Five Credible Religious Objections to Compulsory Inoculation with the Covid-19 Vaccines

For those who practice it, religion is the very basis for their existence; it allows them to follow and rely upon a God whose ways are infinitely higher than their own; it beckons them to stand firm in the face of the weapons waged by this world.  As Christians in the United States, one of the weapons we should feel compelled to stand boldly athwart is mandatory vaccination with the Covid-19 inoculations.  Unfortunately, many Christians are facing the possibility of losing their education, livelihood, and other opportunities should they not receive the vaccination.  In the face of this reality, it becomes necessary for us as Christians to take action against these attempts to deprive us of our religious autonomy.  One practical method to take said action involves filing a religious exemption to the vaccine.  If you discern that rejecting these vaccinations is the direction God is calling you towards yet are having trouble articulating why, please, consider whether any of the following objections to the Covid-19 inoculations bring clarity to your situation.  

1) Aborted Fetal Cell Cultures Were Used in the Production of the Covid-19 Vaccines

During the research and development phase of their vaccine trials, Pfizer and Moderna utilized HEK 293 fetal cell cultures, which were derived from the kidney tissue of an aborted child in 1972.  Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson exploited aborted fetal tissue derived from the PER.C6 line, a group of retinal cells harvested from an aborted baby in 1985, throughout the production phase of their vaccine rollout.  For a bevy of Christians, it is morally distressing to consider that a sizable conglomerate of our modern medical treatments, prescription drugs, and vaccines have their roots in medical procedures that robbed unborn children of the capacity to experience the wonderful gift of life, literally ripping that opportunity away.  If, as according to Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalms 139:16, God knew us in the womb and had written every day of our lives before we were even formed, then the practice of aborting an unborn baby is murder.  The Bible, in no uncertain terms, condemns the practice of murder, commanding us not to partake in it and showing that those who do will not inherit the Kingdom of God in Exodus 20:13 and 1st John 3:15, respectively.  With this in mind, it is Biblically questionable at best to profit off of a treatment achieved via detestable means.  

2) 1st Corinthians 6 Illustrates That Our Bodies are Our Temples

As Christians, our bodies have been perfectly crafted by our Father, redeemed by the blood of Christ Jesus, and presently resided in by the Holy Spirit.  With this in mind, God commands us in 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 to use our bodies to glorify Him because the Holy Spirit dwells in them.  Part of honoring our bodies involves understanding what God wishes for us to do with them.  Part of what God wants is for our bodies to be rid of all uncleanliness and impurity.  For many believers, to receive the Covid-19 vaccination would be to defile their body which serves as their temple to praise God. 

3) Romans 14 Affords Christians Liberty on Matters Not Decided Upon in the Bible

The principle of Christian liberty is derived from Romans 14, which offers perspective on how to properly approach topics that are not plainly adjudicated upon in the Bible.  As Christians, we are directed to follow our personal convictions on matters not clearly delineated in scripture, as per Romans 14:14.  Moreover, we are not to chastise or look down upon a fellow brother or sister in Christ because they felt compelled to make a different decision.  With that said, Romans 14:23 commands us to follow our convictions, as if we abandon them out of fear, we are, indeed, sinning against God by living in fear rather than faith.  The topic of vaccination applies seamlessly to this passage of scripture, as vaccination is not a topic that the Bible gives clear commands upon.  Thus, every believer must follow their convictions.  

4) The Covid-19 Vaccine May be a Precursor to the Mark of the Beast

In the end times, we Christians will face rampant persecution and temptation.  However, we are called to stand firm in the midst of these trials and tribulations, being sure not to fall into temptation.  According to Revelation 13:16-17, the antichrist will force all people to receive this mark of the beast, such that without it, they will be precluded from buying or selling.  Furthermore, those who receive the symbol will not be saved according to Revelation 14:10-11.  Some Christians perceive compliance with vaccine mandates as akin to the coercion that will eventually be used to mandate the mark of the beast.  As such, they refuse to comply.  

5) 1st Samuel 8 Demonstrates That Excessive Government Authority Represents Separation from God

In 1st Samuel 8, the Israelites sought a king similar to those in neighboring countries.  Rather than relying on God as their king, the Israelites yearned for a man.  In turn, God spoke to Samuel in 1st Samuel 8:7-18, commanding Samuel to grant the Israelites what they desired but warn them of the freedom they would lose should they turn away from God.  In a similar manner, the United States government is stripping citizens of their God-given rights.  For many Christians, this government attempt to centralize power reminds them that God must reign as our supreme king, not the government.

Bio: Bryce Stout is a graduate of Piedmont University, where he recently obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Bryce has a deep interest in politics, but more importantly, is passionate about educating both sides of the aisle on the great republic that we call home, inspiring readers to become more active participants in the political process, and informing viewers on pertinent news topics. Bryce is an evangelical Christian and recently founded his own news site – the Daily Slant. Follow Bryce on Twitter.

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