Could Roe V. Wade Be Reversed? Texas' New Heartbeat Bill is Proof It Could Be.

Texas became the first state in the United States to pass a bill that could protect an unborn life. The unhinged Left is losing their minds, saying that the state is holding back women and regressing society. For me, I am very happy to see this law has passed. More states need to follow Texas' example. Protection for the unborn has never been more necessary, especially under the current anti-life administration. This does bring up the question of could Roe V. Wade be reversed? With this new heartbeat bill, there is proof it could be.

Numerous Democrats and abortion giants have voiced their complaints. The ACLU has stated that the Supreme Court will not respond to any requests they have sent. Planned Parenthood has filed an emergency request with the Supreme Court as well. President Biden has stated that the new law is a violation of rights and extreme. Safe to say almost all blue check mark Leftists are unhappy with Texas. 

Under the heartbeat bill, at the six week mark for pregnancy, when a heartbeat bill can be detected, abortion cannot be allowed. This will save thousands of unborn lives in Texas. Last year, almost 55,000 abortions were done. That amount could fill a football field. Abortion is the number one killer in the country. This bill will save thousands of lives.

The pro-abortion crowd stated that this will hurt women. These are the same people who say women aren't the only people who can give birth, so how does this hurt women only?? These people cannot even make a coherent argument. And why is it when a woman experiences a miscarriage, it's a terrible act, but when a woman gets an abortion, it's empowerment? Planned Parenthood describes medication abortion as "pills you take to remove pregnancy tissue," which they liken to a miscarriage. A miscarriage is something a woman cannot control. Abortion is a choice.

I just don't understand how anyone can support an industry with so much crime in it. Human trafficking and abortion, as I've stated, goes hand in hand. There are many cases where a trafficker sends their client to get an abortion (sometimes numerous), and the abortion clinic knows they are being trafficked, but will accept the dirty money and do the deed. If nothing else, I think that's one of the main reasons I'm prolife. I will not support an industry that profits from human trafficking.

Kangmin Lee tweeted "The left is not pro-choice. They force you to wear a filthy cloth mask, cheer at forced vaccination, and push to abolish private healthcare to fore state healthcare. They are not pro-choice for personal medical decisions. They are fanatically pro-abortion." My good friend on Twitter, Prolife Sam, got Covid and stated how she has gotten numerous death threats from deranged Leftists saying it serves her right she got Covid so severely for not getting vaccinated.

Getting vaccinated is to make you safe (supposedly). But at this point, it's basically you HAVE to get vaccinated. No if, or, ands about it. Abortion kills an innocent life. I don't get how anyone can say they are okay with controlling who can or cannot live, due to their circumstances (i.e. conceived in rape, prenatally diagnosed with disabilities). 

I do somewhat question Gov. Abbott's decision to sign this bill into law. While I'm ecstatic to see he did, I can't help but wonder if he did this to prevent losing his seat in 2022. Allen West, from all I've heard, is going to be a great challenger to Abbott, and many are questioning of Abbott is truly conservative. Signing bills like this would certainly win back his base, so I suppose we will see.

Women deserve better than abortion. Just like the vaccine, abortion is all about control. They claim that is the case with prolifers, but it is the opposite. I don't understand for a side that says they support abortion, they claim to be prochoice. The second you mention that there's adoption or raising the child yourself, you're attacked. If you say the unborn matters, you're told you hate women (even if you are a woman). But what else do you expect from a death obsessed cult? I will admit I also hope Texas intends to help women who are now hit with the undue burden of keeping their child. Many just need resources to convince them to keep their unborn child, so I hope that is the next step. Otherwise, this new law won't do any good. Texas' new law is a move in the right direction. I hope other states follow. And the Supreme Court voted in alignment with Texas' decision, an even bigger win! With this new heartbeat law, it makes me very hopeful abortion could be abolished in our lifetime.

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