Graduating During A Pandemic

This Saturday, I will be graduating from the University of Florida with my Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, General Studies, with a minor and area of specialization in Communication Studies. It feels like yesterday when I checked my One.UF account and discovered I was accepted into the Warrington School of Business. How time flies! I have posted some of my graduation pictures throughout this article. Any excuse to share them, right?! My photographer and makeup artist thought I looked like a NYC model!

I wish I could be on campus, watching the ceremony in person with my loved ones. Hell, I wish I could've enjoyed my final semester on campus. It makes me sad that I couldn't see all my friends or socialize with my peers for my final semester. Covid screwed things up! I, like many of my peers, are frustrated with our school. They have football games, with many people testing positive for Covid (including the players and coach), yet no graduations. One of my old professors told me how most of the faculty are believing the fearmongering around Covid. They're the ones who are supposed to hold the ceremony, but they're too scared. I'm really depressed over this. We worked hard all these years, just to not enjoy our graduation. Thankfully, my friends and family are going to make it a special day, so I'm going to keep a positive mindset. 

It's weird. I've been in school since I was 5. After high school, I went to college. Now, I won't be in school anymore. What am I going to do? It will be interesting to see how I apply the skills I learned in school when I enter the workforce. How will I put my stamp on the world? Will I be able to balance working full time, helping on our farm, taking care of the family, and update my blog? Questions, questions, questions! I'm taking it one day at a time, and trusting God. I know you guys are probably wondering what I'll be doing after I graduate. My dad is a contractor with FedEx. I will be joining his company full-time. I will also get my real estate license, so that should be interesting. I'd also like to expand my blog. I bought my own domain. I want to start interviewing more well known conservative pundits. I've got some ideas of who I'd like to interview. Stay tuned!

I can't believe college life is over. I remember being a nervous wreck on my first day. I was going from classes of 25 people to classes with nearly 1,000. I feel how much I grew as a person. After all, being at UF was what gave me initiative to become involved in politics. I've become more outspoken and more sociable. If I could advise the younger generations about entering college, here is what I have to say:
  1. Don't play around. Obviously you should enjoy your time in college, but don't let partying or hanging out with friends take away from your studies or extracurricular activities. Be serious about your studies. There will be time for having fun, being with friends, and chasing guys/girls. 
  2. Make good connections. Negative people will only bring you down to their level. Positive people will want you to thrive. Make good connections with those type of people. Make connections with professors too. Those relationships will only benefit you, and it could be the beginning of a great relationship. I have that relationship with one of my professors; we'll chat about anything. Of course he was my favorite professor, so go figure! It's been great having that mentor in my life.
  3. "Remember who you are." It's easy to fall for peer pressure. Don't let that happen. You can have fun, but if it begins to change you (for the worse), then you have to fall back on what you were taught/who you are. I never changed who I am (although I cuss a little more LOL), nor did my friends expect me to change who I am.
  4. Enjoy your time. This is what you should do. The time in college will fly by. Get involved in clubs or student organizations. That was a great way for me to make friends. Finding time to hang out with friends is tough, since we're all busy with family, relationships, work or studies. That's definitely hard for me in terms of "growing up." Anyway, I was involved in Christian Business Leaders, Campus Reform (that's their graphic above, but I blurred out my last name for personal reasons), Turning Point USA, and College Republicans. I loved meeting everyone! 
  5. Learn to love Starbucks. One of my main helpers in college! I would go at least once a day while on campusOf course with $15 minimum wage, don't overspend there! Prices will go up!
I have so many people I want to thank. I want to thank my God because nothing is possible without him. I would like to thank my family who have supported me and believed in me from the beginning. They mean the world to me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such great people in my life. I'm also grateful for all the friends I have made, especially in the political organizations I've been part of. These relationships will stay with me forever. I'd also like to thank all of you (my readers/followers), who have been so encouraging to me! Now, onto graduation!

Anyone have advice for entering the real world? Comment down! (I'd appreciate it)

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