Male Victims/Female Predators: The Topic Not Discussed Enough

Blaire White did a recent video regarding Tik Tok star, Zoe LaVerne, who is currently having a relationship with a thirteen year old. Despite how disgusting this is, it brings on a more important discussion. Female predators get more leniency than male predators. Likewise, male victims get less sympathy than female victims. Just like how human trafficking should be addressed, male victims/female predators needs to be addressed. Side note: I have bought my own domain for YoungPatriotRising, but I noticed all my previous comments are gone. I'm going to contact Disquis about this, but I did get comments, they've just disappeared for some reason. 

Blaire discussed a story from college, where a male student in her psychology class opened up about his girlfriend's abuse. Instead of emphasizing with him, the other students laughed at him. When men are the victim, for some reason, it's "funny." Put it like this: if a female student was talking about her boyfriend beating her up, would we laugh? Absolutely not. Abuse, in any situation, is horrible. Gender should not matter. When it's a man being abused by a woman, society undermines his experience because he's a man. Why are we only sympathetic to abused women? The CDC (take it as you will) says at least "1 in 10 men have been abused." Even to that extent, how can we trust these stats? There's such a small minority of men who are brave enough to report the abuse that's happening to them. Older studies have stated male victims of physical abuse or sexual abuse are underreported and underestimated, and likely to develop serious mental problems. 

Let's shift focus to female predators. Research shows female sex offenders don't have as long a prison sentence and have a higher chance of probation. Male sex offenders have a longer prison sentence and a lower chance at probation. Women are not viewed horribly for their crimes, but when it's a man, it's front page news. Speaking of the news, have you ever noticed how the media portrays sex offenders? Look closely at the wording used. In Blaire's video, she shared a couple of examples where the media made what the man did to be worse than the woman. With female sex offenders, they'd say something along the lines of "Female teacher has sex with underaged students." Last time I checked, sex with a minor is not sex. When it's a man, the headlines will change to say, "Male teacher assaults/rapes female student." They'll use the proper language with male offenders, but not female offenders? It's atrocious.

If society wants to keep pushing that women should be equal to men, female sex offenders should get treated like male sex offenders. One shouldn't get more leniency than the other because of sex. The same could go for male victims to female abusers. It shouldn't be a joke if a woman is abusing a man. If cancel culture wants to be effective, why do they have a clear double standard? Look at the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard situation. I'm not a huge Depp fan, but in this case, I did feel sorry for him. Johnny got cancelled after Amber accused him of being abusive to her. His life got ruined, he lost all his contracts, and everyone hated him. When the truth came out that Amber was the abuser, her life didn't get ruined. She's still got all her contracts, and she's still going to star in Aquaman 2. Hollywood is a hypocritical bunch, so I'm not surprised. 

There are many who recognize male victims/female predators as a thing. What I have noticed, however, is that it's women who emphasize with this. Men aren't as sensitive. If you read a story about a male student who was raped by a female teacher, many guys laugh or joke about it. "I wish my babysitter was that hot." "Wish I got laid by my teacher!" If you're one of those guys, riddle me this: If this was your son, younger brother, or younger cousin in this scenario, would you be laughing? Is this still a joke? My brother, as I've mentioned before, is severely autistic. He is nonverbal, so imagine my fear of something like that happening to him. It's incredibly insensitive to make light of a ghastly situation. Women are more understanding to abuse victims, and that's why women have a support system. Men feel ashamed that this happened to them because "they're men." Therefore, they just keep their abuse to themselves, since other men will laugh at their abuse. That's why men receive less recognition about their abuse than women. I'm positive there are women who laugh at abused men too. 

One article I read described this specifically. His little "joke" about Trump wasn't necessary, but I recommend reading it. Get that other perspective. I've linked it in this paragraph. The quote that really got me was when the author said, "Men aren’t taught to communicate or be open or self-reflect or simply be what they are not supposed to be: human." This is a shame, because men will hurt themselves more with material distractions to cope with their pain (i.e. drugs, sex, alcohol, pornography, and potentially suicidal thoughts). All because society can't acknowledge men can be victims, and women can be abusive. Society is failing at recognizing this.

In a era of #MeToo and cancel culture, why aren't we placing equal consideration on male victims of female abusers? They exist. Unfortunately, this topic doesn't get any recognition . If you are not willing to criticize female predators, or emphasize with male victims, you cannot claim to be a fighter for #MeToo. Male victimization is no laughing matter. Abusers or pedophiles or sex offenders have no race and no gender. It can happen to anyone, and anyone can be the perpetrator. Sound familiar? I really hope this article reaches many people, because for the first time in a while, I've really written something I'm proud of. Not all men are predators, and not all women are victims. It's high time everyone recognized that. 

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