The Trial of Roger Stone Book Review

The Trial of Roger Stone
by Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos truly shined in this book. I’ve been dying to review it! It's a quick read, and doesn't rush or overwhelm the details. Everyone knows the story of Roger Stone being wrongfully accused. Milo Yiannopoulos, being the great investigative journalist he is, attended Roger Stone's trial every single day. This book delved into the unfairness and lies in Stone's trial. Through his usual intellect and use of sarcasm, this book is enough to shake your faith in the American justice system. This trial wasn't about fighting for justice, but about sending an innocent man to rot because their hatred for Donald Trump is so strong. If you didn't believe in the deep state, this book will open your eyes. Tucker Carlson was 100% right when he said, "Roger Stone's trial shook the faith of any American who watched it. Read this book. It's a warning of what can happen when politics infects our justice system." You can purchase this book on E-bay, Amazon, or Censored.TV. Check out CBR’s review of this book too! I suggested it to her!


Milo tells the story of what happened to Roger. Roger Stone, political analyst and confidant to President Trump, was accused of lying to Congress by speaking with Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks) to have Russia interfere with the election, giving Donald Trump the victory. Yes, this all goes back to the Russia Collusion hack. Milo discusses the raid at Roger Stone’s Fort Lauderdale home. They had K-9s, helicopters, men in armor, ready to arrest a 67-year-old man. You’d think the FBI was going to arrest an international fugitive! Ironically, even though the area was crossed out so no one could come in, SOMEHOW CNN had a camera crew there at the right time. Everyone knew it was complete bull. CNN had been tipped off by the FBI to record this stunt. Milo first begins with Roger Stone, and who he really is. A great man who just likes to poke fun at the Left. He then explains how the entire case was politically motivated from the start. Judge Amy Berman Jackson blocked Stone and his team from every possibility of defending themselves. “She went to extraordinary lengths to cripple his defense...,” Milo explains. She ensured the government would have the upper hand. The jury? Most of them said they watched mostly Leftist news channels (CNN, MSNBC, etc.) yet “claimed” they had no opinion of certain people, including Julian Assange, Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, and Hillary Clinton. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you HAVE heard of these people, especially on Leftist news networks. Roger Stone was supposed to receive 9 years in jail, but Attorney General Bill Barr wrote a letter to the judge, giving Stone 3 years. The whole trial was set up. This wasn’t about truth and justice, this was about “righting the wrong” of Donald Trump winning the 2016 election. Why did they do this? Because Roger Stone refused to lie about his friend, Donald Trump. Analysis

If you didn’t believe the Deep State exists, you should now. Stone’s trial is what happens when the deep state doesn’t get its way, as CBR said. Donald Trump shouldn’t have won in 2016, Hillary Clinton should have. The deep state couldn’t believe that Americans actually wanted someone who cared about them to run their country, so what did the deep state do? Arrest and threaten anyone who helped Trump win. What happened to Roger Stone is a disgrace. The reality of the deep state should scare you. If you get in their way, they will destroy you and they won’t care. Roger Stone said this case has ruined him financially and reputably. The trial itself was a joke, yet Stone was still prosecuted to 40 months in prison.

What I came across in this book that really disappointed me was in Chapter 5 titled “Uncle Steve.” Many friends of Stone testified against him to save themselves. One friend, who wasn’t even a reliable source, regretted testifying against Stone and begged the jury to reconsider their verdict. The plea was ignored, of course. But the person who shocked me the most to come out against Stone was Steve Bannon, or to Milo as “Uncle Steve.” Milo shared his grievance to seeing a man he considered a father figure go as far as to lie. That really took me aback. Bannon, like Stone, knows how dangerous and vindictive the deep state is, yet he chose to lie. Reading that aspect of it was emotional, just like reading Milo’s take on the trial. It’s such a sad story to think about. A man’s life was ruined because he stood by his friend.

Donald Trump has shared his anger towards how Roger Stone was treated. Milo does say that it’s good he shared his thoughts, but essentially says “Talk is cheap.” Milo’s last chapter explains what he thinks Donald Trump needs to do, which is pardon Roger Stone. I fully agree with him. Roger Stone stood by Trump, and it ruined him. The least he can do is pardon him. I hope Trump does the right thing and pardons him. I’m not sure if he’s waiting until closer to the election to do so, but it needs to be done soon.

In conclusion, this book was really well done. Like in Diabolical, Yiannopoulos shows his serious side. Milo wrote every aspect of what he saw, and doesn't hold back.  The main takeaway of this book is that the deep state does exist, and they'll take down anyone who stands in their way, no matter the cost. Patriots like us must stand up for what’s right. I give this book 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!! 

When do you think Trump will pardon Roger Stone? Comment down!!

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