What Everyone is Getting Wrong about Andrew Cuomo and Anthony Fauci

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Anthony Fauci and Andrew Cuomo were once revered by the media and by Leftist politicians. Everyone practically took the opportunity to treat Fauci and Cuomo as gods. Cuomo even went so far to call himself and Fauci "The modern day De Niro and Pacino." Now, these two once beloved figures are being thrown under the bus. While we should be glad to see this, they are being thrown under the bus for the wrong reasons.

Both these people are responsible for horrible actions. Andrew Cuomo, along with many Democratic governors, were responsible for thousands of nursing home patients. Killer Cuomo should have been investigated for his role in killing such a large population, yet he practically got away with it. Instead of being arrested for this, he is being arrested for groping a former aide. This is not to take away what happened. Nobody should be sexually assaulted in the workforce, and yes, that includes in the political realm. While I agree he deserves punishment, I hate how this is what he is being arrested for. Andrew Cuomo single handedly killed thousands, and walked away from it.

Now, Anthony Fauci is equally horrible. His so-called "advice" during the pandemic has led to the thousands of deaths experienced throughout the country. He praised the actions of Governor Cuomo, while constantly criticizing the actions of Governor DeSantis, whose actions actually helped save lives. I know saying Gov. DeSantis helped Floridians is "unheard of" in mainstream media, but it's true. What caused the Left to turn on their beloved god, Anthony Fauci? His treatment of beagles. 

If you didn't know, Anthony Fauci's National Institutes of Health division was caught torturing and killing beagles and monkeys. The beagles heads were locked in a cage while flies ate their heads off. Some of the beagles' vocal cords were cut, so they wouldn't scream in pain to disturb the observers. Anthony Cabassa shared in his Telegram that someone sent him the video of the Beagles being tested on. He said, and I quote, "I was sent the video. So awful. Would highly NOT recommend, especially if you're a dog person." This sounds like something out of a horror movie.

This is what is getting Fauci cancelled. Obviously what he did to those dogs is HORRIBLE. Dog lover or not, this was inhumane. I've got three dogs, and to think of one of them suffering a fate like that? Just makes my stomach turn. What does upset me, however, is that people didn't lose their minds when it came out that Fauci's NIH experimented with aborted fetal scalps by grafting them onto mice. Or how he had knowledge of what was being done at the Wuhan lab in China. He isn't receiving any reprimanding for these actions. Instead, it's over dogs. Again, I love dogs and I ABHOR Anthony Fauci for what he did. But it really goes to show where everyone's focus is. It clearly isn't on human life.

These "beloved celebrities" deserve to get punished. The punishment they are currently receiving is minor to what they really deserve. Andrew Cuomo murdered thousands, but is getting arrested over sexual assault. Anthony Fauci is responsible for all the deaths the U.S. experienced and experimented on aborted fetuses, but is getting hit by cancel culture over his treatment towards beagles. Both these men need to get fully punished, but nobody is paying attention to what they really did to deserve punishment. And unfortunately, I don't think anything will happen to them. 

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