Top Three Takeaways from The Covid-19 Stimulus Bill

The recent stimulus bill the Senate took so long in accomplishing proved many things. Everyone, both Republican and Democrat, were infuriated by what their party choose. Only six Senators voted against the Stimulus bill: Rand Paul (Kentucky), Ted Cruz (Texas), Marsha Blackburn (Tennessee), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), Mike Lee (Utah), and Rick Scott (Florida). Seriously, they had six hours to read a 5,000+ page bill. These were the only Senators who recognized since nobody had enough time to read the bill, nothing should be decided. The others didn't care. They aligned with socialists. Thank goodness Trump saw through this and vetoed the bill. I, however, wanted to share the top three takeaways of what we learned from how the Senate handled this Covid-19 bill.

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Before I share the takeaways, l wanted to break down what the stimulus bill was and what it included. In a world of fact checkers and ineffective reporting, it's hard to know what the truth is of this bill. I hope to break it down more easily. The stimulus bill would give struggling Americans $600 checks and an additional $300 in unemployment benefits. This is a $900 billion dollar stimulus bill, one of the largest (if not the largest) bill in American history. The problem that everyone with common sense has with this bill is where the rest of the money is going. While there is programs in place from this bill to help struggling families and businesses, the majority of the money (aka your taxpayers' money) is going to places that have nothing to do with Americans. The funding is either going domestically (i.e. repairing the Kennedy Center) or to foreign countries (countries who hate the United States). 

Lindsey Graham defended giving money to foreign countries. I know the horrors of what is happening in other countries, but... America first??? You're a Senator, not for Pakistan or Sudan, but for the United States of America. WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to be your top priority. There are families who aren't sure if they can put food on the table next week, yet billions are going to foreign countries. They're trying to turn the rest of the world woke, and it's appalling. 

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Nobody read the bill, yet most agreed to it. Even AOC was right when she tweeted, "Congress is expected to vote on the second largest bill in US history *today* - $2.5 trillion - and as of about 1pm, members don’t even have the legislative text of it yet." This is insanity, yet our "elected officials" were too stupid to see this! Despite what she said, AOC still agreed to the bill, like the rest of Congress and the Senate. Congress is broken. Tucker Carlson also touched on this excellently. I also discovered how this bill won't help struggling AmericansI was shockedThe $600 is for those who make $75,000 or less, but this will be based from your income in 2019, not the past year. Remember, because of Trump's tax cuts, the economy was thriving and Americans were making more. If you lost your job, and aren't making that same income, it won't matter because 2019 will determine if you get the money.

Now, here are the top three takeaways I wish to mention:

1. "With friends like this, who needs enemies?" This is in regard to an article Gen Z Conservative recently wrote. Republicans are supposed to be the opposition to the socialist and radical extremists on the Left, yet time after time Republicans bow down. These people only used Trump to win back their seat, then abandoned Trump and his base when they needed them most. The GOP aren't the party of freedom, patriotism, or courage. Instead, they're just like the Left. Again, we've known this, but I have found it's important to make note of this, which leads me into my next point. 

2. Term limits need to be implemented. I've said this before, but in light of recent events, I will repeat this. We need to term limit Congress and Senate. These people constantly prove how unfamiliar they are with normal American life. They are too selfish and lazy. These people shouldn't have a career of doing nothing, while getting paid our taxpayer dollars. These people were elected to serve. That's not supposed to be a lifetime job. Term limits must be implemented. DeSantis has called for term limits from this bill as well.

3. The Establishment will destroy what Trump has built. These people are prepared to go back to the days pre-Trump. They want to hand our money to countries who want us destroyed. When Americans are thriving and foreign entities cannot take advantage of us, the Establishment don't get richer and more powerful. Patriots must continue to call out their corruption, and fight back. We cannot allow them to win. 

Donald Trump proves he is the people's President. No other President has fought to ensure Americans get what they deserve. I am both surprised and disappointed that only six Senators, all Republicans, voted against the stimulus bill. Everyone felt this way, as you knew how bad the corruption and idiocy they are. I do still have hope Trump will win. If we lose hope, then the country is lost.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday with loved ones! 

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