What Did Tuesday's Elections Teach Us?

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Republicans gained tremendous wins in this week elections'. Virginia has turned back red, electing the first Jamaican black woman as Lieutenant Governor, and a Latino for Attorney General. (Neither the liberal news media covered, despite claiming they care so much about minorities). Texas and Pennsylvania gained Republicans in office. We saw victories unlike any other. Now, what did the recent victories for the GOP teach us? There's a few.

1) Focus on the issues.

What did Glenn Youngkin do to win? What did Windsome Sears do to win? They stuck with the issues plaguing their state. At the time, it was education. Virginians came off the brink of discovering a county covered up rape cases and finding out schools were including pornographic material. Despite being vocal about this, these same parents were then called domestic terrorists. One side said that parents should have no say in what their kids are taught, while the other said parents have the right to know. These issues were important to voters, and that's why Youngkin gained popularity. Even Minneapolis trying to pass a law to remove police and replace with "Department of Public Safety" didn't sit well with voters. They clearly didn't look at what voters wanted. 

2) You don't need Trump to succeed in a campaign.

Trump honestly pissed me off with his statement Tuesday night. Youngkin didn't have Trump on his campaign, and guess what? It worked out. He won. If Trump was on stage with Youngkin, he would have cost them that election. Trump makes it all about him. In case anyone forgets, and I don't care who this pisses off, but we could have won Georgia if Trump, Sidney Powell, and Lin Wood didn't tell voters to stay home. Georgia's Senate Runoff had a lower turnout than the gubernatorial election in 2018. Compared to Virginia, they had one of the highest turnout of voters. Ironically, Trump did somewhat help in Virginia. McAufflie couldn't stop bashing Trump and NEVER focused on the issues. That clearly cost him. This just shows that as long as you focus on the issues, voters will respond.

3) Not everything is set in stone.

Republicans automatically assumed states like Virginia or New Jersey were done deals. That Republicans could never win in those states again, and the voters were only Leftists. That wasn't the case. Virginia was always a red state, and New Jersey flips every now and then. Then there's the race in Texas, where a Republican won in a town that's majority Hispanic. More Hispanic voters are leaning Republican. Republicans should assume in these states that there is the possibility that we can turn it Republican, and fight like hell to see it happen.

4) Local races matter.

I've seen more Republicans focus on national elections, rather than gubernatorial or local races. That's because national races get them donations and money. But this shouldn't take away from getting voters out there. Clearly your state and local elections matter. Again, look at Texas. This is the second city (that I know of) that had a Republican win in a mainly Hispanic and blue area. That's HUGE. We need to bring more awareness to the importance of voting in all elections. If you've got a Democratic president, but a majority of Republicans in the state, you are in a good place. Republicans gained tremendous wins in last week elections'. We saw victories unlike any other. Now, what did the recent victories for the GOP teach us? There's a few.

I'm very proud to see these races succeed. I do question, since so many conservatives said this, that if the voting machines are now "good." Republicans used to complain about voter fraud, but now the machines work? I can't be the only one who thought this. Either way, the efforts from Republicans is admirable. And for once, I actually agreed with Kamala Harris. The effects of last week's election will determine what happens in 2022. The future is looking bright!

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