The Republican Party After Donald Trump

Most of us know Donald Trump changed politics when he ran for President. Not just by exposing the Left for the insanity and evil they are, but by giving Republicans the voice and votes they needed. The current GOP did not do anything close to what Donald Trump has done in these few years. I believe Donald Trump will win 2020. My problem is what the future of the Republican party will be like AFTER Donald Trump leaves office in 2025. Republicans have not been winning so easily, not just because of the lying Left, but because Establishment Republicans are no better than the Left. For this week's discussion, I will be discussing how the Republican party should move forward after Donald Trump leaves office. Joe Harding, who I spoke about previously, said it best: "Establishment loves to push the party moderate. Voters are wanting strong leaders, not compromisers. Another mistake I have seen is that we [as a party] love to promote Trump because he is winning and it would be political suicide as a Republican to not, but when other Trump-like candidates come around for local offices, the party establishment fall right back into their old habits. 'Climb the political ladder, and wait your turn.'" This quote fits my discussion perfectly!

To start, I want to discuss the problem with the current GOP. Most of us know this form of the GOP as the Establishment Republicans. Most people can't stand these Republicans. People like Mitt Romney, John McCain, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, these are prime examples of Establishment Republicans. I do have respect for Graham after he stood up for Kavanaugh. Republicans don't stand up for what's right, or for the American people. They would rather "not cause a stir." Many listen to the lobbyists paying them, rather than the American people. I mentioned this in my post about why I love Trump, but why do you think we're in a place where its acceptable to kill a baby up to birth, have children change their gender, or pedophilia being a "sexual orientation?" Because Republicans didn't stop it. The Left is only as powerful as you make them. The GOP had the power to stop this, but they didn't. They were cowards. Instead of fighting to protect us, or even improve the country, they bow down to the Left. The Republican party is divided, unlike the Left. Surprisingly, the Left is good at showing their unity, no matter how insane they seem. Here's another problem: they assume too much. The GOP assumes, "Oh, everyone will vote for us." They don't feel the need to campaign or reach out, because Donald Trump covers this. He's always taking care of policies, campaigning, etc. Magdalene Rose talks about this (follow her on Twitter @mahgdalenrose). The GOP has been able to avoid discussing policies for the last few years, because Trump is the main policy-maker. But after he's gone, will the GOP have policies besides keep America great? These politicians have been in office for years, and don't get much done. Also, because of the lack of policies, most youth/minority voters don't show up. Donald Trump has been getting votes because he's different, which brings me to my next point.

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Donald Trump changed politics in a way we haven't seen in recent history. Not only did he expose the Left, he brought the Republican party back to greatness. Instead of being your usual politician, saying what we wanted to hear to get votes, he was genuine. In 2016, Donald Trump ran on the premise of America First. Once elected President, Donald Trump did incredible things, thus keeping his promise. Promises made, promises kept! He wasn't some cowardly, wimpy politician who would bow down to the Left. He fought back. Do you really think any of the current GOP members could handle the insults and attacks Donald Trump experiences daily? Absolutely NOT. Donald Trump isn't afraid to do the right thing, especially when it comes to the lying Left. He has created policies and solutions for mistakes made by the previous administration. Donald Trump did this, for the most part, on his own. No help from the GOP was required. Now, I know we all love seeing Trump "own the libs," but he does show the lies they've created. They've been exposed by Republicans like us. Donald Trump did an amazing job so far as POTUS. He cares about truth, justice, and the American people. Something we haven't seen in recent history, especially from other Republicans in power. Donald Trump is our fighter, and doesn't wait for bad situations to worsen. He takes action. That's something I greatly admire about our President.

So here's the main emphasis on this discussion: what will Republicans take away from the last few
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years? Will they grow a spine, and fight back the Left on the obstacles thrown their way? Take action? Or will they remain the same, limp-wristed politicians who let the Left do whatever they want? My fear is the second option. Many Republicans want Donald Trump impeached, because just like the Left, establishment Republicans can't get their way. Donald Trump isn't having it. Everyone says, "Oh, Donald Trump Jr. will run, and it'll be Trump forever!!!" As much as I like Don Jr., there's something important to establish: Donald Trump Jr. IS NOT Donald J. Trump. There's similarities, but no one can have the power or charisma like our President does. So what's next? We need policies. How are Republicans going to tackle the economy, healthcare, abortion, etc.? Republicans have not stated any policies, other than those from President Trump. If a Democrat wins, what will Republicans do to get voters? People who are rooted in the Republican movement are going to mainly vote Republican. What about the independent voters, or third party voters, who are unsure? Democrats are good at getting these people. As of right now, Florida is a purple state. There's a 2% difference of Republican and Democratic voters. There's more registered Democratic voters than registered Republican voters. This 2% may not seem like a lot, but this wins elections. If every Democrat registered to vote goes to vote for Bernie Sanders, he wins Florida. We can't have this happen!

The current GOP needs to take away from the current presidency is standing up to the Left. Donald Trump showed his love for America during his presidency. The most you see from Republican politicians is them say what you want to hear, then not do anything after being elected. I believe we need term limits. Presidency has term limits, so why doesn't any other political position have the same limits? I believe any political position should have the same term limits as the President would. It's time for these incapable politicians, both Republican and Democrat, to get out of office and let someone else in. Going back to what I was saying, I would like to see Republicans stand up to the Left. Everyone who voted for Donald Trump voted because they saw he wasn't playing, or saying stuff to make people vote for him. He stands up for those who have lost their voices to the controlling, "politically correct," Leftists. He's no different than us. A hardworking American trying to live their life. The Left doesn't want that, and Republicans in office seriously need to take the example that is Donald Trump to heart. We need policies, we need hardworking politicians, we need term limits. Republicans need to do more to reach voters, like the Trump victory campaign is doing. I am involved, and they are doing so much to keep America great!

Donald Trump has done an amazing job so far as president. At every turn, he came out on top. He has been fulfilling his promises and introducing policies to improve America. Establishment Republicans have not done this, simply because Donald Trump does everything himself. He doesn't wait for approval, which is why he's such a powerhouse. Will Republicans take his example to heart? Or will they be jokes like John Kasich or Mitt Romney pushing for impeachment (which probably won't happen)? To any Republican reading this, you must vote these people out. The Left is losing ground, whether or not you see it. But these Establishment, "good ole boys" politicians are no better. I've given my reasons for that. Trust me, I spoke to many people about this issue. Joe Harding is a businessman running for State Representative District 22 in Florida, and he has faced this issue countless times. Because he wasn't in politics for a long time, just like the President, people saw he won't do well and shouldn't be considered for the position. The "good ole boys" don't see what others see. Someone like Joe can easily relate to Floridians, compared to someone who's been in politics for most of their life. Why? Because one worked as an ordinary American, while the other didn't do much and received a steady paycheck for this. Just a heads up, this is not an endorsement for Joe Harding's campaign. I simply used this example, as well as personally reach out and ask him, to further prove my point. The point is that the Establishment would rather someone like them. That narrative has to change for the Republican party to remain successful. I pray these politicians learn from their mistakes, and follow Trump's example, or elect more people like Donald Trump if we want to keep America great.

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  1. My fear about what will happen after 2024 is the same as yours. Republicans, as a whole, are spineless. Some of them have grown a spine after taking lessons from Trump, but most are still pathetic. However, Trump said things need to take root. Perhaps after four more years, Republicans will continue to get stronger.

    1. I hope the same will happen. Some of the Republicans in power are currently fighting the Left, and that's great. But more need to join. Stop fighting and creating divisiveness in the GOP. That's a major way we win voters!


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