Advice for Young Conservatives Entering Politics

I saw an excellent post on Instagram from an account called @traditionally.conservative, who shared her eight pieces of advice for young conservatives entering the political world. I thought this was an excellent post, as we should help the next generation avoid the mistakes we have made. As I have been involved in politics since early 2019, I definitely think I can share some advice with the next generation. Here is my advice to any young conservative looking to enter politics.

#1: Do not let your identity revolve around politics. 
More often than not, we let politics become our entire identity. My family will tell you how almost addicted I was to politics. There was never a moment I wasn't talking about politics. It's one thing to be mentioning something you see in the news here and there, like talking about a new law Biden has passed or how the J6 trial is a joke, but you can't let it overtake your life. You won't be able to enjoy your life. Politics isn't everything. While I do believe that as Christians, we have a God-given responsibility to be involved in politics, you can't let your identity be solely in politics. I have seen that putting my identity in politics is exhausting. Putting my identity in my Lord is more fulfilling.
#2: Know which issues to focus on, learn more about, or fight for.
When I became in politics, I was involved in every issue. It was tiring. Free speech, climate change, gun rights, vaccinations/masking, cancel culture, you name it, I was always writing about it. That's not productive. What I advise young conservatives to do is find issues that matter to them. You may have to look into every issue before knowing which political issues matter to you. For me, the list is simple. Abortion, cancel culture, domestic abuse, human trafficking, and pornography. I do focus on other political issues as well, but I do care about the issues listed above, and try to educate people on these things. I find it especially fulfilling when I help bring awareness to human trafficking, supporting male victims of domestic abuse/human trafficking/rape, and the harmful effects of pornography.
#3: Don't simply follow any organizations that claim to be on your side.
Boy, do I wish someone warned me of this! I trusted conservative organizations, thinking they were the best thing since sliced bread. Sure enough, once you let the glamour wear off, there's not much to these organizations. Like Turning Point USA, for example. I was a huge fan of their conferences, but I will never work for or with them again. They're basically Establishment but claim otherwise. Be wary of which organizations to follow or work with.
#4: Find a mentor. 
I actually really liked this point in the original post. Having a mentor is so important in politics. It can be anyone! My mentor was actually a former professor from the University of Florida. He helped me see the truth of these so-called "conservative" organizations, and I would tell him about my work in conservatism. He even wrote me a letter of recommendation when I applied to Gavin Rollins' internship on his campaign. He certainly kept me grounded and focused on what was important, not what was popular. We didn't always see eye-to-eye on some issues, but I always appreciated his advice.
#5: Be outspoken in your views. Don't compromise your values.
Don't be afraid to speak your mind. You'll never please everyone. I always get criticism for speaking out about human trafficking, yet that doesn't stop me. These people don't bother me because even though I have the 10 haters, I'm educating and informing 100 more people. Sadly, the times we live in, many people are willing to abandon friends or family over political views, and this can be scary. I, like many other Republicans or conservatives, have lost many friends due to political differences. It hurts, but we cannot abandon our views to please others. Even though you may lose friends or family, you will gain more than you could even realize! Also, do not compromise on your values because it's the popular thing to do. Many conservatives have abandoned their conservative beliefs to become famous celebrities. That's why so many think abortion or gay marriage should be accepted. You will gain more respect by sticking to your values, even when no one else will.

I hope you enjoyed my little tidbits of advice. Feel free to share with your friends and family!

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