LOOMERED Book Review

Me with Laura Loomer

This is one I have been dying to write, but this book was not an overnight read. I really took my time to read what Laura had to say, and there was A LOT. As I mentioned before, I received this book DIRECTLY from Laura Loomer at an event she spoke at. She's not what I expected when I met her, and I was very nervous because I was starstruck to meet THE Laura Loomer, but she was super sweet and amazing to speak with. While I could continue with how awesome Laura is, that's not the point of this article. Her book is what I am writing about! Her book, Loomered: How I Became the Most Banned Woman in the World, was truly a spectacular journey to go through. Considering the times we are living in, I implore you to read this book.


Laura reveals her experience in politics, from starting her investigative journalist career with Project Veritas, to the time when she handcuffed herself to Twitter's headquarters, to being essentially digitally removed from existence. What she shares, at times, is hard to stomach. I only discovered who Laura was from MILO's Telegram, so probably in the last year or two. Her story is truly heartbreaking to hear, and I often admire her courage and bravery to continue standing for what is right. 


There many moments in this book that stood out to me. One of them being Laura describing how she became so brave. We see how she is and some will say she's crazy, but most of us see how brave she is. She describes her bravery stemming from having a brother with schizophrenia. It's interesting how living with someone who has a disability impacts you as a person. My brother, as I've stated before, has autism. He needs to constantly be taken care of. That impacts you in a way that not many can comprehend, so reading Laura's experience with her brother really impacted me.

To be honest, I never had much knowledge of Laura's life. I knew she was a journalist, I knew she was banned from social media, I knew she was running for Congress. That was essentially the most I knew of her. I never knew the whole story until I read her book. For instance, I never knew she began her career with Project Veritas. Never knew what happened to her in college with almost NOT receiving her diploma, as well as many other major moments. 

What this book teaches you is how censorship and government overreach can hit you, when you least expect it. Laura has been, as mentioned before, had her existence digitally erased. We live in an era where social media is the go-to for social connections, making money, and learning what news is circulating. Loomer had that all taken away from her, and she describes the trauma it has caused her. What she has experienced, however, is a lesson to everyone today. Look at the current times we live in with cancel culture. Laura, as well as many of the deplatformed conservatives, have had their careers destroyed, but nobody talks about this. I cannot stress enough that you need to read this book.

Interview with Laura Loomer

I texted Laura about this book review with a couple of questions, and she did respond! Here is what she had to say:

Question #1: Why did you decide to write this book?
Answer: "As the most banned woman in the world, and the canary in the coal mine for social media censorship and big tech election interference, I wrote my book as a warning to all Americans and freedom loving people around the world of what's to come for everybody else if immediate action isn't taken against the big tech social media tyrants. I want my book to be an educational, historical documentation and manifesto from a first person narrative for the sake of educating the masses about what I believe is the most pressing issue facing our nation and the entire world, and that is the issue of big tech social media censorship, big tech tyranny and big tech election interference."

Question #2: What do you hope people take away from your book?
Answer: "I believe people will find my book to be educational and informative regarding the history of cancel culture and big tech censorship, and I hope that my story, and my determination to hold big tech accountable through activism, litigation, and running for office will inspire others to do the same."


This book was not an easy read. Not because of how long the book was, but the amount of information Laura presents. You do NOT want to rush through what is said. This book gets 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Get your copy today!!

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