In light of the recent "sex strike" from Alyssa Milano, I thought I would give my take on abortion. Abortion, in my opinion, is morally wrong. I am pro-life, and I believe in conception from birth. Many people argue that it's the "woman's choice" to give life or end life. To put this into simpler terms, the baby doesn't have the right to life, and the mother can decide when to end the baby's life. As a woman, and a human being, I cannot support murdering innocent life. Moreover, I cannot support the disgusting and dreadful methods of abortion. In this discussion, I am going to talk about why abortion is wrong, along with why "Baby Lives Matter."

Why has abortion become such a huge topic today? 50 years ago, this wasn’t such a prevalent issue, but now it is. Why? Because of the whole feminist movement. These evil, man-hating, pro-abortion, believe “her body, her choice.” Abortion, according to pro-choice, is a necessary means. How is murder necessary? New York will not give guilty men and women in prison a lethal injection, yet the most innocent among us deserve to get it. Abortion is not about the woman’s choice; it is about the murder of innocent life. If it really is "her body, her choice," how come no asks how her "body" is, rather than how the baby is. Another argument I’ve heard is that the women who are raped need the choice. Yes, they need the choice. But not the choice to murder! The women who are raped and get abortions is less than 2%. No one ever considers why this number has remained so small, compared to the women who had consensual sex and got pregnant. It’s simple: women who are raped KNOW that this was not the baby’s fault, nor theirs. There are countless stories I have read to prove my point. Women who have consensual sex don’t believe it is their fault. The ignorance from the pro-choice side is despicable, and they are luring innocent, scared young women into these lies.

Like I said earlier, I believe in life at conception. According to Planned Parenthood, the earliest time to get an abortion, and the best time, is in the first trimester (the first 3 months). The earliest they recommend is 4-6 weeks. During this time, the baby is growing at a rapid pace. At 3 weeks, the baby’s heart is beating, which indicates human life. In the second month, the baby’s facial features start to form. Body parts (i.e. fingers, arms, legs) are starting to form. At the third month, the arms, legs and other body parts have fully formed. During this time, miscarriages occur. When the 3-month period passes, there is less of a chance of miscarriages because the baby has mostly formed. This is not at the end of the pregnancy (the third trimester), this is at the end of the FIRST trimester. Between months 4-6, the baby’s features become defined, as well as noticeable movement. The baby can also respond to sounds. At the last trimester (months 7-9), the baby is fully formed. The lungs finish developing, and the baby can do almost anything (i.e. blink, hiccup, smile). Why did I mention this? During all this time, at any time, pro-choice individuals believe that a baby could be aborted during this time. Ben Shapiro commented on actress, Olivia Wilde, on her take on abortion and reproductive rights. She stated how she’s all for reproductive rights and abortion, and how could she not be for it since she’s pregnant. Shapiro pointed out that she pretty much implied that she wants the choice to be able to kill her own child at any point, as long as she had the choice. That’s a truly disgusting thing to say about an innocent life.

These people don't even believe in BASIC biology and medical terminology. If you check the dictionary for fetus, baby, or child, they all reference the unborn. Pro-choice will not acknowledge these basic facts, but they also believe their is more than 2 genders. Again, these people don't even consider basic biology and anatomy. What some extremists believe is that a human is only human if they have memories, which babies supposedly don't have. Then why is it at 7 months, where many people believe the baby can still be aborted, the baby can recognize it's mother's voice? That's a memory! Some people believe that someone with Alzheimer's or Dementia should be killed, since they cannot remember anything either. You see the insanity of the argument? Memories don't equal human life, a heartbeat equals human life. Why else do coma victims not get taken off life support, even when their is no brain activity? Because the heart is still beating, therefore they are still human and alive. The same goes for unborn children.

What people don’t realize is the truth behind abortions that Planned Parenthood and Hollywood elites won’t tell. LiveAction, a pro-life organization, has changed thousands of people’s minds through their videos explaining the abortion procedures. What Planned Parenthood won’t tell you is how the abortions work. Abby Johnson was the youngest clinical director at Planned Parenthood for 8 years, but she quit when she witnessed a “D & C abortion.” This abortion method is commonly used in first trimester abortions. What they do is place a long metal tube into the woman’s uterus, and suction the baby out. To place this into grotesque terms, the metal tube sucks the baby apart, until there is nothing left. I will leave the link to the video of Abby Johnson argument against abortion, as well as the videos explaining the procedures for abortion from LiveAction, but I warn you: this is not for the fainthearted. If you believe in the truth, however, you will watch these videos. This is how abortions work. Planned Parenthood and pro-choice will never admit to this, but this is how abortions are performed. The most innocent lives murdered in the most inhumane ways possible.

Going back to Milano’s “sex strike,” this is something I, along with other conservatives, can get on board with. Because she is not even close to being educated, not having sex equals no getting pregnant, which then equals NO ABORTIONS. Like many other uneducated Hollywood elites, they have no idea what they’re doing or talking about. Alyssa Milano, as well as many Hollywood stars, are resisting Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill, which prevents abortions when a heartbeat is detected. One of the lies being spread about the bill is that women will get life in prison if they get an abortion. But the Left is using these lies to use these already scared women. These unique individuals inside the womb are "not human," even though they have a heartbeat. You can literally cut through the idiocy of the Left with a knife. And for the women supporting Alyssa Milano and others like her, I thought it was "my body, my choice." Why are you listening to what she is telling YOU to do with YOUR body?

And it’s not just Hollywood elites, it’s the Leftist politicians as well. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez states that “a man making rules for women’s rights is something he’ll never understand AS A MAN.” Here we go. If a man can understand the tolls an abortion takes on a woman, and wishes to provide BETTER options for these scared women, why can’t you, as a woman, support it? Probably because your state believes in murdering a baby up until birth. Or Bernie Sanders who says that abortion is a constitutional right? I thought men didn't understand these rights? But you know what else was a "constitutional right?" Slavery. Some people argue that, "Oh, slavery was a choice. The slaves didn't choose to be slaves." Well, the unborn children didn't ask to be created, and then brutally murdered, so you're not getting any sympathy. Let’s not forget the idiotic state representative, Brian Sims, who demeaned teenage girls and doxed them for their identities, yelled at another man, as well as harass an elderly woman, who were all praying outside the Planned Parenthood facility. All these individuals were doing was exercising their 1st Amendment rights, but this coward chose to use his power to intimidate. What all these Leftists are too stupid to realize, however, is that this is working in favor of conservatives and pro-lifers. Abby Johnson, as well as other conservatives, went outside the same Planned Parenthood to pray, and it was one of the largest meetings EVER.

What many people also don’t realize is abortion is a racial issue. Abortion has been used by the Left to monitor and control the Black community. Think about it: a black baby is three times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. Even though African Americans occupy less of the population, they are almost doubly likely to get an abortion than a Caucasian female. The black community has been fed lies decade after decade about abortion. The Left doesn’t want to see African Americans thrive, they want to quash them. Again, think about it: the abortion rate of African Americans is very high, compared to the other races. If these abortions never occurred, who would be the leading ethnicity in the United States? African Americans! If the Black community doesn’t wake up to the lies of the true racists (the Left), in the coming years, the black vote will be irrelevant.

Conservatives are misogynists for supporting a baby’s right to life. I care about women’s right as much as the next woman, and so do men. No one considers a man’s right to his baby’s life because he is not the one carrying the baby, the woman is. If this really was about woman’s choice, the woman would be the one being murdered, not the baby.

Not only this, but the effects on a woman’s mental health is severe. A study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry explains that women who have had an abortion are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, drug/alcohol abuse, or even contemplate suicide. Some women are not affected by abortions, and are happier that this “thing” is gone. The women who are affected, which is about 81%, have a decline in their mental state. Murdering innocent life takes a toll on most women.

In the end, baby lives DO matter. These are the most innocent among us, yet their lives are literally ripped apart. For those of you who have had an abortion, I am telling you to get help. You will never truly be happy in life, no matter how much you ignore that gut feeling. For those of you in the industry, get out. Find work you can state proudly you work in. I normally wouldn’t make my discussion so long, but this is one topic I fight for more. You would not kill an animal like this, so why is a human being tortured in such a way. I implore for you to see reason, and join me in defending these innocent lives. You pro-choice men/women want a woman president, but how do
you know the female child aborted last week wasn’t going to be? We’ll never know, unless we stop this madness, and begin to save these lives. God designed each of us uniquely, and had a purpose for each of us. God said, "I knew thee from the womb, and I have a plan in mind for each of you." In God's eyes, none of us are here by accident: we all have a unique ability, and so do these babies. Until my last breath, I will always say this: BABY LIVES MATTER.

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  1. For the 98% of abortions that are not from rape/incest, they may have used a birth control method that failed. It would be ridiculous to me to tell people to stop having sex. Even married people get abortions! One thing I support, and it's quite controversial, is the ability to get sterilized if you know you don't want children. Unfortunately, it's uncommon for doctors to perform a surgery like that at a young age.

  2. If you are having sex, you take the risk of having a pregnancy. This is a common fact. I never said "don't have sex." Alyssa Milano did. While there are married couples who get abortions, those are actually few. Most pregnancies occur in unmarried women, and is the highest between the ages of 15-19. That's an important fact to pay attention to.

    But I agree with you on that last part! Many women don't want to get pregnant, or guys don't want to get a girl pregnant, and want to be sterile. If you can get an abortion at 15, why can't an 18 year old choose to be sterile? That's something I think women and men should have the choice of doing.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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