What We Must Take Away From Ghislaine Maxwell's Trial

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Everyone has been following the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell closely. Nobody knows what the verdict will be. I personally believe this trial is a coverup, and the truth may never fully come out. Too many powerful elites were in danger of being caught in this, so that's why Epstein "committed suicide." I don't know what will happen to Maxwell, if she'll actually get serious jail time, but I pray justice is served. Despite what is happening in the trial, there are some points I believe isn't getting proper coverage.

Before I share my takeaways, let me give a quick synopsis of who Ghislaine Maxwell is, and why she's on trial. Ghislaine Maxwell was the second hand woman to convicted pedophile and trafficker, Jeffery Epstein. She was responsible with bringing Epstein his victims. She lured them in, and manipulated them to do Epstein's bidding. Many of the victims were minors. Maxwell is currently on trial by the federal government for child sex trafficking, among other charges. So, what can we take away from her trial?

Takeaway #1: Politics is irrelevant in human trafficking.

I used to make the mistake of politicizing human trafficking. Never again. Politicizing an issue like human trafficking does nothing for the victims or to stop the crime. What happened with Epstein proved that human traffickers and pedophiles have no specific political affiliation. Anyone can be involved in this. Politics should be irrelevant in human trafficking discussions. Everyone should be against human trafficking. If you only care about this case to bash a political opponent, then don't claim you care about human trafficking.

Takeaway #2: Child sex trafficking does exist.

This one may appear odd, but I think it's worth noting. Many people chose to ignore the truth of child trafficking or child sex trafficking. Most cringe when you mention the issue of child pornography. But these crimes DO exist. Despite what the people at The Atlantic claim, posting articles like "The Great (Fake) Child Sex Trafficking Epidemic." Ironically, the owner of The Atlantic is Steve Jobs' widow was good friends with Maxwell, but minor details. Nonetheless, there are people actively working to make child prostitutes and pedophilia socially acceptable. We live in dangerous times, and just like Maxwell targeted vulnerable children, the same is being done by pedophile enthusiasts. My mom and I will often discuss human trafficking, and she always said, "The world began in sexual sin. The world will end in sexual sin." That should not sway us to ever stay silent about human trafficking. Epstein and Maxwell showed the world that child sex trafficking is a thing, and it's evil. It's an evil we must all fight against.

Takeaway #3: Misinformation doesn't help get the truth out.

There was a lot of misinformation surrounding the trial before it began. When I first heard how the trial wasn't to be livestreamed, numerous individuals began spreading lies how the government doesn't want us to know the truth. While I do believe many elites don't want the truth to come out, there is a federal rule for why it couldn't be livestreamed. Then there were many lies on how the media isn't reporting it. You can Google "Ghislaine Maxwell" and numerous articles will come up. Don't spread lies. I know I've been angry at the lack of attention on human trafficking, but listen to me. Don't let your emotions control what you share. Make sure what you share is trustworthy.

Takeaway #4: Pressure your local and national news to report on what's important.

Bouncing off my last point, I do think we have to demand our mainstream media to report on what's important. Many journalists on Fox News or CNN focus on the Jussie Smollett trial, rather than consistently discussing what is happening in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Or there will be discussions on issues with Biden/Trump, rather than how the elite class may have escaped punishment for child sex trafficking. We have to demand better by the media. That's why I constantly write about human trafficking. Local news does a good job at reporting human trafficking cases, but those with national audiences need to do better.


It was because of the Epstein case that really made me wake up to the truth of human trafficking. When I heard Jaco Booyens discuss this at YWLS, then this happened, I knew I had to get involved. I am glad I did.

I truly hope our justice system comes through. We have been seeing amazing strides in justice in recent cases like Kyle Rittenhouse, Ahmaud Arbery, Andrew Coffee IV, Chrystul Kizer (somewhat), and Jussie Smollett (boy I laughed at this one). I have this same hope for Maxwell. That woman is evil, and deserves to rot in prison. I do not hold this same hope for those who used Epstein's and Maxwell's victims for their own benefit. I pray I am wrong, but I do not have much hope there.

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