Why Christians Cannot Ignore Politics

As a Christian, I do not understand how other Christians can say they don't pay attention to politics or choose to stay out of politics. Christians choosing to "stay on the sidelines" is a negative idea to have. There is no way you can be a Christian and ignore what is currently happening in the country. In one way or another, politics affects everyone. Christians burying their heads in the sand is why we are in this current situation. It's not that you need to care about politics, but about policies. Policies are the basis for politics. 

The policies of each party affect today's climate. With all of what is happening, and all of what the woke warriors are pushing to "normalize," Christians cannot continue to stay silent. Being silent is equivalent to being complacent. As Christians, we should be standing up for what is right, as well as fighting against any evils of this world.

Some may say it's unbiblical or "not-Christlike" to be outspoken on politics. How many times did God use normal people to do great things? The Bible is full of stories of individuals who had the courage and strength to do God's will, and many times included going against the government. Fellow conservative blogger, Marissa Long, stated perfectly why Christians need to be involved in politics: "Christians have an obligation to spread Christianity in both the public and private spheres." We were never meant to share the truth among our own, but to the entire world.

What political or cultural ideologies are we fighting against? 

-We are fighting against the idea that an unborn baby's life has no value, because women's right to choose surpasses life. We are also fighting the idea that the abortion industry is moral and safe.

-We are fighting against modern day slavery, which is the greatest moral dilemma our world is facing. The current administration, due to the open borders policy, is making it easier for human traffickers to target and exploit others. 

-We are fighting against an agenda of making pedophilia an admissible sexual orientation. That it is normal for a grown man or woman to be sexually attracted to a minor. We are also fighting a system that is hellbent on indoctrinating children through the LGBT+ agenda. 

-We are fighting a government that wants to force vaccinations on their citizens, taking away all autonomy and free will.

-Finally, we are fighting the idea that pornography isn't an evil tool that doesn't profit from rape, human trafficking, and CSE. 

With all of what I have described, how can you, as a Christian, say that you are okay with ignoring all of this? Policies matter. Certain policies think it's okay to allow human traffickers or rapists into the country. Certain policies think it's morally acceptable to tell a woman she can abort up until birth. Certain policies believe a grown man can be with a child sexually. We live in a world where good is evil, and evil is good. As Christians, we cannot be silent. The government is meant to fight evil and promote good. In today's political climate, we are seeing just the opposite. That is because many involved in politics are not true practicing Christians. They claim to be, but are only involved for selfish reasons (usually greed/political gain). 

William Wilberforce is an example of Christians fighting for what is right. His faith convicted him to seek justice for slaves. As Christians, we have our conviction in God that leads us to do what is right. More Christians need to pay attention to politics, and even get involved in politics. That's why so many fight against the idea that "abortion is healthcare" or are passionate to end human trafficking. Christians will fight for values that matter to them. Jon Kuhrt stated, "Christians need to be involved because we believe in a God who cares passionately about his world and his creation, and consequently how it is run."

Since having gotten involved in politics, I have felt a stronger conviction to speak the truth on what we are dealing with today. Before I would excuse certain actions or ideologies, but now I realized that giving the enemy an inch is giving the enemy a mile. We cannot be quiet because it's the courteous or polite thing to do. We are living in a world of evil, and Christians cannot keep making excuses to ignore it all. Realize by saying "I'm going to ignore/not get involved because politics is a dirty and ugly game," is the same as saying you are willing to ignore human trafficking, ignore the acceptance of pedophilia, ignore pornography, ignore abortion, or ignore the indoctrination of this nation's youth. 

I'd like to close with a quote from William Pitt, who was a close friend of abolitionist, William Wilberforce: "Surely the principles as well as the practice of Christianity are simple and lead not to meditation only, but to action." Pitt and Wilberforce believed that faith meant action, not standing by and allowing evil to prevail. We have a God-given responsibility to do what is right, and to fight evil. That is why Christians cannot ignore politics.

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