Mainstream Media Should Not Be Trusted

Last week, Jussie Smollett was indicted on 6 counts of lying to the police. Obviously, we all knew that. But if you remember, mainstream media practically pounced to his defense. "Poor Jussie!" "Those Trump supporters did this!" Who could forget the memes? We've known the media hasn't been our friend. If you're like me, you didn't know they were our enemy until Donald Trump coined the term "fake news." The truth is that the media has become this vindictive, lying, corrupt system run by our favorite Leftists. 3 in 4 people think the media is fake news. A Pew research study showed half of America think fake news is a bigger threat than illegal immigration, terrorism and climate change; over half of the participants said that fake news has led them to distrust government. This week will be about how mainstream media shouldn't be trusted. As found in HBR (please read the article), "Journalists and politicians have become ensnared in a symbiotic web of lies that misleads the public."

The media apparently takes us all for fools, because as Dave Chappelle said, "None of these details added up AT ALL!!" Jan. 29th, while out on the streets of Chicago, Smollett was attacked by two masked men wearing MAGA hats. They tied a rope around his neck, called him derogatory names, poured bleach on him, yelled "This is MAGA country!" then ran off. Every Democrat was furious! The police (and most Americans) realized this story made ZERO sense. Soon enough, the police caught the men who staged this "hate crime," and they revealed how Smollett paid them to create the crime. Smollett turned himself in. All of a sudden, the court dropped the case against Smollett. That was that, until recently, when it was reopened, and now he’s been indicted. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Jussie did this to promote his career. Scott Presler said it best, “Jussie Smollett wanted to up his career by creating a race war.” Police wasted time and resources on Smollett, when it could have gone to a real case. The media, without ANY facts besides what Jussie said, automatically jumped to his defense. Why? Because they wanted it to be true. They hate Donald Trump and his supporters so much they’ll ignore the truth. Why else with the Covington teenagers’ story they jumped and blamed those kids?! Who could forget Reza Aslan saying Nick Sandmann has a “punchable face?” I’m so happy Nick won that lawsuit.

Even Roger Stone’s case. He "lied to Congress," and almost all Democrats want him to rot in prison. Mainstream media (who were tipped off about his arrest) won’t point out:

  • People who commit manslaughter spend less than 15 years in prison
  • Most violent offenders spend less than 3 years in prison
  • People who committed rape/sexual assault spent 62% of their sentence; the median time for rape/sexual assault is 5-10 years
Yet Roger Stone should spend 9 years in prison for LYING. Christine Ford, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and John Brennan ALL lied to Congress, but received ZERO punishment. Remember Brett Kavanaugh? Democrats and mainstream media tried to DESTROY this man's career, based on a foggy testimony. And Michael Avenatti, Creepy Porn Lawyer, who got famous because fake news kept him on their shows, ignoring how he’s wearing $3000 suits, while his client’s dancing in seedy bars. Tucker Carlson called this from DAY ONE. Now, Avenatti’s a distant memory. He’s been found guilty for trying to exhort Nike. Anna Navarro of MSM called Avenatti the Holy Spirit, yet she’s been silent on him!

Nobody knew the extent of fake news until Trump won in 2016. They lied about the polls, they lied about impeachment, they lied about Kavanaugh, and more. You can be liberal, and still report the facts, but CNN and MSM all twist the facts to fit their narrative. Even though the media lied about Trump, it always blew up. How many times did they call Trump “racist,” “sexist,” or anything that points to “Orange man bad?” For people who say they care about women and minorities, they ignored when Trump mentioned minorities don’t need food stamps and becoming independent, or how women last year took the workforce by storm, almost every Democrat SAT when he announced this, whereas Republicans stood and applauded. Americans see the lies. Democrats are wasting OUR MONEY by hunting down one man, instead of doing the job they’re elected to do. Even with Sanders, they’re creating more support for him by calling him a sexist and racist. Despite all their efforts to lie, the media couldn’t stop Trump from improving the country. We see the Democrats' true purpose.

I think almost everyone has realized mainstream media isn’t our friend. There’s really no honest journalism with them. They’ll only consider facts that fit their narrative. Since Donald Trump won office, they tried to destroy his career, along with anyone who supports him. They ignore real cases of violence when it’s conservatives, because it’s Leftists doing the violent acts. The Democrats in office and mainstream media have always worked together. Anyone in mainstream media doesn’t realize they’re only helping Trump win 2020. In simple terms, Americans are switching to the right side, all thanks to the lying media.

What led you to not trust mainstream media? Comment down!!

So I'm not sure who saw this, but a recent story gaining much popularity is about a nine year old disabled boy who is being bullied at school, and wants to kill himself. Guys, bullying is NOT okay. A NINE YEAR OLD WANTS TO KILL HIMSELF. Where have we hit when the most innocent become the most vulnerable? Please keep this boy in your prayers, but share his story so others are aware of the impact of bullying.

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