Election Fraud

Election fraud is serious business. It's been happening for decades, but in today's society, it's even more prevalent. Dead people are voting. Illegal aliens are voting. Cases where someone voted more than once. And let's not forget miscounting/ignoring ballot boxes. Who is it all coming from? The Democrats. As usual, the Democrats want to regain power through any means necessary, which includes cheating. Why else do you see states like California, New Jersey or New York allowing illegal immigrants to have the right to vote, when they're not even citizens? It's all a ruse to regain the power over normal Americans like you and me. By voting for Donald Trump, we prevented this country from going to hell. But voter fraud and election fraud aren’t a myth. It's 100% real. Also, I saw that Jussie Smollett was indicted, and I'll do a post on him and fake news, so stay tuned!

I'm going to explain three terms that often get conflated: voter fraud, election fraud, and voter suppression. Voter fraud, which gets confused with election fraud, is simply when a voter doesn't follow the "one vote per person" rule. Using fake identities or voting more than once would be examples of voter fraud. Voter suppression would be a ploy by a political opponent to sway an election his/her way. Sometimes voter suppression can be used through intimidation, but most times it's a well-thought plan. Election fraud is a combination of voter fraud and voter suppression, where election officials purposely meddle in the ballots to sway an election the other way. For me, I feel like all three of these are conflated. If anything, election fraud is the one we should be looking at. Voter fraud and voter suppression is important, yes, but they both go into election fraud. I would say when illegal aliens vote, that's a case of election fraud, as election officials and voters are both committing fraudulent acts. With dead people voting, that's a clear case of election fraud.

Election fraud is a dangerous thing, especially with a major election coming up. There’re quite a few cases of voter fraud happening as well. One example of voter fraud was in Pennsylvania, where underage kids voted. Another was when illegal immigrants and dead people were found voting in Virginia. What's more ironic is the dead/illegals are voting for Democrats. What about election fraud? Who could forget the Democrats spying on the Trump campaign in 2016? Brenda Snipes of Broward County in Florida was charged by the court for several cases of election fraud. Now, I'm reasonable. I know there are cases of voter fraud from Republicans (I’d assume establishment Republicans). But Democrats deny it happens, whereas Republicans and Independents acknowledge this occurs. These fraud cases, either election or voter, lead to one thing: an election swaying one way. The Democrats want to regain power. They’ve spied on their opponent’s campaign, and never received punishment. The mob think they’ll get away with anything. What’s the solution to election or voter fraud?

We need stricter laws regarding voting. These laws have been proven to increase voting. Some simple precautions that can be taken are with stricter voter ID laws would be simple to use. The first is paper ballots, so there would be at least backup information of the vote. Be careful with Internet ballots, as they are too risky and unreliable. Verify the results, or have proper recounts. Crosscheck the votes to ensure no one “cheated” when voting. Spend the money to ensure there is no fraudulent activity during voting. These are just some simple ways to create fair votes. I know, voter ID laws are racist (according to Leftists). They don’t want stricter laws because then they can’t swing votes their direction. If strict voter ID laws are racist, then why isn't it racist that you need ID to buy alcohol, get married, visit another country, or buy a house? It's complete idiocy! Like I said earlier, it’s whatever will help Democrats regain the power they lost in 2016. This is also why they want popular vote instead of electoral college; they can sway the election easily. That’s what you need to be aware of.

In closing, voter fraud and election fraud are serious issues. Many people are unaware of these issues, so that’s why I wrote it. We need to secure elections. Democrat or Republican, we don’t want the wrong people in office. That’s how we create change. The American people showed who they support in 2016. Democrats cannot believe that Americans don’t want more government, and actually wants someone who will fulfill their promises. That is why they will try to cheat the system. That’s why they claim voter ID laws are racist. It’s all lies to help their side. Bernie Sanders said, “We need to end voter suppression and make it easier for people to vote, not harder. We need automatic voter registration. We need to make Election Day a national holiday. We need to end gerrymandering.” Democrats assume people of color, for some odd reason, cannot get the necessary things to legally vote. Who’s the real racist? We need to create and keep these strict voter laws. Election and voter fraud are very real, and if these politicians haven't received punishment for these actions, who's to say they won't meddle in the next election in an even worse way?

Do you believe voter/election fraud is real? Why/why not? Comment down!!

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