The Border Crisis Must Be Stopped

Image credit: US Border Patrol
Department of Homeland Security

With all the problems happening in our country, from rising gas prices to the "war with Ukraine," it's easy to be distracted by what really matters. The border being one of them. Thanks to the disastrous open border policies the Biden administration pushed for, we essentially have no border. The crisis is completely out of control. Criminals are allowed to enter our country without any issue. Children and women are being smuggled or trafficked at alarming rates. Drugs are also being trafficked into the United States at alarming rates. You would think this would be a top priority for Joe Biden and Democratic politicians, but it's not.

If you dare speak out against the border crisis, you're a racist xenophobe. The Biden administration is working hard to deceive the American people that there is no crisis. Just last week, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas stated that the southern border is in control. That's a blatant lie, and only sheep will believe otherwise. In the past few months, border patrol has been getting hundreds of thousands entering the United States illegally. Look at how dangerous the current conditions are. Specifically speaking, I mean the weather. Look at the 50+ immigrants who died in a tractor trailer with no water or air conditioning. This could have been prevented if the Biden administration would close the border.

The media doesn't try to expose the truth of what is happening. The few that have been only did so recently, because you cannot ignore what's happening. I applaud Tucker Carlson for being one of the only journalists bringing awareness to the crisis at the southern border. Isn't it interesting how the same people who said Vladimir Putin has no right to invade the sovereign nation of Ukraine are completely silent on the invasion currently happening in our own country? 

The southern border was secure under the Trump administration. That was one of his greatest accomplishments. In a few months, Biden unraveled that and now claims that closing the border is too difficult. 

What's the truth of what is happening at the border? Drugs are being poured into the U.S. and isn't showing signs of stopping. Just on July 18th, border patrol arrested a man attempting to smuggle in 250 pounds of fentanyl. Why does this matter? Drug overdoses have increased tremendously in the past few years. Drug overdoses hit an all-time high last year. 107,000 Americans died of fentanyl overdose, a 15% increase from 2020. How does Joe Biden handle this predicament? By sending one of the least useful politicians to the border, who refused to visit the southern border until she couldn't cackle her way out of not going anymore. The drug trafficking is one problem. The trafficking of humans at the border is even worse.

Claiming that human trafficking at the border isn't racist or xenophobic, as the woke mob claims. Women and young girls are being raped outside of the border by traffickers and smugglers crossing into the United States. Senator Joni Ernst spoke with border patrol agents, and she shared the following with Fox News: "The Border Patrol, they told us that about 30% of the women and girls that are being trafficked by the cartels up to the border are being sexually abused along the way. And those are just the ones that are reporting... Border Patrol agents feel that 60% of them having been abused would be a more accurate number, so it really is appalling." Ernst shared a story of two girls having been beaten and raped so badly, emergency personnel was called to help. These smugglers are doing all of this to mock law enforcement in America. As if to say, "We can do whatever we want, and can get away with it." They're not wrong. All border patrol can do is hold these migrants, then release them into the U.S. With all the talk of "Protect the children," you'd think Democrats would be concerned for the children being raped and abused by traffickers and smugglers. It's not shocking they don't care, considering House Democrats recently voted against Representative Chip Roy's bill to increase penalties against those sexually trafficking children. Nearly 60% of human trafficking cases involved minors last year. This is also the same party that believes in abortion at birth. If that doesn't disturb you or make you suspicious of how uncaring Democrats are towards children, I don't know what will make you realize.

Nothing is being done to stop the current crisis. This is not a pressing issue to the Biden administration. Instead, to please the social justice mob, the Biden administration is focused on fighting climate change. These people know there is nothing we can do to stop the climate from changing. They do know that they could change the crisis at the border, and to protect innocent children from being hurt. Open border policies don't only hurt Americans. It hurts everyone involved. People need to recognize what the real issue is. The Biden administration won't stop, because they're importing voters into the country. The border crisis must be stopped.

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