Will Johnny Depp Win The Defamation Case?

We are entering the final week of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard court case. While this case has had its share of ups and downs, memeable material, and amazing roasts, there is something that isn't being discussed enough. Who will come out victorious in the case? Will Johnny finally get his justice, or will Amber once again win?

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In my honest opinion, I don't have 100% hope that Johnny will win. Do I hope he wins? 100%. For the past 6 years, his name was dragged through the mud. He lost his career. He was a true victim of cancel culture and toxic femininity. Unfortunately, the problem would be that the jury would still find that the op-ed Amber wrote in 2018 still contained true stories, which doesn't count as defamation. Despite this going back and forth of who was the abuser, while I believe it was Amber alone, the jury may find both Heard and Depp were abusive. I don't know what will happen. There have been more testimonies and reliable evidence produced by Depp's team, proving he was abused by Amber. Amber and her team, on the other hand, has not produced enough evidence or spoke with witnesses that corroborated her story. Not to mention Amber has not been a helpful or reliable witness. The body language and facial cues indicate she's not telling the truth, and I hope she gets pressed for perjury. That might be wishful thinking, though.

Now, does this mean I think Amber will win? Not necessarily. As I previously mentioned, she has not provided enough evidence to prove she was abused. Instead, the majority (if not all) of the "proof" and "reliable witnesses" she provided made Johnny look better. Even her own sister's testimony (compared to Amber's) doesn't add up. Not to mention whatever Whitney's former employer provides in court could provide more evidence of Amber's abuse. We shall see.

The fact she was caught admitting to punching Johnny (which she claimed was "hitting"), scaring his children, and daring Johnny to tell the world he was a victim of domestic abuse, should be enough to prove she was the abuser, despite what the supporters of Amber state. If you use common sense, you would observe how her body language doesn't align with what she says. It boggles my mind nobody notices this. Not to mention how her statements, in addition to her witnesses' statements, sound rehearsed. Seriously, take the time to watch her body language and you'll understand what I mean.

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No matter what side you are on, however, the important issue in this case is learning to recognize domestic abuse. I think people should understand what domestic abuse entails, and how to recognize the signs. (Credit to the original creator)

No matter what happens, I think Johnny himself knows there is a large chance he won't likely win. That wasn't the point of taking this to court. He never had the chance to publicly defend himself. Everyone turned on him. Nobody in the media was interested in his side of the story. Now, he had the opportunity to do so. He could finally tell the world that he was the victim of domestic abuse. Even if he should lose, he has told the world his story. His fans are on his side, and numerous others have joined him. Johnny should be proud of what he accomplished.

If you or someone you know is in a situation involving domestic abuse, call the National Domestic Violence at 800-799- SAFE (7233) or text START to 88788.

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