How Republicans Can Win The Young Vote

What’s something you see Republicans struggling with compared to Democrats? Reaching young voters. Democrats, surprisingly, have it together when it comes to getting a hold of younger voters. Socialism is all the rage these days! According to a poll found in TIME magazine, young voters (both Republican and Democrat) said they find it harder to listen/vote for candidates in the boomer generation. That’s why people like Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, or Andrew Yang sails high among young voters. They think these people are “listening to them.” That couldn’t be further from the truth. Side note: I am against people under 18 to vote. No 16 year old knows well enough what goes on in politics, the Left only pushes this to get more votes. The same way they push for illegal aliens or prisoners to vote. Going back, young people like me know these Leftists are crazy. But many young voters see what they are saying sounds “good,” and immediately vote for that person. Republicans have a tough issue for reaching young voters. As a young person, I will give my take on what Republicans need to do to reach more young voters. Just a heads up, this is going to be a LONG discussion. There's a lot to be deliberated.

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Now, I'm NOT saying there aren’t young Republicans, because that would be a complete lie. That’s like how Leftists say the only people who are Republican are straight, white men. The problem is getting more conservative voters, or any young person to vote conservative. I honestly can’t say why some young people don’t vote. I find it important to vote, regardless if it’s someone you don’t like. A problem I find troubling is Republicans aren’t doing ANYTHING to prop up Trump, or support his campaign. There are the few loyal supporters of his like Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, and others. But what about the other establishment Republicans? Few of them are tweeting or campaigning for Trump to win 2020. That’s what I find to be so dangerous about the hashtag, #TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE. Thinking “nature will take its course,” and Donald Trump will easily win is dangerous. The Left is playing to win, the same must be done by Republicans. I feel very sure that Donald Trump will win, but there are key factors to consider so he doesn’t lose.

Now I know what you’re thinking: how do we get young voters? The answer is simple. So simple, the Democrats are using this strategy: engage in pop culture. There is this girl on Twitter, her name is Mahgdalen Rose. She gave me the idea of this discussion. She speaks about how Republicans need to start incorporating pop culture into their campaigns. Reaching young people isn’t hard, but there’s a method to the madness. Look at Bernie Sanders bringing Cardi B into his campaign. Now, let’s clarify one thing: I cannot stand Cardi B. She worked as a prostitute, drugged/robbed men, and is a horrible role model for young women. I am not surprised he brought on someone as disgusting as her on his campaign. Cardi claims she did what she did to survive and make it, and the Left emphasized with her, yet when Melania Trump posed nude in her modeling career, she was ostracized. The double standard of the Left, you got to love it! I will give Bernie Sanders this: using Cardi B would bring young people into his campaign very easily. Many college students listen and admire Cardi B (I don’t know why), so this will bring in these college students. Republicans could learn something about getting younger voters through these methods.

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Now, I know it’s hard bringing in celebrities, because most are Leftists and HATE Republicans. Mahgdalen Rose talks very well about this (I’ll leave the video links at the end), but whose fan base is probably 99.9% Republican/Trump supporters? Country music fans! As a country music freak myself, I can definitely attest to this fact. Listen to country songs: so many of them are about guns, loving their country, or respecting the armed forces. Can you get more conservative than that? There are many Republican country stars, which includes Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, Kid Rock, Loretta Lynn, Trace Adkins, etc. There are some country stars who I think are closeted Republicans. Blake Shelton is the number one person I think IS a Republican. He has never shown a political opinion, other than his take on Donald Trump, but if you listen to his music, you would assume he's a Republican. Why don’t Republicans bring these people to their campaigns/events? Toby Keith did perform at the inauguration when Donald Trump won, but that’s about the most you saw. Rose talked about this in the videos I provided. Rose mention this. When Laine Hardy won this season of American Idol (I was rooting for him), Trump should have invited him to the White House. It would make a lot of people probably take a larger liking to Trump. Look at how Joy Villa’s career skyrocketed after her obvious support of Trump! This could help Laine’s career! If the Republicans, and even Donald Trump, want to win a majority of voters, bring country artists to your campaigns! If Donald Trump, or any Republican, brought on Blake Shelton to their campaign or events, I would be more likely to vote! Young people, and even older generations, can agree.

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It’s not just country music that could help Republicans, although that is the highest chance to get voters. There are actors, non-country singers, and other Hollywood personas who could get behind President Trump. Tom Brady, who was pictured with Trump, would be a great idea to bring on! Or Kelly O’Hara, the girl who picked up the American flag after the men, I mean women, threw it down. Even Colby Covington, who was the first UFC champion invited to the White House, or Tiger Woods who expressed his support of Donald Trump? Any sane person would accept an invitation to the White House. How Dan Crenshaw was on SNL or how he met Chris Evans and showed him his Captain America glass eye, that's what I mean! There’re a few actors/singers who could be useful to Republicans, like Jon Voight, Kevin Sorbo, Mel Gibson, Azealia Banks, Kelsey Grammer, Joy Villa, Clint Eastwood, and many others. Chris Pratt I also believe is a closeted Republican. He brags about his guns. Could you imagine the support Republicans would get if they brought Sylvester Stallone (I’m sure he leans Right) on? THE Rambo, who many people emphasize with because of the treatment of veterans, being a part of a Republican campaign/event? Try putting him and Dan Crenshaw together, people WILL love it! Even including Bollywood: many people have taken a liking to Bollywood (I’m a huge fan). Why doesn’t a Republican invite a Bollywood star to the White House? Not only would people be excited, it could help quash the lie the Left loves to spread: Republicans only care about old, straight, white men. Imagine Paul Ryan (not a fan, just an example) walking around the White House with someone like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai or someone else of high stature in Bollywood. People would go crazy!

Certain conservative speakers have a lot of impact on college students/young people. Bringing on
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people like Steven Crowder, Dinesh D'Souza, Anna Paulina, or my favorite, the FABULOUS Milo Yiannopoulos. Seriously, an important (and much ignored) reason Donald Trump won the 2016 election was because MILO was going around the U.S. propping him up. MILO was immensely popular among college students. His ability to tell the truth as it is got college students inspired and interested in him, which then made them interested in Donald Trump. Yiannopoulos was also good at using certain aspects of pop culture, like memes. Through these aspects, college students could see the lies the Left were spreading, and became redpilled. Many women I met at YWLS said people like Milo Yiannopoulos or Steven Crowder was what got them to become a conservative. That’s why these Leftist-run platforms banned him, so he wouldn’t have an impact on having Donald Trump win. I think Donald Trump would make a great political move by bringing on the handsome Milo Yiannopoulos. I’m sorry (not sorry), but MILO is so hot. There’s no denying it!

Republicans have the opportunity to change the narrative in pop culture, yet we don’t take it! Republicans, either serving in office or spreading the truth through social media, could take advantage of using pop culture in spreading our message. How do you connect with someone? Through a commonality. I have connected with people through politics, but I have mainly connected with people through a plethora of topics. At YWLS, I didn’t connect with people just because of our political views, but through different things we liked and had in common. One of my past professors connected with me after I told him how much I loved country music, and how I love Conway Twitty or Johnny Cash. That’s why it’s important to show people politics isn’t the only thing you find important in your life. For example, on Twitter, I am very politically active. That’s what my Twitter is mainly for. But most of my followers know some of the stuff I like, and they know that because I tweet about it a lot! Many of my followers know I love Sylvester Stallone, and I retweet almost all of his tweets. Or that Blake Shelton is my favorite singer, and I will share about him. While politics is about 90% of what I share, I still let people see the human side of me. The side, regardless of political affiliation, people can agree with. Eventually, something you share WILL click for that person, and you may change their mind.

What doesn’t help with young people not being involved in politics is Leftists and Republicans telling us that we can’t be involved because “we’re too young” or “we lack experience.” Mahgdalen Rose had this happen on Twitter recently. She posted a video on Twitter and YouTube about why Republicans and young conservatives need to stop donating/supporting Tulsi Gabbard. This was an excellent video, and she makes some excellent points, while providing facts with what she was saying. To sum up what happened, Tulsi-supporters when on the attack against Rose. People called her an attention whore, an Israeli shrill, and other vile names. That didn’t surprise me. What shocked me were the Republicans who attacked Rose. Some called her misinformed, brainless, Leftist-run (she has stated she’s a conservative), etc. Also, some told her, from both sides, that she shouldn’t be involved in politics because she is too young to know better, or that she’s a woman and shouldn’t even be considering politics. That’s disgusting to hear! The Tulsi-lovers who said this doesn’t surprise me; the Left and any Trump-hater will tear down anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Only if the Left can use you, then you (a minority, woman, LGBT+, poor) matter. But shame on Republicans saying the same! In case anyone forgot, Rose, me, and other young people are the future of politics, so why would you bash us? Demeaning someone because of their opinions is terrible. This drives the young vote away from voting red. There are some of us who are loyal to the Republican movement, but those who are on the fence will not want to listen to someone spreading hate. That's why I can't stand the Democratic party.

Most young people love seeing their favorite celebrity, so imagine how much they would pay attention to you if you incorporated that aspect of culture into campaigns. College students say they won’t take an interest in a politician because they don’t seem interested in what they (the students) think. And that’s something Republicans are failing at. They need to listen to what us young people have to say. Having the support of celebrities is a vital method in getting the young votes. Mahgdalen Rose and I messaged each other through Twitter, and she said this. Republicans need to get the support of celebritities who will help their campaign! It's not enough just having their face on your slogans; you need their support 100%. Rose believes that Kanye and Kim don't necessarily support Trump/the GOP, they are just getting things done (which is good), and I agreed. Someone like Colby Covington, however, who wore a MAGA hat in an interview would be great to bring on! The Left is doing everything they can to get college students/young voters to follow them, we need to do the same! Otherwise, the Left will gain control and we could lose everything. If we want to Keep America Great, we need to start reaching younger viewers. As I am a young person, I can say that I want the future Republican. But I cannot do this alone. EVERYONE needs to be getting the younger vote, and every vote for that matter.

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  1. You make some intersting points, especially about voter turnout. The data suggests that young people are turning away from politics rather than towards Democrats.

    It's just that Democrats are doing a better job at keepng their hardcore suppporters engaged. Certainly, celebrities are helping on this count.

    That said, your assessment of the role of celebrity in politics seems backwards. GOP isn't weak because of its lack of support from Hollywood. Hollywood doesn't support the GOP because it is weak. At least in Hollywood.

    The GOP brand is stronger in Nashville. Beware that Democrats are working on that. Remember the "strange new respect" for the Dixie Chicks? Remember the effort to force Taylor Swift into politics? Even today, Kacey Musgraves is being held up as a model of "progressive" country:

    GOP celebs don't enjoy this kind of pressure/support in bucking Hollywood orthodoxy. Think about how Disney threatened to boycott Georgia over the state's abortion law. Disney claimed their employees supported abortion. And I'm sure there are pro-abortion activists in the company. But there are also pro-lifers & their voices were crushed.

    This is the deper issue. The left is better at organizing & making their voices heard. I'm sure you've heard of Rules for Radicals. Here's a list of similar books on organizing:

    How many of those titles would you guess have a right-wing POV?

    It wasn't always this way. Back in the 70s, there was deep resentment towards the "religious right". They were hated because they were effective. Keep this in mind when people take pot-shots at you & Mahgdalene.

    PS-There is merit to the idea of keeping young people at arms length in politics. Don't take it personal. If you don't know the name, run an online search for Jonathan Krohn.


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