Gen Z, The Last Decent Generation?

Vince Dao tweeted the following, and it got me thinking about what was said. I don't think a lot of people realize this, but Gen Z truly is the last good or decent generation. The indoctrination for our age group began mainly in college, maybe high school for some. The children of today have it much worse. Many have been growing up using tablets, iPhones, social media, etc. How does this impact their development? This is a conversation that needs to be had.

A few weeks ago, I came across a video on Facebook of this little girl (probably less than 3 years old) going up to different things, thinking they were hand sanitizer dispensers, and putting her hands under. Everyone commented how cute it was, but it made me think how sad this is for young children. This is now their norm. Thinking you've got to stay clean and use hand sanitizer 24/7. Covid-19 has forced our children to fear everything.

Then there's the issue of social media. Many people with young kids allow their children to have cellphones, tablets, social media, iPads, etc. A 2018 survey showed children aged 13-17 have social media, and about 2/3 children have mobile devices with Internet. Clearly we are also seeing this age range is getting younger, as kids are now allowed to have phones or social media. These kids should be socializing with others their age. Instead, the only interaction they are used to is with a screen. We shouldn't be allowing kids to grow up this way. 

Most kids my age grew up watching television, and this has been happening since the 70s and 80s. My mom described the concept of "latchkey kids." If you're unfamiliar with this concept, it basically describes a child who would have the key to their house (since the parents were away at work), and that child would have the house to themselves. Most times, they'd just turn on the TV and watch what was on. My mom grew up a pastor's kid, so the only show she really watched was Little House on the Prairie

Today's shows for kids are pushing a radical leftwing agenda with seemingly innocent cartoons. Remember this recent Pride month? How Nickelodeon's Blues Clues featured a drag queen? Cartoon Network and Disney are no better, as we've seen with their recent shows or movies. They are having trained specialists tell them how to influence the next generation. They waited slowly, and now they don't worry about hiding it because it's become so normalized.

The most important stage of development for a child is from birth to the age of 3. That's when they are most impressionable, which will also determine who they will be. If you shove that being gay is normal, that the police are racist pigs, that mask wearing is normal, or that your skin color only determines who you can be (either a victim or racist), that will stay with the child for life. For my generation, this indoctrination began mainly in college. For some, it was high school. For the next generation? It's been happening since they could walk.

Why would we want a 5-year-old to be taught that if you're white, you're evil? Or the importance of pronouns? This will cause them to have a confused view of the world. Children will be insecure and have anxiety because they won't know who they are as a person. Why do we want to hurt children? Conservatives have to make the effort to fight this indoctrination. Because for those who scoff and say, "What's wrong with teaching a kids about homosexuality?" As we are seeing, it isn't stopping there.
Instead of fighting this, many conservatives choose to embrace these ideologies or lifestyles. When I shared my article regarding pornography and conservatism being incompatible, I got so much backlash. The comment I shared was astounding to me. If you're saying you can't talk about the horrors of pornography because you never sold your body otherwise you're privileged, then I suppose I can't talk about human trafficking since I was never trafficked. You see the insanity? We'd expect this behavior from the Left, but now conservatives are joining this inane behavior. Why are conservatives joining the woke? Are they going to defend pedophilia or children being porn stars? Because far-left activists are saying this. Regarding the tweet I linked, there is no such thing as safe porn. Pornography is a dangerous industry. Read some articles on Fight The New Drug or The Exodus Cry to hear the stories from former porn stars. 

Here's an excerpt from one titled "Mia Khalifa’s Story Is Proof Of The Porn Industry’s Predatory Business Practices" from Fight The New Drug: "Our society tends to be hypocritical when it comes to the porn industry. Ex-performers like Mia are shamed when they try to distance themselves from porn, but she’s victim-blamed either way she goes. Laws criminalize nonconsensual images like revenge porn and yet they rank in searches on porn tubes. Our culture values sexual assault survivors but is deaf to the outcries of abused performers."

If parents want to prevent their kids from being leftwing nutjobs, you can't allow the system or social media to educate your kids. Be involved in their development. That's the only way you can prevent this indoctrination. These crazy activists won't stop until they have control of all. The Left is smart about this. Conservative parents need to be warned of what could happen to their child. If we ignore what the Left is doing, they will succeed.

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