Believing Male Victims of Sexual Abuse

I wasn't intending on writing this post, and I literally wrote this in a rush, so bear with me. Someone in my Campus Reform group chat told me about the story of Jack Wright. I knew I had to write about his story. If you haven't heard his story, I will explain shortly. I know I'm probably late to be discussing this, but I am NOT on Tik Tok. I never felt any interest in joining, and clearly that is proving to be a wise decision. Nothing against anyone on Tik Tok, though! To each their own. What happened to Jack is a travesty, and I am writing about this because (once again) men are never believed to be the victim. We need to equally believe male victims of sexual assault and human trafficking, just like female victims. 

What happened to Jack Wright? This involves another Tik Tok influencer, Sienna Mae Gomez. The two have known each other for years, and both lived in the Hype House with other influencers. She apparently had feelings for Jack, but he did not reciprocate. One night at a party, Jack got drunk and passed out. While unconscious, Sienna climbed on Jack and began sexually assaulting him. She grabbed his crotch and made out with him. Again, while unconscious and nonconsensual. Thankfully, Jack's twin brother and friends pulled Sienna off Jack and told her off. After this happened, Jack laid low, needing some obvious privacy (which some people couldn't comprehend). Sienna, on the other hand, felt the need to defend herself numerous times. She even had the nerve to say that he's giving her negative attention for being a "promiscuous Latina." If you have to bring race into this, your argument is immediately void.

Despite this incident, Sienna didn't stop with her unwanted advances towards Wright. In a nearly 18-minute video shared on Jack's YouTube account (which was him finally revealing his side of the story a few months after the incident first happened), he shared how she continued to sexually harass him, stalk him, and intimidate him. For example, Jack described how one night, she broke into his apartment and he "woke up to her putting her hand down his pants." Absolutely sickening to hear him discuss. Due to his persona of being a "nice guy," he allowed these advances to continue because he believed that Sienna would change. I don't blame him. I can act one in the same, and I'm older. How anyone could blame him is upsetting

Since Jack didn't come out about his side of the story, many women were quick to defend Sienna, while bashing Jack. The usual stigma of "He can't be a victim because he's a man." It's embarrassing to claim you care about sexual assault, but laugh at male victims. Jack revealed in his video that he wasn't the only man to be assaulted by Sienna Mae. He shared messages from other guys who said the same happened to them. Unfortunately, which isn't uncommon in these scenarios, these boys were afraid to speak out

What you can notice from these stories is that men or boys are always afraid to come out about their experience. Many feel embarrassment or shame, while others know that most people won't believe them because "Men are stronger, and can fight off their assailant." That always pisses me off when it comes to female predators to male victims. If Jack said "I shoved her off me when she stripped naked and climbed on top of me," you know how society would've reacted? If she even had the slightest bruise or injury, the feminists and cancel culture would go after Jack's reputation. If a woman slaps her male assailant, it is perceived as brave. A man slaps his female assailant, they're seen as abusive. See how gender biases impact a man's ability to discuss his abuse? Due to the fact that Jack shared that other men went through what he experienced with Sienna, this makes Jack's allegations credible and legitimate.

When this first happened, Jack wouldn't share his side of the story. Understandably so. He needed time to deal with what happened to him. Although many women didn't believe him since he wouldn't speak out about the situation. I'd like to see how they would react if a bunch of men said the same, if the roles were reversed. He was sexually assaulted

In his video, he shared a truth that society often ignores or laughs at. Men aren't considered victims of sexual abuse because they are men. If it wasn't for that video being shared of what Sienna did, he may not have finally been believed. This is an issue that truly angers me. How can we claim to be a woke society, but still think that men aren't victims of crimes like rape, sexual assault, or human trafficking? Even worse, how can we ignore and even laugh at their abuse? Listening to his story on that video truly broke my heart. Please go watch his video if you haven't already. Men deserve to have their voices heard.

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