Big Tech Supports Pedophiles and Human Traffickers

I didn’t think Twitter could get any lower than banning the President of the United States. Unfortunately, I find I’m wrong on these topics. If you didn’t hear about it, Twitter was sued for not taking down pornographic videos of a male minor performing sexual acts, who was also sex trafficked. You read that correctly. The only reason they took it down was because federal authorities got involved. Porn wouldn't be taken down until there was no choice. This is a horror of unspeakable propensity. Big tech's hypocrisy is truly astounding.

The story regards a male student, whose current alias is called John Doe. Older female students tricked the then 13-year-old John Doe into sharing explicit photos and videos of himself through Snapchat. Soon the conversation between the female students and Doe escalated into blackmail, forcing the male to continue these actions, despite not wanting to. Eventually the blackmailing stopped, but in 2019, the videos and pictures resurfaced on Twitter, causing him to be the subject of relentless bullying, leading to suicidal thoughts. Despite these videos being reported, Twitter refused to take them down because they “didn’t violate their policies. The videos got thousands of views, which Twitter refused to take down. Finally, the victim’s mother contacted the Department of Homeland Security, who got Twitter to remove the video. The lawsuit is determined to reveal how big tech gives sexual predators and human traffickers a platform, while big tech gets rich off this content.

Social media may have brought us good things, but it’s brought worse things. Children are targets to these predators. It’s easy for them to be chatting with perverts online. I remember getting a message on my Instagram (my account is private) about this guy asking me to be his sugar baby. I laughed about it, but my dad even said look how easy he could lure young girls. That should scare a lot of people. Because social media has practically become a way of life, nobody thinks of this anymore. Instead of discouraging it, society pushes that if you’re against young girls gyrating on Tik Tok, you’re a sexist. I don't understand how this advances society.

This whole ordeal brings up the discussion for male victims to female predators. Nobody ever takes it seriously! Can you imagine if this was a female victim, how quick Twitter would’ve responded to take down the video? I’d assume the Feds wouldn’t have gotten involved. In an era of #MeToo, we should be open-minded to the idea that men can be victims, and they shouldn’t be treated like a joke. The same way female predators shouldn’t be treated like a joke. These situations happen. Social media is empowering predators and traffickers, and nobody will discuss this. I do believe that parents and teachers need to begin teaching kids the danger of social media. Peer pressure can cause us to do bad things. Social media makes peer pressure and blackmail even easier.

Twitter should be ashamed of themselves. This story reminds me of the PornHub story. This girl was raped. It was put on PornHub, when she was underaged. She tried to have them remove it, but they wouldn’t. These platforms are getting rich off of other people’s misery. Twitter banned the President of the United States, claiming he put people in danger, which went against their community standards. When it comes to pedophiles or human traffickers or videos/pictures of minors performing sexual acts (against their will) causing them to be bullied and become suicidal, that’s not against community standards. LET. THAT. SINK. IN. 

“They’re a private company and can do whatever they want. You’re using their product/service for free.” If you’re okay with a private company letting pedophiles use their platform to target children, you need help. This is not okay. It should be illegal. Regarding criminals using platforms like Twitter, we all know why they’re allowed. Facebook and Instagram are equally guilty in allowing child porn and pedophiles on their platform roam free, but haven't been able to take them down/remove this content, yet they haven't been removed.

I hope John Doe and his mother win their case. I was planning to leave Twitter. I did speak with numerous people about this, and they made a good point. It’s sick what happened; however, nobody is informed about this. The truth is always fact checked. Because I always discuss topics like human trafficking and pedophilia, me tweeting the topic allowed others to discover the truth. Therefore, I will stay on until I am banned. We all know it’s coming. Big tech should be ashamed of themselves for allowing their platform to be home for evil people. I hope Twitter loses in this lawsuit

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