Understanding Child Trafficking

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Dark subject, I know. As May 25th is National Missing Children Day, first proclaimed by Pres. Ronald Reagan in 1983, I thought it was time I discussed this lesser known (but equally awful) form of human trafficking. Child trafficking isn't a subject for the faint of heart, but with how the woke sick monsters are pushing to sexualize our children, we cannot ignore these topics any longer, lest the woke mob continue to prevail. In honor of this holiday, I want to explain what child trafficking is. More importantly, why this topic matters and how you can fight back.

What is child trafficking? Under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, child trafficking is when someone who harbors and recruits an underaged victim to perform labor or sex through the use of coercion, fraud, or force. As horrible as it is to read stories of labor and/or sex trafficking to an adult, it's more heartbreaking to hear this is happening to children. Children who are missing are likely in a trafficking situation. Why are children, of all groups, trafficked? Simply put, we live in a broken world. 

In today's society, we crave the latest items. The newest cellphone, the trendy outfits, tasty foods. These are products of labor trafficking, and children are often used to mass produce the items needed to create technology, food, and clothing. That's why I encourage people to be ethical and conscious buyers. These simple practices are important. Children are subject to hard, long, and dangerous work conditions. This is not in addition to the low pay they receive. Children are easy targets because they will do what they are told. It's awful.

What about sex trafficking? This is a topic I discuss often, but pornography heavily fuels child sex trafficking.  You can easily find stories of parents or friends who found someone they knew from porn videos. Missing children have been found through porn videos, uploaded by their abuser or trafficker. Sometimes, that person is both. Numerous porn sites have come under fire for never ensuring children are unable to access their website, nor ensure the content uploaded is legal. Porn fuels the demand for child sex trafficking. Pedophiles and perverts crave sexual entertainment, especially from children. The United States is the largest consumer of child porn. Not one of the largest, not some third world country, no. The U.S. consumes the most child porn. If that doesn't sicken you, I'm not sure what will. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported their cyberline received an increase in calls of online exploitation by 35%. 

It's appalling to hear people actually say children can be porn stars or prostitutes, to blame them for "choosing" to do these things. Let me make one thing clear: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A CHILD PORN STAR OR CHILD PROSTITUTE. THEY ARE GROOMED INTO DOING THIS.

How can we recognize these signs? It's important to note three aspects when looking if a child is being trafficked: their physical appearance and their behaviors or actions. According to Stop The Traffik, here are some signs to be vigilant of:
  • Dressed in clothes the child, nor the parents, could afford or allow them to wear. 
  • Branding marks (i.e. tattoos)
  • Signs of physical abuse (i.e. bruises or red marks)
  • Avoids eye contact
  • Unwilling to speak with authority figures
  • Fearful around other children or adults
  • Unable to speak for themselves; an adult or older person speaks for them
What can be done to fight this issue? 

The best way is this: TALK TO YOUR CHILDREN. If you do not warn and teach your children of these dangers, guess what? The world will. Hollywood, which basically shoves porn down your throat, will teach your kids. Pornography will teach your kids. Public schools will teach your kids. We all see the disregard for parental rights in their child's education. Parents, according to the mainly childless woke mob, are not allowed to have any say in what their kid is taught. Fight back! Educate your children.

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