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President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. A Democrat-run Senate and House. This is a scary thought. Everyone is panicking from the incoming administration and the attack from big tech. I haven't been on social media as much because of what is currently happening. Despite this setback, we need to continue to look to the future. Just because of what will be happening does not mean life is over, or we can't regain a victory. Right now, we've lost and we lost bad. However, we can come back from this. That is why we must look to the future. 

In case anyone forgot, there was a time when we had a Democrat-run President, House, and Senate. That was during Obama's first term. A few years later, Republicans regained the House and Senate. When Trump won, Republicans were in charge of the Presidency, House and Senate, until Democrats regained the House. That is the game of politics. The end isn't necessarily coming just because Democrats will control the country. It's a scary thought for what the next few years hold for us, but it isn't to say it could be like this forever. Republicans also regained a lot more seats in the House and Senate, compared to Democrats, especially in blue territory.

Someone posted this on Facebook, and I thought I would share it. Warnock is up in 2022, rather than 6 years, since he is taking over a seat. The term is different. Conservatives still hold a majority in state legislature, so no tremendously bad legislation can be passed (hypothetically speaking). Not to mention Democrats will have to vote in line with their party, but there are a few moderates (so this would work in our favor), and let's not forget that most Democrats are too afraid of Coronavirus, so they don't show up to vote. Don't necessarily believe what you're reading online or on social media. There is still some hope for the country. 

What we, as Patriots, must be ready for is these reelections. 
Now, I don't mean reelecting people who vote in the way of the Establishment. Donald Trump's loss proved there are too many RINOs in office. We must work to elect or reelect people who keep their word and stand by the American people. For example, the gubernatorial race for Florida will be in 2022. I fully intend on working to reelect DeSantis. He has been the best thing to happen to Florida. His handling of Covid is unparalleled, despite what the morons on CNN say. Even at the end of this year is the gubernatorial race for New Jersey and Virginia. We could easily flip these states. However, we must encourage people to go out and vote.

I've stated how important state or local elections are as important as national elections. During the Georgia Senate race, less Republicans and conservatives came out to vote, compared to the presidential election. People think local/state races are less important when, in actuality, they can be more important. Your legislators, mayor, governors, or representatives control your city/state more than the President in certain instances. Republicans and conservatives must make an effort to not just "talk" about politics. There's too many "influencers" who talk the talk, but don't walk the walk. People like Laura Loomer or Anna Paulina are great examples of pundits running for office. As many of you know, I worked on local campaigns, and it was incredible. If there's ever a time your vote matters most, it is in local and state elections. Like I've said 1,000 times, I fully intend on working on Ron DeSantis' reelection campaign. 

Even though we have suffered a great loss, we can't let it hold us down. Even yesterday, Democrats and 10 Republicans voted to impeach Trump. If you ask me, getting impeached by Satanic pedophiles means you're doing something right. Rob Schmitt of Newsmax really spoke well on how Republicans hated that Trump redefined their party, so they're going back to their slothful and spineless ways. These politicians are so hateful that they want to remove Trump and make sure he (or anyone like him) can never run again. Patriots aren't going to allow radical Leftists and spineless Republicans keep power. In order to keep this energy going, we must prepare for the future. After all, Noah created the ark, despite the Flood coming decades later. I think conservatives can regain more seats in Leftist places like New York or California, because so many are leaving. What I will say to those of you who are leaving your Leftist-run cities/states, don't bring those policies here! Guys, it's not over yet. We've got our work cut out for us, but America has faced equally difficult situations and came out on top. Keep the faith and look ahead.

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