The Case For Brexit

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Among the big news in the last week, the U.K. has officially left the EU. Many watched as England's flag was taken off. If you want a brief history of Brexit: This video covers everything until 2020. England has been wanting to Brexit for some time now, but on Jan. 31st, 2020 it finally happened, thanks to leaders like Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, as well as the citizens. The EU gave England no choice or control. The country is now taking matters into their own hands. Over half a century ago, England joined the EU, so Brexit is a historic event. The EU has been holding back on economic freedom and sovereignty, but now England can have these. What's the big deal about Brexit? This doesn’t affect America, but Brexit marks a historic event, and we need to realize that. 

To begin, here are some pros and cons I found for Brexit:

Pros of Brexit:
  • Endless possibilities. Now that England isn’t under the rules of the EU, the citizens can elect people into power, rather than the EU deciding that. England has the economic freedom to have the trade deals, or where to save money, they want.
  • England will save a ton of money. England paid 13.1 billion pounds for their membership in the EU (equal to 17.3 billion USD), while the EU only paid England 4.5 billion pounds.
  • Immigration and stronger border control can become possible again. Instead of letting every refugee or immigrant in the country, England can repair these issues to make the country stronger, and have better immigration details.
  • JOBS, JOBS, JOBS!! If immigration becomes stronger, there will be more jobs becoming available, as well as the 3 million jobs now available just like what happened under Trump. Bring jobs into the country.
Cons of Brexit:
  • A possibility for a con would be that the EU, out of possible retaliation, will exclude England from conducting trade within Europe.
  • Labor shortage is still possible because no one can fully foresee how the economy will go under the new system that isn’t involved with the EU.
  • Certain rights/laws passed under the EU could be reversed. Food or animal rights may become nonexistent because of Brexit.
  • Educational diversity could change.
In my opinion, the pros outweigh the cons. Considering the EU is bad, I honestly think England will improve rather than suffer.

"The EU has destroyed some of our most prosperous industries - and will continue to do so." The EU has done more damage than good. Greece was a once prosperous country until they joined the EU. The EU forced Greece to have a 25-cent contraction, which was worse than the Great Depression. This led youth unemployment to reach 44%. For example, an employer has 50 employees. 10% don't work at all. BUT that employer MUST pay that 10%, despite not working. The business cannot stay profitable due to the money being wasted on that 10%. This doesn't seem like a lot, but look at Greece's current state. Unemployment is 16.7%. Greece's economy is complete crap. Smaller countries are worse off. All thanks to the EU. France is burning, people being murdered by immigrants, economies are tanking. THIS is what the EU does, and this is what the radical Left want for America. Through my research, I've learned the Left and EU are very similar. "Let the dreamers in! No borders! Let's turn North America into one country! More government!" They don’t want their citizens to have a voice. The EU, socialists, and American Left have one thing in common: to control every aspect of our lives. To move us into a one world order. 

52% of British citizens voted to leave the EU; 48% voted to remain. England is the sovereign nation they're supposed to be. Every country is meant to be their own country (make their own deals or laws). What I found scarily similar to young Americans was that most people who voted against leaving the EU were young Brits. About 70% of young Brits (18-24 years old) voted to remain in the EU. Unfortunately for them, over 90% of 65+ year old voted, while young Brits who came to vote was around 64%. The ages between were 50/50 in remaining or leaving. Young people are worried that Britain will become more racist and less intolerant, and are more likely to hate their country. How familiar does that sound? You know, I thought how Leftists act was ONLY in America, but this stuff is global! This is what I'm talking about with educating our kids! Socialism, the EU, it all leads to a one world order. Education has become indoctrination, so we have to become the educators.

In the end, there’s no 100% guarantee that Brexit will fail or succeed. There’s many pros and cons of Brexit. Again, there’s no sure way to know if this work. Only time will tell. I have hope that the people who voted for Brexit will vote in great leaders. The people have spoken. Now they must act. I look forward to seeing Boris and Trump work together. Ignore what fake news said. Brexit is a good thing. England is becoming a sovereign nation, which socialists and Leftists hate. They can’t control us. Independence is the Left’s and the EU’s greatest enemy. But just like young Americans supporting socialism, we need to educate our British counterparts. I truly hope more countries follow England’s example. 

What are your thoughts on Brexit? Comment down!!


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