My Opinion on George Floyd and The Riots

Everyone knows what happened to George Floyd. Let me start off by saying what happened is an egregious wrong. He didn't resist arrest. And shame on conservatives who imply he deserved to die for past crimes. Floyd was guilty of forgery, aka a non-violent crime. Derek Chauvin has been arrested and was found guilty of third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. That's too easy on him. I'm also not buying the "underlying health issues." Saying George’s underlying health issues caused his death is like poisoning someone and blaming their death on that person's diabetes. In the infamous video, you hear "I can't breathe." Despite your skin color or political ideologies, everyone felt like they couldn't breathe. Every American agrees this was wrong.

 IF YOU THINK THIS IS OK; AND THIS ISN'T; YOU ARE THE PROBLEM | image tagged in riots minneapolis,riots,covid 19,coronavirus,george floyd | made w/ Imgflip meme makerMy issue is with the rioters. Not the peaceful protests, where people are chanting "We can't breathe" or standing in a line holding signs. They're practicing their 1st Amendment right. I mean the thugs who are destroying Floyd's community by burning property and attacking innocent people. Everyone screamed racism when Trump called Antifa and the other rioters "thugs." A thug is "violent bad guy." Bad guys don't have a specific race. The Democrats were the racists for assuming Trump meant black people in calling the rioters thugs. Weren't Democrats the same people who said we MUST maintain the CDC's rules for Covid-19? That conservatives were evil for wanting to leave their house during Covid. That changes with situations like this. Parents were arrested for going to peacefully play at the park, yet no one has been arrested for taking their kids to riots. I saw a heartbreaking video of a child at a protest who was hit with mace. Just awful. Or how Antifa burned down a house with a child inside, and blocking firefighters from getting in? I'm also confused how the Left conflate the Tea Party (poured tea in the ocean) and today's riots (burning businesses/attacking people).

Two sides of the same coin. |  BOTH USE VIOLENCE TO SPREAD THEIR MESSAGE; BOTH CREATED BY DEMOCRATS | image tagged in antifa declared terrorist group | made w/ Imgflip meme makerDemocrats in MSM, in office, and in Hollywood show their distaste for working-class Americans by advocating for the endless violence, by supporting the defunding of police, or by donating money for rioters’ bail rather than the small businesses burned down. Conservatives are the one who donate and create fundraisers for Americans affected by rioters (obviously). Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison posed with the Antifa handbook, hates police and openly advocates for Antifa. Ilhan Omar, her daughter and the Squad are encouraging these riots. Amy Klobuchar didn't prosecute Chauvin after he fatally shot a 42-year-old after he pulled out a shotgun in 2006. Unless the guy shot first, Chauvin was in the wrong. There were multiple complaints towards Chauvin that never got resolved. This isn't about George Floyd anymore. If that was the case, why burn down/loot businesses, or attack innocent citizens? People's livelihood has been destroyed. These Leftists make me sick with their selfishness and ignorance of working class Americans, but they clearly sold their souls for fame and fortune. KB Balla, firefighter in Minnesota, opened his own bar with his hard-earned money, living out the American dream. Because of Covid-19, Balla really suffered. When he's able to reopen, out-of-state protesters rob and burn his bar down. There are multiple stories like this, all equally heartbreaking.

The rioters from Antifa and BLM are paid actors from none other than Soros. I've read stories where friends of police officers say the rioters are paid actors from Soros, and are from different states. It always comes back to Soros or Gates. Let's not forget Soros funded Ferguson! He also donated millions to Democratic groups and politicians. There's something fishy about these riots, which you probably knew. Bricks are at the locations these riots are occurring at, yet no rioter brings the bricks themselves. If this was about black lives, why steal Louis Vitton handbags or loot businesses? Did anyone else notice the riots are mainly in Leftist-run cities and states? If you really think this is all coincidence, you're sadly mistaken. It isn't a mistake that these riots are happening, and it isn't a mistake it's happening in Democratic cities/states. I hope voters wake up to what happens when you vote for Democrats, because they are not for American people. I know many who are under curfew and afraid to go out. I also hope this teaches people the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

This was never about justice for George Floyd or equality. The Left wants America to crumble. Why else aren’t MSM covering how black men protected a white cop who got separated from his squad? How protesters are lining up to protect businesses? How cops are supporting and protecting the protesters' 1st Amendment right, and communicating with the people protesting? Innocent men and women beaten like animals? The acts of people cleaning up defaced property? Where's lamestream media or Hollywood on this? Where's the outrage when African Americans kill members of their own race, or how African American babies are five times more likely to be aborted than Caucasian babies? Or the outrage of a
 black Federal officer murdered in the Oakland riots, other cops killed, or how police officer David Dorn was shot? That livestream made me want to cry. So inhumane. CNN was surprised their headquarters were attacked. What do you expect when you push for violence 24/7? I'd never condone violence against someone I disagree politically with.

Are some cops bad? Of course. Even with the peaceful protests, many officers are seen mishandling them. Are all cops bad? No! Leftists used the tragedy of George Floyd's death to cause destruction. Floyd's family even said that he wouldn't approve of the violence and destruction occurring now. If you're complaining about cops, then call Antifa when you need the police instead! I’m happy Trump called Antifa what they are: a terrorist organization. His responses about Floyd have been spot on. And it took long enough that the other cops involved got arrested! They're equally guilty. It's terrible and evil what happened to George Floyd, but these riots are equally terrible and evil. Rest in peace, George Floyd. We'll never forget you. To anyone in the states where riots/curfews are happening, please stay safe.

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