The Story of Michael Flynn

The story of Michael Flynn is terrible, to say the least. I was shocked to learn about this story. I didn't realize how much I missed during 2016. I was still in high school at the time, so my involvement in politics just wasn't there. Just like Roger Stone or George Papadopoulos, Michael Flynn was wrongly accused by the deep state in their mission to take down Donald Trump. 

Hopefully, you know the story of Michael Flynn, but I’ll give a quick recap. The information is based on what I found on Fox News. I normally try to use various sources, but I couldn't find the full timeline on any other news site. In 2017, Michael Flynn was the national security adviser to President Trump. He pled guilty to communication with Sergey Kislyak about the 2016 election. His lawyer, Sidney Powell, filed a motion urging the court to “dismiss the entire prosecution for outrageous government misconduct” in October of 2019. The judge presiding over the case blocked Flynn's legal team from any request for information withheld by the FBI, and also stated Flynn gave up his Constitutional rights after pleading guilty. Complete bull. The DOJ then decided to give Flynn six months in jail for his inability to cooperate. Eventually, Michael withdrew his plea. Bill Barr has Flynn’s case investigated, and in April of 2020, a bombshell was dropped. The FBI was caught on tape, found in evidence, saying “If their ‘goal’ was 'to get him to lie,' so we can prosecute him or get him fired.” Finally, on May 7th, 2020, the DOJ drops all charges against Michael Flynn.

This case was never about justice. It was about taking down any person aligned with Donald Trump. The same way the deep state went after Roger Stone, they went after Michael Flynn. The important thing to realize is that the deep state isn't just from the Left, it's many in the GOP. Rod Rosenstein appointed Robert Mueller. Rosenstein was "not sure" of what was in the FISA renewal. The deep state went after innocent people because their hatred for Donald Trump is greater than the truth. One video showed the Joy Behar on The View elated that Flynn was prosecuted. They make me sick. The way Michael Flynn was blasphemed by MSM was cruel. This man served our country for 33 years, and this was his thanks. Cases like Michael Flynn or Roger Stone should be taken seriously because it says if you don't follow the way of the deep state, they will take you down.

The Left never managed to get over how Donald Trump won in 2016. What's equally sad is that Republicans allowed the Left to continue their misdeeds. I came across this video on Twitter, and I hope I can find it, but it came from Tucker Carlson. Tucker has been right about many things, like Michael Avenatti, but he discusses something that impacts what is happening today. Republicans controlled the House two years ago. They had the ability to stop these hoaxes from the Left, yet they didn't. Republicans now lost the House and Democrats are able to control things like impeachment. Tucker was correct in saying "These people claim to be for you, but they aren't." What happened to Michael Flynn was a disgusting act. I can't say the Left are the only ones in charge of the deep state because the GOP has an almost-equal hand. It's so funny because they cannot comprehend the American people wanted a President who cares about them. If Donald Trump did what Obama, Biden and their allies did (including the Clintons, Comey, and the other hacks), he would've been in jail, and rightfully so. There's a deeper, darker truth, and it goes to Obama.

"Obamagate" as President Trump calls it. More evidence is coming out to prove the Obama administration broke the law. These people 1) illegally spied on the American people, 2) spied on the Trump campaign, and 3) lied about the previous spying and continuous spying along with charges against Trump before entering the White House. Democrats would’ve been caught red-handed if the truth came out about Russia. How did James Comey have evidence against Trump before he went into office, and be able to tell Obama this? Most presidents are prepared to leave, but Obama and his allies were formulating a plan to make sure Trump didn't last. They worked hard to remove Flynn because they knew he was smart, and he would've figured out their plan. They used his son as leverage to get Flynn to agree to the guilty plea. Flynn pleaded guilty to protect his son. The Obama administration and his allies were satisfied with breaking the law and putting innocent people behind bars. Don't be fooled by their blatant lies. They claim to be for the American people, but aren't. The double standard of the Left is hypocritical, as per usual. Where is MSM in all of this? They covered Ukraine 24/7, saying how Trump spied on Biden's campaign, but are completely silent on the spying done to the Trump campaign. Kayleigh Mcenany is 100% right in asking journalists why they haven't been so curious about Michael Flynn's case. Probably because they were expecting him to go to jail.

The true question is will the deep state ever get prosecuted for the crimes they've committed against America? And if so, when? There is plenty of evidence proving there was illegal activities committed. I hope Obama has to testify, because the revered president will be caught with his lies. Will these people (if not all) get prosecuted before they destroy the justice system, and ultimately, America? We shall see.

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