These Are Dangerous Times

America stands at a precipice. Unconscionable levels of voter fraud, openly partisan courts, and a complete breakdown of law and order define the times we now live in. Whereas America was once a bastion of liberty, it has now sunk into the deep depths of tyranny, depths that will prove difficult to claw our way out of.

Why are we in this predicament? What led to these dangerous times? Not the Republicans. While we have made mistakes in the past, namely during the George W. Bush and Dick Cheney years, the consequences of those mistakes are long past. No, the people to blame for America’s current position are the Democrats.

They have supported, and at times instigated the riots that tore through our once-beautiful cities this summer. They are the ones who created absurdly restrictive lockdown orders, turning thriving metropolises into barren wastelands of boarded up windows and U-Haul vans. Thanks to their persecution of President Trump and utter inability to compromise or negotiate in good faith, our politics have never been more bitter or partisan; even on issues that we should all agree on, namely the threat posed by the Chinese dragon, partisan acrimony is the name of the game rather than working together against a common foe.

These are dangerous days for America. I won’t say things have never been worse. They have been. Before the Civil War, Congressmen attacked each other physically rather than verbally. During that resulting period of bloody strife, hundreds of thousands of Americans slaughtered each other on the fields of battle we all now remember: Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Antietam, Shiloh, and so on. Things have been worse for America and the night is darkest just before the dawn.

But that bright light at the end of the tunnel can only be reached if we have leadership of the sort we rarely do. Britain persevered through its darkest hours in 1940 because of one man: Winston Churchill. America recovered from the bloodiest war in its history because Abraham Lincoln held the Union together when all appeared lost. Who is that leader now?

These are particularly dangerous times because no such leader has stepped up to the plate. President Trump tried, but he was beaten back by fraud and the Deep State. He could have been our Churchill, but he was defeated by cowardly traitors like Lindsey Graham. Without him, who do we have? Joe Biden is senile, even if he’s not as radical as many conservatives think he is, does anyone seriously think he will somehow pull Americans back together? I, for one, highly doubt that a man who is obviously not mentally fit for the presidency will somehow save America.

That is why these are more dangerous times than usual for Americans. We’ve dealt with partisanship in the past. Voter fraud has been an American pastime since the beginning of this republic. We’ve struggled to fully realize the threat posed by foreign powers; the era before World War II is a prime example. But this time, things are different because we have no strong, pro-American leader to pull us all back together and help us survive these dangerous times.

The Civil War happened in large part because of weak leadership before 1860. President Buchanan was unwilling to force cooler heads to prevail and, as a result, war ensued. While I highly doubt that Americans living in the most prosperous country in history will resort to open warfare once again, it is certainly disturbing to realize the historical parallels.

We must open our times to the dangers posed by current events and remain on the lookout for our Churchill. Without such a man, things might go from bad to worse.

By: Gen Z Conservative, author of the blog

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