Matt Walsh's Take on Kristi Noem Was Correct

Recently, conservative commentator Matt Walsh got into hot water with Establishment conservatives for calling out Kristi Noem over her failures. On his show, he criticized the South Dakota governor for selling out to corporations over her own constituents. There was one thing he said that pissed off many. Was he wrong in what he said about her? Let's break down what he said.

Matt basically stated that Republicans, when in power, don't use the power they have to stand up for their constituents or fight for freedom. They're either too afraid or too lazy to use the power they have. "What is it you want, Krist?" Matt asks. He basically said what we all know. Republicans complain when a Democrat is in charge by saying things like, "Oh, Democrats destroy everything." "If I was in charge, that wouldn't be the case." The voters give Republicans the power, then boom! Nothing happens. 

Look at how Republicans are caving to the woke mob. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas decided to allow the chemical castration of children. Mitt Romney said health trumps freedom and liberty, since "our liberty puts his health at risk." Kristi caved to the woke corporations to allow men to compete in women's sports. They make excuses for why they can't do what their supporters want. 

Now, what has pissed off so many conservatives and even Leftists is how Matt said Kristi was only considered a serious candidate for 2024 because of her looks. Kristi, just like your typical idiotic Leftist, took that clip from Matt's video and posted that he was misogynistic, and even called on Ben Shapiro to do something. The woman who claims conservatives wanted to cancel her over her choice with transgenders allowed in women's sports (rightfully so) wanted to cancel Matt. Pot meet kettle. 

I stopped listening or respecting Noem after she appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to "defend" her decision to go back on her decision of not allowing trans women in biological women's sports. He grilled her and exposed her by saying, "So you're caving to the NCAA?" 

An article by Jordan Davidson from The Federalist stated that going after a politician isn't cancel culture, it's democracy. When have you heard a politician, from any political side, lost their job??? I wish it would happen. Davidson wrote, "Instead of coming to terms with the fact that Noem’s conservative base is furious with her recent backtracking and sudden lack of eagerness to sign the important bill, the governor’s office maintains that the most 'strategic' way to confront the legislation is to avoid 'waging a losing battle with the NCAA,'" Jordan Davidson of The Federalist wrote. (Credit to the original creator of this meme)

He continues, "Noem is not at risk of getting 'canceled,' she’s merely experiencing the consequences of having an ideologically-driven voter base that knows caving in the face of corporate pressure makes you a worthless standard-bearer. The worst part, however, is that Noem is refusing to own up to her mistake. She’s hiding behind fake campaigns to promote fairness in women’s sports when she could simply sign the bill that would accomplish just that."

She never even acknowledged what Walsh said. Because she couldn't say anything. She can't disprove what he said because she KNOWS it's true. She is not a real conservative. She's a RINO. I saw Vince Dao tweeted something, and it's true. You can at least respect Mitt Romney for showing his true colors. He never lied about being a supporter of Trump (at least I think) or who he was. Instead, you've got neo-cons and Rinos like Lindsey Graham, Kristi Noem, Dan Crenshaw, or Nikki Haley, who claim to be part of the MAGA movement, when they couldn't care less. It's all about getting power.

I even saw Red Eagle tweet that Kristi won in South Dakota (a deep red state) by three points. He also tweeted the meme above. She's not a good candidate. Google it! She's the first woman to win governorship in SD, which makes her popular with woke conservatives. 

At least people are waking up. Numerous conservatives are criticizing Noem for her obvious failings, and telling their followers to primary her. My list of potential 2024 contenders for the GOP is getting smaller each week. Don't believe what Kristi accuses Matt of. Yeah, I thought it was a tad bit weird when Matt kept reiterating Kristi is pretty, but everything else Matt stated (which Kristi ignored) was on point. Watch the video, and you can decide. To close, what Matt said about the GOP perfectly sums them up: "No use for these Republicans, who have made themselves useless." If you can't do what we put you there for, you'll be voted out.

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