questioning what someone says because it goes against your norm, will bring on cancel culture. Not pedophilia movies, like in Cuties when 11-year-olds were grinding on grown men. Not how human traffickers benefit from abortion clinics. Not even certain actors (*cough cough* Woody Allen) marrying their ex's adopted daughter. Why are people telling Charli, a sixteen year old, she needs to hang herself for being rude, but not call out human traffickers/rapists on these platforms? Society needs to take a hard look in the mirror, because if you can't call out the real issues of pedophilia and human trafficking, we are lost.

With Charli and Dixie, it is evident that this was all a bad PR stunt. Everyone blew it out of proportion. I don't care for Charli, Dixie, or anyone on Tik Tok. I never liked the app to begin with, and I refused to download it. This whole controversy isn't even what I cared about. It's the fact barely a few people are addressing the real crisis on social media, and society as a whole. I'm not going to be silent on this, and neither should you. Get your priorities straight, and pay closer attention to what's really important and deserving of cancel culture. I'm glad I have this platform to inform you, my readers, on these topics because it honestly feels like nobody focuses on these issues enough. Partisanship aside, everyone should be focused on anything affiliated with pedophilia or human trafficking. That's what should be cancelled. 

Do you pay attention to drama that's happening on platforms like Tik Tok? Comment down!!

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