My Thoughts on Ukraine and Russia

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Everyone has been following the story unfolding between Russia and Ukraine. Despite Putin thinking this would be an open and close deal, he is being met with the strength of Ukraine's military. We are seeing many in the media, as well as Hollywood, academia, and by our elected officials claim you can only be on one side. If you're not exactly sharing what they say, you're a supporter of Russia's invasion. Someone asked me what my thoughts are on this situation. That's why I am writing this.

If you haven't been keeping up with the Russia/Ukraine situation, here is a quick summary. Russia has never considered Ukraine a sovereign nation, despite gaining independence 30 years ago. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has declared for his armies to take over Ukraine, as the country is part of Soviet Russia (in his mind). Putin expected this to be a quick takeover, but Ukraine is putting up a fight. Currently, Russia is attacking Ukraine's largest nuclear powerplant, which is causing much fear throughout Europe. Many fear what happened in Chernobyl could happen in Ukraine. Recent statements from France's President reveal that the worst is yet to come from Russia. China has also allied itself with Russia, stating that they will buy oil and gas from Russia. I will focus on this later.

Regarding my thoughts, here they are. First, we should obviously be sympathetic to the Ukrainians who are endlessly suffering Russia's invasions. We shouldn't, however, assume ALL of Russia is evil. Numerous Russians citizens are protesting the war with Ukraine. Many of the Russian soldiers are children who were dragged into something they have no knowledge of. Zelensky even recently stated that many of the POW don't know why they are there, and are losing morale. 

What I have noticed is how our political elites have quickly jumped to Ukraine's defense. These people applaud Ukraine for handing out weapons to their citizens, allowing citizens to defend themselves, while at the same time says gun control should be implemented. Also, Zelensky believes in abortion rights, mass illegal immigration, homosexuality, and numerous other leftwing political issues. Connecting the dots? It makes sense why our political class and Hollywood are going out of their way to defend Ukraine. Putin, however, is against all of this. He's also against the New World Order, which Zelensky (and majority of our political elites) are part of. Everyone is quick to bash Putin since Trump was respected by Putin.

Now, this is not my way of saying Putin deserves any praise. He's an evil dictator, and I don't understand why so many Christians or conservatives act like he's so great. I'm not going to side with Putin, nor give him praise, just because he appears to be "based." 

I also find it hypocritical how so many are defending Ukraine/bashing Russia, yet are completely silent on China. The Chinese Communist Party has announced measures to "resolve the issue of Taiwanese independence." China doesn't see Taiwan as an independent nation, like Russia doesn't see Ukraine as an independent nation. Will the same people who call for boycotting Russian products or support sanctions on Russian imports use those same words against China? Change their profile picture to include Taiwan's flag? Tweet #StandWithTaiwan? Nothing has been said about what China is planning to do. China is responsible for dozens of human right abuses, yet none of our political elites have done or said anything meaningful against the CCP.

Finally, why should we be doing so much for Ukraine? Gas prices are soaring. Unemployment and inflation are at an all-time high. Our Southern border is a disaster, as drugs are being trafficked into our country. Hundreds of thousands illegal immigrants are coming into the U.S. Human trafficking at the border is also out of control, yet nobody is talking about this. Despite the fact our country is barely holding on by a thread, we are sending millions of dollars overseas. How can we keep claiming to want to help another country, when we can't even help ourselves? I don't want the U.S. to go to war over this.

I'm not really on anyone's side with the Ukraine/Russia debate. I feel sorry for the Ukrainians being killed by Russia's forces. I also feel sorry for the Russian soldiers who got thrown into the unknown, and are scared or lost. I suppose the side I am on, however, is America. We need to be helping each other, before we say we should help anyone else.

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