Why People Should Care About Politics

Happy Halloween everyone! So this past weekend, I was pretty busy. Besides studying for a Business Finance exam, I was helping the Trump Victory Campaign (TVC). I helped get petitions/voter registrations at the McIntosh Festival, then I rushed home to get ready for the Trump Day Dinner in Marion Oaks. While working both, I met some interesting people! I even got to speak with Senator Dennis Baxley, and he told me how impressed he was seeing myself and the other young people working to get Trump reelected. I really had so much fun being at the dinner. I can't say this enough. Baxley said he's noticed something from talking to diverse types of people: there's a dangerously high number of Americans who don't care about politics, and many don't even care to vote in the elections. Hearing this gave me this week's discussion. I’ve met people who think this way too. Why wouldn't you care about politics? This is how we decide on how the future goes. Will it go to the party of freedom and equality, or will it go to the liars and evildoers? Your vote matters. This week's topic is going to be about why Americans should care about politics.

For most of us, I think the answer is obvious about why we should care about politics, but for some people, this may not be as obvious. I hope people who already recognize how important it is to care about politics will share this, and those who have no knowledge about this topic will learn something. I’m sure everyone reading this has encountered someone who just refuses to discuss politics for varying reasons. Some of you may feel this way! “Politics is just so toxic right now, so I would rather just not get involved.” “It’s too stressful!” “I just don’t care!” Someone reading this can probable relate to one of these quotes. I understand how toxic and stressful politics is. Sometimes, I just have to take a break from social media, so I don’t lose my mind! We all feel this way. But there are larger reasons for you to be involved.

The major reason for being involved in politics is because the politics happening at the national, state, and local level have an impact in your life. Let’s look at it from the national (or federal) level. When Donald Trump passed the tax cut reform back in 2017, the economy began to excel. Jobs were being created, houses were being built, and businesses (especially local businesses) were doing well with revenues. Businesses could afford to give their employees more benefits. Another example I can use would be from the state level. Look at Ron DeSantis. Only 48 hours after being elected, he went and passed an executive order to help improve the environmental issues plaguing Florida. These are simple examples of why we should care about politics. These acts all affect our personal lives. Whether you believe it or not, the government plays a huge role in your life. The taxes you have to pay, the private healthcare you have, can all change depending on who is in politics. Look at cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, or Baltimore. The leadership there is awful, and the people are suffering for it. People need to vote in new leadership, preferably Republican leadership. I've talked about this before, but why do you think cities, states, or the country as a whole (right now) thrives when a Republican is in office, but cities/states/the entire country is run-down and total crap under a Democrat? The top ten governors with a high approval rate are all Republicans. Keep this information in mind next time you vote.

Next, I think you should care about politics is because we have the chance to change the situation of politics. In 2016, whether or not you believe this, everyone found out it wasn't Republicans versus Democrats. It was the Establishment (Republicans and Democrats) versus the American people. Donald Trump's victory proved this to be true. The American people showed their support and their voice by voting for him. Americans must use the power of their vote to have their voices heard. The ones who scream/curse/protest the loudest are the ones who don’t vote. Don’t be like them. A friend told me that at the Don Jr. event, he turned to some of the protesters and politely asked them if they were registered to vote. You would think this wouldn't upset anyone, as this wasn't a controversial topic. It was enough for these Leftist snowflakes to curse my friend out. They are chanting they want change, but what change is really going to happen if you don't vote? Nothing!

TVC team with
Joe Harding
Another reason to care about politics is when it comes time to vote. Being an informed voter gives you an advantage. When midterm elections hit, I didn’t have a clue as to what I would be voting for other than Ron DeSantis and Nancy Thrower. My mom and I literally Googled what would be on the ballots, and figured out how to vote on the issue. For instance, Amendment 4 was passed in the midterm election. I had no clue what this was. When I did my research, I found out that this would give convicts their voting rights restored (with the exception of murder and sexual offenses). So I voted yes to restoring ex-convicts’ voting rights. But what if I didn’t know? What if I just blindly went and voted? That could have a negative turn in the election! What if I voted no on Amendment 5, which would have the Florida House and Senate have a two-thirds vote on raising taxes? Having knowledge about who you’re voting for, or even what you’re voting for, can have a tremendous impact in the elections. Many people don’t know the 1st and 2nd Amendment, or the difference between socialism and capitalism. Please stay educated! Read a book or an article, and don’t just trust social media!

This is going to sidetrack a little. I want to discuss the importance of voting. It goes along with why you should care about politics. Your vote matters. There’s no doubt about it. There were enough voters to sway the election, so Ron DeSantis won the midterms. Florida, in the 2000 election, was the state that gave George W. Bush the election. In 2008, Republican Rep. Mike Kelly beat his opponent by one vote. Voting is an important part of the American way of life. Electing the right people to take care of our city, state and country is vital. Please, if you take nothing else away from this, remember your vote matters. Please vote in every election. Something that bothers me from people who don’t care about politics and don’t vote is how they will complain about the current situation of politics. There were a few individuals I knew who said they didn’t like either candidate in 2016, or didn’t want to vote. Now, they complain that the Left is ruining the country, or Donald Trump is bad news. You didn’t vote. You can’t complain about what is happening when you had the chance to change it. In order to get change, you have to get out and vote!

TVC team with
Mike Hill and
Dennis Baxley
To conclude, you should really have a workable knowledge about what is happening in politics. I understand politics can be stressful. But you can't ignore what is happening. The government and politics are in your life, 24/7. They do have a strong impact in your life. Being informed about politics, and anything else under the political umbrella, will only help you. Also, you can't skip elections. Every election matters. From local elections to federal elections, they all matter to help you and the country. Personally, I don't want to see the elections go to the Left. I know many my age doesn’t care about politics, but right now, I am telling you to start paying attention to politics. The 2020 election is coming up, and it'll be the Establishment versus the American people. Be an informed voter. My closing thought is something Dennis Baxley said when we spoke. He said, “If you believe in faith, freedom, and family, you're a Republican. You just don't know it yet." Something to think about.

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Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone! For anyone interested, here was my costume. The one on the right was what I wore to a "politically incorrect" party. I couldn't be politically incorrect, but I figured something that would piss off the Left is being a border patrol agent. "They are evil!" The cowgirl one was for Halloween at UF. 


  1. NOW is the time to vote, more than ever, for Patriots. We CANNOT afford to sit at home on our a**es.

  2. 3 things:

    1) Some people don't care about politics because they are too lazy to care. They don't want to spend the time and research. I think this group is growing.
    2) Some people don't like the right or the left so they don't bother with politics. I have a few friends like shit. One of them told me he would get involved if we longer had a 2 party system.
    3) The Border Patrol out fit should NOT politically incorrect. They are brave people who keep murders, drug dealers and traffickers out.

    1. I couldn't figure out anything politically incorrect, so I figured something that pisses of the Left is border patrol. I have a lot of respect for border patrol and what they do!


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