Joe Biden Is Willing To Help Illegal Immigrants Over Our Troops

Joe Biden announced that, in order to help with the crisis at the border, he will spend $86 million on hotel rooms for the migrants surging our borders. Photos and videos have been released showing the condition the migrants, especially minors, are currently in. It's absolutely atrocious, and it's all because the Biden administration refused to listen to Trump on the border crisis (Biden still hasn't visited the border), and voters were too stupid to know better. Imagine Biden is going to use policies Trump was called a racist for! Oh the irony. Seeing that clip of the illegal immigrant saying he "wouldn't have tried to come to the U.S. if Trump was President" but came because "Biden was elected" is absolutely astounding, but not at all shocking. But I digress. I'm not actually trying to focus on what is happening at the border, despite how important it is. I'm actually focusing on how the Biden administration is putting illegal aliens over Americans

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has estimated that a little over 40,000 veterans are homeless. Some reasons for homeless veterans include the following: shortage of affordable housing/livable income/access to health care, live with lingering effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or substance abuse. You'd think the people who fought to protect our country in the past and present would receive the utmost care from the president. Nope! Biden puts our troops last. He and Jill, oh I apologize, Dr. Jill Biden, claim to care about the troops because "their dead son served," but don't be fooled because bringing up their dead son as a way to deflect that they don't give a crap about our armed forces is pathetic

Need more proof that Biden and his administration are putting our troops last? Look at how they've been treated in DC. They were put in a parking garage to sleep, had one bathroom to share, one cell tower. A president did help our troops by putting him in hotels, and didn't use taxpayer's money to do so (I know he wasn't president, but I still stand by my point). Guess who did that? Trump helped troops by allowing them to stay in his hotel. What did Biden do? Have his wife hand out candy to troops and give a BS apology. They really think so lowly of our troops.

Don't be fooled. Joe Biden and his administration are putting America last. They will always put illegal immigrants first. Now we are going back to the bad old days. If what is happening to veterans isn't bad enough, the Biden administration is allowing migrant kids to be in school, in-person, while students in Leftist-run states/cities are forced online. Let THAT sink in. Under Trump, our military was treated the right way. The Biden administration is saying "F you" to Americans, and people were dumb enough to believe his lies. Of course the military getting woke might be punishment enough for the treatment Biden is giving them. Nonetheless, I do respect most veterans or anyone who served in the armed forces, and how this administration is treating them should appall everyone.

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