Conservatives Need To Prepare to Leave Social Media

We all witnessed how social media impacted both the 2016 and 2020 election. They deliberately hid stories that would make the Left's candidate look bad, while allowing hack stories on the former President to be shared. Not to mention BANNING the President of the United States. Recently, another Twitter purge happened, taking down numerous well known conservative pundits. Conservatives need to be prepared to abandon social media, since none of us know how much longer we'll be allowed. 

The 2022 midterm elections are coming up. We all know how big tech will influence how you should think and who to vote for. While I do not suggest leaving altogether, I do think we should be prepared for when it DOES happen. I do think we should still stay on social media as much as possible to get the truth out. At least if it reaches one person, it reached one person. That's how you make a difference. We've all been censored, but what happens when you're kicked off all platforms? We've seen it happen already. Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, and many others have been deplatformed by big tech. Where do you go from there? 

There are numerous other platforms that have slowly gained popularity in the past year. If you haven't created an account on one or two of these, I'd recommend doing it. I'd also recommend sharing it with your friends, so they may join. 

1) Retalk: Retalk is relatively new still. Barely a year old, but they're a great social media alternative. The Founder of Retalk, if you recall, contacted me to write about them. While you'd think that may sway my support, it was actually once I joined that I realized they're a great social media platform. They're like Facebook, but not infringing on free speech. They have different groups you can follow and participate in, from music lovers to politics! You can't follow friends yet, but they're slowly working on it. You can follow bigger celebrities though!

2) Telegram: I took a while to understand Telegram. I mainly joined because that was how I could follow Milo, but I began to follow numerous other conservative pundits who have been banned on social media. It's basically like FB Messenger, but it's more group based. I haven't learned the way you can follow someone without having their group chat link, but hopefully it'll happen soon! Follow my chat here!

3) Gab: Now, I've JUST joined Gab, so I'm not sure of how they work. It seems like your typical social media platform where you can post a "Gab," which is like a tweet. They're the ultimate free speech platform. You can't download the app as it's been pulled from Apple and Google, but if you sign up, they provide instructions to add the page to your homescreen! I downloaded the browsing app, Brave, to avoid dealing with Google's censorship. Recommend doing the same! If I'm honest, I mainly joined because I saw Gab managed to remove pornographic material, something both Twitter and Facebook claim is impossible. As an anti-trafficking advocate, that truly impressed me. Be sure to follow me!

4) Gettr: Now, I haven't joined Gettr yet. I've heard good things, but I honestly never cared to join. I haven't looked too much into it, so maybe soon I'll join but I am not sure when.

5) Parler: I used to have Parler but I stopped using it after the CEO basically caved into the woke mob. I know some people still use it, so to each their own on this one.

Conservatives should have an account on at least one or two of these platforms, even 3 if possible. If you have it on all, that's awesome! Conservatives need to wake up to what these platforms are doing. I mean, Twitter just banned the account that was tracking the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Why? Because they don't want the truth to come out. Recently met Laura Loomer, and she gave a great speech. When she talked about social media, she made an interesting analogy. She said, "Social media is like an abusive partner. If you stay with it, you're only fueling their abuse to you." Again, I don't think a mass exodus is the solution, because we should always strive to share the truth. BUT where does it hurt to have additional accounts on these platforms? In preparation of 2022, we must be ready for what these big tech giants will do.

I did want to include about me meeting Laura. She's so friendly. She's very quiet, which is interesting considering when you see her journalism work. I remembered watching a video from Olivia Rondeau where she talked about conservatives she met, and she mentioned how almost shy Laura is. I would say shy, but she is very quiet and reserved. I was SO excited/nervous to meet her. Once she knew who I was, she's like "Oh you're the Hannah always commenting on my Telegram. Once I knew you were coming, I knew I HAD to meet you." I fangirled. I'm not going to lie. She even gave me a copy of her book (and autographed it) for free! One of the nicest people you can meet, and I'm hoping she beats her opponent!

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